How To Unlock ALL Secret Characters In Crossy Road – 5 Tips For Novice Players in 2023

Secret Characters In Crossy Road

Crossy Road is full of playable characters that can be unlocked through the Prize Machine, Mystery Boxes, spending some money, and completing individual tasks.

Out of the 279 characters, 53 characters are counted as Secret Mascots, and can only be obtained by completing special tasks during a run.

All these secret mascots can not be collected through the Prize Machine, and not be purchased with money. They can also not be found in Mystery Boxes either. Usually, a player has to spend 100 coins at the Prize Machine, to get one randomly selected character.

But now, here is the list on how to unlock all the different Secret Mascots in Crossy Road.

Ace - Secret Character In Crossy Road

1. Ace:

Play as Rocky and collect a total of 50 burgers. Burgers can be collected in multiple runs.


Andy Sum - Secret Character In Crossy Road

2. Andy Sum:

Play with Mallard and score 85% or greater of your current high score, or get to the point where it says, “Great Score” when the run ends.


Angler Fish - Secret Character In Crossy Road

3. Angler Fish:

Cross a trench with any ocean character, go back two logs or one lilypad, and jump off the side of the log or lilypad.


Ben Weatherall - Secret Character In Crossy Road

4. Ben Weatherall:

Play with The Dark Lord, and score 85% or greater of your current high score. It’s funny that the character resembles the real life Ben Weatherall.


Best in Show - Secret Character from Crossy Road

5. Best in Show:

Eat at least 20 bowls of dog food, until he is unlocked.



Big Fancy Pig - Secret Character from Crossy Road

6. Big Fancy Pig:

Play as Blue and collect six green chips that can be found across the map randomly.


7. Blinky:

Play either as Pac-ChickenPinkyClyde, or Inky and get crushed by Pac-Man.



8. Bones:

Unlock and play as the Palaeontologist, and collect a head, body, tail, and leg fossils. When the run ends and all fossils got collected, Bones will be unlocked.


Cai Shen

9. Cai Shen:

Collect 20 red envelopes using eighter the Fortune ChickenThe Three Deities (Android only), Fire Monkey, XiNew Year’s Doll, or the Chinese Monster.


Cat Lady

10. Cat Lady:

Collect 9 fish by using any cat character, except Scaredy Cat.


Chinese Monster

11. Chinese Monster:

Play as New Year’s Doll and catch up to Chinese Monster. Chinese Monster will be unlocked after starting a new run.



12. Clown:

Play as The Hand and collect 15-20 coins in one or multiple runs.



13. Clyde:

Play as Pac-Man and eat 7 or more ghosts in 1 power shell session. It is possible to chain power pellets to obtain Clyde.


Coconut Water

14. Coconut Water:

Play as Tourist and collect at least five Coconut Water in one run. Coconut Water will be unlocked when the run ends.



15. Crab:

Start a run with a character and score over 40. Enter a grass, snow, or sand area afterward, and swipe left and right about 50 times.


Crossy Toad

16. Crossy Toad:

Collect 100 Tokens from Mystery Boxes.



17. Cupcake:

Collect 100 Tokens from Mystery Boxes.


Dragon Rider

18. Dragon Rider:

Play with the Snow King in the Pecking Order about 7-10 times.


Drop Bear

19. Drop Bear:

Play as an Australian character, and Drop Bear will appear randomly during a run. Go to the tree where Drop Bear is sitting on, and wait until Drop Bear jumps down.



20. Equestrian:

Collect 100 Tokens from Mystery Boxes.



21. Gifty:

Play as the Festive Chicken and find a snow plain. Afterward, run into the Christmas Tree in the center of the plain. When the run is finished, Gifty will be unlocked.


Gingerbread Man

22. Gingerbread Man:

Play as the Wolf for a couple of times, until Gingerbread Man appears. Jump the Wolf on Gingerbread Man to unlock him after the run is finished.



23. Halfling:

Start a run as any New Zealand character and collect about 6 golden rings, which rarely appear on the map.


Hipster Whale

24. Hipster Whale:

Start a run with any character and find the Hipster Whale floating in a river. Jump onto Hipster Whale like a lily pad, to unlock him.



25. Iceberg:

To unlock the Iceberg, dunk all Artic Mascots into a river.



26. Inky:

Start a run as Pac-Man and accumulate a total of 3,000 points over multiple runs.


Lemon & Paeroa

27. Lemon & Paeroa:

Collect 100 Tokens from Mystery Boxes.



28. Leprechaun:

Play as any mascot from the UK & Ireland update, and collect a four-leaf clover during a run.



29. Marmelade:

Collect a floppy disk, doughnut, dice, sock, and ball in a single run with any character of the Piffle update.


Matt Hall

30. Matt Hall:

Play with Lucky Cat and score 85% or greater of your current high score.



31. Merlady:

Play as any non-ocean character and fully cross a river during a run. Next, jump back two logs and fall from the end of one.


Michael Boom

32. Michael Boom:

Play as a specific mascot and find a rocket truck during a run. Crash into the truck to unlock Michael Boom.


Moon Rock

33. Moon Rock:

Play as any character of the Space Update and get hit by one of the rocks in the meteor flow.



34. Nessie:

Start a run as any character from the UK & Ireland update and be close to a river. When Nessie appears, jump onto her back to unlock her.


Phone Box

35. Phone Box:

Play as any of the UK & Ireland update characters, and find a big, open area where the Phone Box stands on. The player is near to the Phone Box if he can hear the phone ringing.


Piffle Ball

36. Piffle Ball

Collect all the different items playing as a Piffle character.



37. Pineapple:

Start a run with any Piffle character and be close to an empty lane. Find a truck with a pineapple on top, and collide with it to unlock Pineapple.



38. Pinky:

Play as Pac-Chicken and collect a cherry during a run. Cherrys have a rare spawn rate, and it will take some time to find one.



39. Piñata:

Collect 100 Tokens from Mystery Boxes.


Poopy Party Pidgeon

40. Poopy Party Pidgeon:

Collect 100 Tokens from Mystery Boxes.


Pro Gamer

41. Pro Gamer:

Play as any Korean character and achieve a score of 100, while maintaining an APM (actions per minute) score of around 150-200.


Purple Bloop

42. Purple Bloop:

Play as the Grablin character and beat a character, obtaining a higher level of 35.


Robot Dog

43. Robot Dog:

Play as any character of the Space update and find a yellow duck-like alien during a run.


Rubber Chicken

44. Rubber Chicken:

Collect 100 Tokens from Mystery Boxes.


Rugby Player

45. Rugby Player:

Play as the Squirrel and collect 4 nuts. Next, find a white rugby ball on top of a tree. Stand next to the tree, so the rugby ball falls out of the tree.



46. Seal:

To unlock the Seal, play as the Polar Bear and complete all five missions to collect trash in the terrain.


Space Walker

47. Space Walker:

By using any Space mascot, jump on Hipster Whale during a run.


The King of All Cosmos

48. The King of All Cosmos:

Play as The Prince of All Cosmos and collect items from the ground to make your Katamari Ball bigger.


The Princess of All Cosmos

49. The Princess of All Cosmos:

Play as The Prince of All Cosmos and collect items from the ground to make your Katamari Ball bigger.


The Queen of All Cosmos

50. The Queen of All Cosmos:

Play as The King of All Cosmos and turn enough things into rainbows, with the rainbow that shoots out of his mouth.


The Totem

51. The Totem:

Play either as IdaA Crow, or the Storyteller, and find the Totem floating down a river. Jump onto the Totem to unlock it after the run is finished.



52. Waffles:

Play as Piffle and find Waffles during a run. When the player walks up to him, he will disappear and unlock after the run ends.


53. Yeti:

Play as any character of the Christmas Update 2015, and find the Yeti. Move in front of him so you will get hit by his snowballs, to unlock him when the run ends.

5 Tips For Beginners in 2023

Embarking on the journey to unlock all the secret characters in Crossy Road can be an exhilarating adventure. Here are 5 tips to help beginners navigate this exciting quest.

1. Ensure Your Device is in Optimal Condition

The first step to success in Crossy Road is to ensure your device is running smoothly. Any lag or delay can lead to an untimely demise in the game. Close any unnecessary apps that might be consuming your device’s RAM memory. This will help you avoid falling into the river or getting hit by a car or train.

2. Use the Pause Button Strategically

As you progress in the game, the levels start to speed up. It’s easy to feel the pressure to act quickly but remember, this is a trick the game is playing on you. When things heat up, hit the pause button. Make sure you’re on safe terrain, not on a train track or in the middle of a busy street. Take a moment to relax, then dive back into the game with a clear mind.

3. Keep Your Screen Clear

In Crossy Road, it’s essential to see incoming obstacles. If you’re used to holding your phone in landscape mode with your fingers on the sides of the screen, try a different approach. Keep your screen free of hands and fingers so you can see if a fast car or train is approaching. Make it a habit to tap on the character or behind it.

4. Adapt to Different Obstacles and Terrains

Each obstacle in Crossy Road poses a unique challenge. For cars, tap the screen as soon as a car has passed. For trains, cross the tracks as quickly as possible. When it comes to rivers, stick to the middle of the screen. Remember, you can move in all four directions – forward, backward, left, and right. Use this to your advantage when navigating obstacles.

5. Plan Ahead and Pay Attention to Details

Always look at the route and obstacles, not just at your character. If there’s a river coming up soon, bring your character to the middle of the screen. Sometimes, if you look ahead, you might notice a pattern in the way cars, trains, or logs move. Use this to your advantage.

Remember, unlocking all the secret characters in Crossy Road is a journey, not a race. Take your time, learn from your mistakes, and most importantly, have fun! With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Crossy Road Master!

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