10 Tips For Killers In Dead By Daylight in 2023 – Unlock Your Full Killer Potential

Tips For Killers In Dead By Daylight in 2023

The primary goal of the Killer is to hook Survivors and sacrifice them to the entity. In the beginning, where you play against less experienced Survivors, getting kills is not that difficult, as everyone is still learning how to play the game right. However, on higher ranks, getting four kills is generally more challenging because players have more experience.

1. Do NOT Respect Pallets as Killer

Pallets are one of the few resources that Survivors can use to escape from the Killer. On each map, Pallets spawn in random locations, which can be thrown down to stun the Killer. Sometimes it’s ok to respect a Pallet, to get value out of it. However, most of the time, Killers should straight up take the Pallet.

Forcing the Survivor to use the Pallet shows him that you commit to the chase, besides getting many Pallets out of the game before many Generators were done.

When a Survivor used the Pallet, and you destroy it, you prevent every player from abusing it for looping, thus, wasting valuable time. If you want to continue the chase as soon as possible, Spirit FuryEnduring, and Brutal Strength would be great Perks to run.

2. Understand the Killers Power

Each Killer has a unique Power, which dictates what they can and not do. Certain Killers require a specific playstyle to be effective, such as The Hag/Trapper, Ghost Face, and The Twins.

If you play a Killer you don’t have any experience with, expect to perform worse than with Killers you usually play. That said if you want to learn a new Killer, read the Power’s description to get a general understanding of what it does.

Here are a few Killers and where they exceed the most:

The Trapper: Territorial protection
The Wraith: Catching Survivors that are out of position
The Hillbilly: Applying high map pressure and quickly downing Survivors
The Nurse: Ending chases fast while covering a large proportion of maps
The Shape: Catching Survivors that are out of position
The Hag: Territorial protection
The Doctor: Finding Survivors and shutting down loops
The Huntress: Ending chases quickly, plus a large range
The Cannibal: Quickly downing multiple Survivors / forcing Pallet drops
The Nightmare: Applying extreme map pressure and slowing down the game
The Spirit: Quickly hitting and downing Survivors
The Ghost Face: Catching Survivors that are out of position
The Oni: Applying great map coverage in Blood Fury and catching unobservant Survivors
The Blight: Applying high map pressure and abusing closed areas
The Twins: Applying great map pressure and protecting hooks

3. Use the Right Perks and Add-Ons

Perks and Add-ons can heavily modify a Killer’s playstyle and enhance his Power to a large proportion. Depending on the Killer and his Power, some Perks work better than others.

For instance, for Killers that need time to set up, such as The Hag and The Trapper, Corrupt Intervention can give them the time they need. On the other hand, Nurse does not require any special Perks that block vaults because she can blink through objects and buildings.

On Nurse, Perks that help her find Survivors quicker and enhance her chase potential should be prioritized, like Barbecue & Chilli, Sloppy Butcher, Haunted Grounds, or Make Your Choice.

Depending on what Add-ons you equip, your Power gets enhanced or may get additional effects, such as being able to see Auras within a certain area.

Killers such as the Nurse or Freddy don’t require Add-ons to be powerful, but you should bring Add-ons on weaker Killers, such as Wraith, Trapper, Demogorgon, and the Pig.

4. Learn to Find Survivors Faster

Finding Survivors can sometimes be tricky, especially on indoor maps such as The Underground Complex or Treatment Theatre. Generally, the Killer should aim for the furthest located Generator, as Survivors tend to spawn there more often.

If you play as The Doctor, use his Static Blast ability to find Survivors quickly within your Terror Radius. Note that Doctor is the best Killer to find Survivors, and his Power makes stealth almost impossible.

When you come to a Generator that has been repaired for a bit, but no Survivors can be seen, they should be somewhere near. Whispers, a general Perk for Killers, can help you to locate hiding survivors faster.

Also, look for Scratch Marks on the ground and in trees to locate Survivors. Whenever a Survivor starts sprinting, he will leave red marks all around, which also stick to walls and other obstacles.

Note: Predator, a Teachable Perk of The Wraith, makes Scratch Marks spawn considerably closer together, making it easier to tell where a player has run.

Having a decent gaming headset also helps to find Survivors faster, as characters grunt when injured and breathe, which the Killer can hear. If you only play with casual earbuds or without a proper headset, I highly recommend getting one.

There are great ones, such as the HyperX Cloud Stinger for small budgets or the Razer Nari for those who prefer more comfort and features.

5. Learn when To Break the Chase

Chasing Survivors and hooking them is the main goal of every Killer, so you should try to end chases as fast as possible because other Survivors can repair Generators and cleanse your Totems as long as you chase someone.

However, if the Survivor you chase is really good at looping and already wasted quite some of your time already, you should break the chase to find an easier target.

Generally, if you notice that one Survivor of a group wants your attention consistently, ignore him to catch the other players. If you can get an easy down on him, try to take it, but don’t waste too much time.

6. Memorize the Maps

Map knowledge can give you a big advantage, as you can predict which route a Survivor could run to cut him off and end the chase there. You can also determine Hatch and Totem spawns by playing on the maps (either as Killer or Survivor).

Having a general understanding of the map layout also helps to identify dead zones and popular/new hiding spots of Survivors.

7. Use Mind Games to Your Advantage

Playing mind games with Survivors can get you free hits and easy downs on them, so Killers like to use them. Those mind games work best on inexperienced players but also on players with a lot of playtime.

An example of a mind game would be hiding the Red Stain by moonwalking (walking backward) behind a wall and thus surprising the Survivor when you come around the corner.

Sure, to make this play work, you need tall walls (or other large objects) the Survivor can’t see through/over. Depending on the Killer you play, you can pull off different mind games but don’t expect them to work 100% every time.

8. Don’t Camp Hooks

Camping hooks is a last-resort strategy of Killers, usually seen in the late game, to secure at least one kill. Especially new player camp hooked Survivors until they die, which is unfun for the Survivors and very counterproductive for the Killer.

While camping a hooked Survivor, all other Survivors can repair Generators and cleanse Hex Totems. In the end, the camping Killer only receives a small portion of Bloodpoints, compared to the large amount that he could have made. Survivors will also receive less BP, as being chased grants lots of BP.

Additional to hook/face camping, tunneling the unhooked player should also be avoided!

9. Play Survivor

You can be very successful by playing only as Killer and learning their strategies to win the game, but you should also play the Survivor role. Playing as Survivor gives you the option to find out each Killers weakness, to use this information to improve your Killer gameplay.

10. Play Different Killers

Only focusing on only one Killer can be done, and you can be successful with it. But playing all the other Killers as well not only helps you to improve your gameplay, but it also helps you to escape them when playing Survivors.

When you climb the ranks up to Rank 1 as a Killer, getting four kills is not as easy as every Killer. For instance, if your main is The Wraith, you have to try harder to get each Survivor hooked. If you can play stronger Killers such as Nurse, Spirit, or The Oni as well, getting the 4k becomes (generally) easier.F

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What’s the best strategy for a novice Killer?

As a newcomer, it’s crucial to understand the basics of the game. One key strategy? Don’t fear the pallets. Instead, encourage survivors to use them. This lets you quickly eliminate these escape tools and ramps up the pressure on survivors. Pair this with learning the unique powers of your chosen killer and you’re off to a promising start.

2. Are all Killers equally powerful?

Well, no. Every Killer has their own strengths and weaknesses. They’re tailored for different strategies and playstyles. For instance, The Nurse excels in ending chases quickly, while The Trapper is terrific at territorial protection. It’s about matching a Killer’s abilities to your style of play.

3. Are there any tips for faster Survivor detection?

Certainly! Key elements like Scratch Marks, sounds of movement, and partially repaired generators can clue you in on survivor locations. Perks like Whispers can also help speed up the process. Keep your senses sharp!

4. If a Survivor keeps eluding me, should I keep chasing them?

It’s not always the best strategy to maintain a chase. If a Survivor is particularly adept at avoiding you, it might be best to break off and hunt others. It’s about managing your time effectively.