How To Find The Hatch In Dead By Daylight? A Survivor’s Guide 2023

How To Find The Hatch In Dead By Daylight

Escaping from the Killer through the Exit Gates is the main goal for all Survivors in Dead by Daylight; however, if not all Generators are repaired, the Gates cannot be opened. Luckily, Survivors always have a second option to escape: the Hatch.

Survivors can use a Rainbow Map or regular Map equipped with the Black Silk Cord Add-on or the Perk “Left Behind” to find the Hatch. The Hatch can also be found near the main building, the Killer Shack, or other dominant locations, such as the Meat Tree on Coldwind Farm.

At the start of each Trial, the game picks a randomly selected location on the map where the Hatch will spawn. However, Survivors and Killers can’t interact with the Hatch until specific conditions are met, such as:

4 Survivors remaining: 5 repaired Generators/Exit Gates are powered
3 Survivors remaining: 4 repaired Generators / 1 Generator left
2 Survivors remaining: 3 repaired Generators / 2 Generators left
1 Survivors remaining: Spawns and opens regardless of how many Generators remain to be repaired.

Until these conditions are met, the Hatch remains invisible on the map, but it can be found by using a Map with the Black Silk Cord Add-on.

Tips for finding the Hatch in Dead by Daylight

On each of the 32 different maps, the Hatch has multiple possible spawn locations. However, if you play the game for a while, you will notice that the Hatch spawns in certain areas of a map more often than on other maps.

That said, the first places a Survivor should look for the Hatch is near the main building of the map and the Killer Shack. However, on Gideon Meat Plant, the Hatch will always spawn on the lower floor.

Dead By Daylight Open Hatch

This Hatch I found baffles me. As I witnessed the last Survivor being, yet again, the victim of the dreaded hook I stumbled upon it as I slowly backed away. I finally found my keyhole. With my last strength, I opened it, entered its tunnels and somehow found my way to the campfire. Now I sit here contemplating its purpose. Is hope more important for the Entity than I thought? Is this Hatch just a treat you give a dog to as encouragement? For now I take what I can get.

If Survivors equipped the Annotated Blueprint, the Hatch is more likely to spawn in the Killer Shack if available. When Vigo’s Blueprint got equipped, the Hatch is more likely to spawn in the main building, if available.

Here’s a list of spawn locations of the Hatch, such as:

Map Hatch Spawn Locations
Coal Tower: Near to the Coal Tower (Main Building)
Groaning Storehouse: In-/Outside of the Storehouse (Main Building)
The Ironworks of Misery: Between two pipes in the Factory, or outside near a barrel
Shelter Woods: Near the Cabin/Mines and on the outer edges of the map
Suffocation Pit: Near to the Mine (Main Building)
Azarov’s Resting Place: On the outer edges of the map, between trees and Generators, or near the small Cabin
Blood Lodge: Inside the Blood Lodge (Main Building), in front of the stairs
Gas Haven: Near the Gas Haven and on the outer edges of the map
Wretched Shop: Behind the Wretched Shop (Main Building), between barrels and a tree
Wrecker’s Yard: Near trees and buildings
Fractured Cowshed: Near the Cowshed (Main Building)
The Thompson House: Located at the lower porch in a corner of the Thompson House
Torment Creek: Besides the main building, next to an open/closed window
Rancid Abattoir: Inside the main building, in the room with meat hooked pigs, or near one of the Exit Gates besides a fence
Rotten Fields: Highly randomized (sometimes in the crop field, near the Exit Gates, or other map structures)
Disturbed Ward: Randomized, can be found near structures or on the outer edges
Father Campbell’s Chapel: Inside the Chapel or on the outer edges
Lampkin Lane: In the middle or at the ends of the main road
The Pale Rose: Highly randomized but start at the outer edges of the map
Grim Pantry: Near/inside buildings/structures or at the outer edges of the map
Treatment Theatre: In corridors and on the outer edges
Mother’s Dwelling: Randomized. Sometimes near the main building, but also sometimes on the outer edges
Badham Preschool: In the boiler room in the basement of the Preschool or at the end of the road, near an Exit Gate
The Game: Always spawns on the lower floor
Family Residence: Near the center of the map
Sanctum of Wrath: Near the center of the map
Mount Ormond Resort: Inside the small red Cabin, near to Generators, or near/inside of the Resort
The Underground Complex: Always spawns on the lower floor
Dead Dawg Saloon: Near the center or on the outer edges of the map
Midwich Elementary School: In the center of the map, near the clock tower and fences, in the middle of corridors, and on the outer edges of the map

Besides the main buildings, every Survivor and Killer has to check the Killer Shack, which spawns on almost every map of DBD. Most of the time, it will spawn inside the Killer Shack, but it can also be found outside. When I play Survivor and the Hatch spawns (but other Survivors are still alive), I already start looking for the Hatch.

The same principle goes for my Killer gameplay. When I look around the map for the other players, I’m looking for the Hatch as well, if the spawn conditions are met.

What Perk lets you see the Hatch?

William “Bill” Overbeck (Survivor) has a teachable Perk called Left Behind, which comes in handy if you are the last remaining Survivor of the Trial.

To unlock Left Behind for all other Survivors, you have to reach Level 30 to find Bill’s, Teachable Perks. If you’re lucky, you can get Left Behind already at Lvl 30. If not, you can unlock it at Lvl 35 or 40.

Left Behind:

You’ll get the job done… No matter the cost.

When you are the last Survivor remaining in the Trial, the Aura of the Hatch is revealed to you within a range of 24/28/32 meters.

“I’m not horse-shittin’ around. I’m doing this alone!” — Bill Overbeck

Note: To get to Lvl 50 with a Survivor, you have to spend about 1.6 million Bloodpoints. Check out this article if you want to know how to farm Bloodpoints faster.

However, that is everything Left Behind does, so it is only useful for a Hatch Build. If escaping through the Hatch is not your main priority, you should rather pick another reliable Perk that gives value for the entire Trial.

Can you hear the Hatch in Dead by Daylight?

As there are many possible spawn locations on each map, and you probably won’t bring a map item to the game every time, it can take some time to find the Hatch.

If the spawn conditions are met, the Hatch will spawn on the map but locked. When the Hatch opens, it will produce a consistent sound that the Killer and Survivor can hear from the distance.

Survivors can manually open the Hatch with a Skeleton or Dull Key for 30 seconds before it will close itself again. During this time frame, all Survivors and the Killer can hear its sound. But remember, if the Killer finds the Hatch first, he can close it.

In the dark and unpredictable world of “Dead by Daylight”, the game of survival is about to get a lot more exciting. Ready to join the star-studded roster of characters is none other than Hollywood veteran, Nicolas Cage. Mark your calendars for July 5th, 2023, as this day will usher in a new era in the game. Now, moving on to one of the most critical aspects of the gameplay – finding the Hatch. The Hatch acts as your last hope to escape from the trials and is often a difficult task in itself.

The trick to spotting it lies in the detailed cues and sounds scattered throughout the eerie landscape. Keep your senses sharp and your footsteps quiet, for the Hatch might just be around the next corner. With the addition of Nicolas Cage, the element of surprise and thrill is bound to multiply. Brace yourselves, because “Dead by Daylight” is about to take you on a whole new roller-coaster ride of horror and suspense.


How To Find The Hatch In Dead By Daylight FAQ

1. What is the hatch in Dead by Daylight?

The hatch, or the ‘Black Lock’ as it’s known in Dead by Daylight, is a special escape route that players can use under certain conditions. It appears in a random location on the map and allows a player to instantly escape the trial, adding a thrilling twist to the gameplay.

2. When does the hatch appear in Dead by Daylight?

The hatch appears when there is only one survivor left in the game, regardless of the number of generators repaired. However, if there is more than one survivor, the hatch appears only when the number of repaired generators exceeds the number of survivors by one.

3. How can I find the hatch in Dead by Daylight?

Finding the hatch can be a bit tricky, just like finding clues in Hunt: Showdown. However, it generally tends to appear near the main structures in the center of the map. You can also listen to the sound of wind blowing, which gets louder as you approach the hatch.

4. Can all characters use the hatch in Dead by Daylight?

Yes, all survivor characters can use the hatch to escape. However, keep in mind that the killer can close the hatch once it’s open, adding yet another layer of tension to the game.

5. Are there any perks that help in finding the hatch in Dead by Daylight?

Yes, there are certain survivor perks like ‘Left Behind’ and ‘Wake Up!’ that can make finding the hatch easier. Similarly, the killer has a perk called ‘Whispers’ which can also aid in locating the hatch.

What happens if the killer finds the hatch before me?

If the killer finds the hatch before you do, they can close it. However, closing the hatch powers up the exit gates, so you can still escape from the trial. It’s a game of cat and mouse that really cranks up the tension!