How To Unlock Characters In Dead By Daylight – 2023 Guide for Aspiring Survivors and Ruthless Killers

Characters Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight features many different characters, divided into the Survivor and Killer role. Over 24 Survivors and 22 Killers are now available for every player, each coming with its own unique Perks and Powers.

In Dead by Daylight, a Killer or Survivor can be purchased and unlocked for Iridescent Shards. Licensed Killers and Survivors, such as Freddy Kruger or Ghost Face, can only be unlocked with Auric Cells or by purchasing the DLC on Steam.

Iridescent Shards can be earned for free by increasing the player’s account level. After each Trial, you will earn XP depending on the playing time in the Trial and the highest Emblem quality. One second in the Trial is 1 XP.

Note: On Steam, prices vary slightly between some DLCs, but most cost $5 if there is no special sale going on.

Here is a list of all Killers and Survivors and how they can be unlocked:

Killer Survivor Price/Status DLC
Trapper Dwight Fairfield Included in the base game
Wraith Meg Thomas Included in the base game
Hillbilly Claudette Morel / Jake Park Included in the base game
Nurse Nea Karlsson Free DLC Character The Last Breath Chapter
Shape (Michael Myers) Laurie Strode DLC Character The Halloween Chapter
Hag Ace Visconti 9.000 Iridescent Shards / 500 Auric Cells Of Flesh and Mud
William “Bill” Overbeck Free DLC Character Left Behind
Doctor Feng Min 9.000 Iridescent Shards / 500 Auric Cells Spark of Madness
Huntress David King Free DLC Character A Lullaby for the Dark
Cannibal (Leatherface) DLC Character LEATHERFACE™
Nightmare (Freddy Kruger) Quentin Smith DLC Character A Nightmare on Elm Street™
Pig David Tapp DLC Character The SAW™ Chapter
Clown Kate Denson 9.000 Iridescent Shards / 500 Auric Cells Curtain Call
Spirit Adam Francis 9.000 Iridescent Shards / 500 Auric Cells Shattered Bloodline
Legion Jeffrey “Jeff” Johansen 9.000 Iridescent Shards / 500 Auric Cells Darkness Among Us
Plague Jane Romero 9.000 Iridescent Shards / 500 Auric Cells Demise of the Faithful
Ash J. Williams DLC Character Ash vs Evil Dead
Ghost Face DLC Character Ghost Face®
Demogorgon Nancy Wheeler / Steve Harrington DLC Character Stranger Things
Oni Yui Kimura 9.000 Iridescent Shards / 500 Auric Cells Cursed Legacy
Deathslinger Zarina Kassir 9.000 Iridescent Shards / 500 Auric Cells Chains of Hate
Executioner (Pyramid Head) Cheryl Mason DLC Character Silent Hill
Blight Felix Richter 9.000 Iridescent Shards / 500 Auric Cells Descend Beyond
Twins Élodie Rakoto 9.000 Iridescent Shards / 500 Auric Cells A Binding of Kin
Trickster Yun-Jin Lee 9.000 Iridescent Shards / 500 Auric Cells All Kill

Is there a way to get Auric Cells for free?

Auric Cells are the premium currency in Dead by Daylight that players can use to purchase character skins and new characters.

Auric Cells can only be obtained through the in-game Store. The premium track of The Rift is the only way to get Auric Cells for free; however, the player has to unlock the premium pack for 1.000 Auric Cells.

Another option on how to get free Auric Cells would be events or giveaways by Behavior like they have done in the past. That said, it is unlikely that such an event will go live (an anniversary event would be a good option).

How do you get free Killers in Dead by Daylight?

Over the years, many new chapters got revealed, each one including a Killer (except Ash vs. Evil Dead & Left Behind). Now, there are over 22 different Killers, including iconic characters, such as Pyramid Head, Michael Myers, Leatherface, or Freddy Krueger.

Every new player gets The Huntress and the Nurse as free Killer right from the start. On PS4, each player receives The Doctor and The Hag for free as well. Killers can also be unlocked with Iridescent Shards, an in-game currency that can be earned for free.

Each original Killer (created by the DBD developers) costs 9.000 Iridescent Shards; licensed Killers can only be unlocked by purchasing the particular DLC or spending 500 Auric Cells.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often does Behavior Interactive, the developer of Dead by Daylight, release new characters?

Behavior Interactive typically releases new characters through ‘Chapters,’ which come out every few months. However, the exact schedule may vary.

Are there any methods to earn Iridescent Shards faster in the game?

Iridescent Shards are earned as you level up in the game. Therefore, spending more time in Trials and achieving higher Emblem quality can help earn more shards. Daily and weekly challenges can also help boost your progress.

What is the significance of licensed characters in Dead by Daylight?

Licensed characters like Freddy Kruger, Ghost Face, Michael Myers, etc., are from popular horror franchises. Their addition brings a different atmosphere to the game, and their unique abilities reflect the powers they have in their original franchises.

Is there a way to test new Killers or Survivors before purchasing them?

There isn’t a way to test characters before purchasing them. However, watching gameplay videos or streams can give you a good idea of a character’s abilities and playstyle.