How Artifact Damage Works in Tap Titans: Full 2023 Guide

How Artifact Damage Works in Tap Titans

There are many ways how we can increase our overall damage in Tap Titans, besides upgrading our heroes or the Swordmaster itself. Later in the game, when we clear thousands of stages in one run, having all the essential artifacts leveled is quite important.

Artifact Damage increases our overall damage, so for example, if you have 200k Artifact Damage, you will deal 200x more damage than without any artifacts. It is another damage bonus that affects our overall damage in Tap Titans.

The Reddit user SotTamago made an excellent calculation, on how his damage increased by upgrading some Artifacts. By increasing his Artifact Damage from 1.43M to 1.64M (he only improved Heavenly Sword), all his damage increased by 1.14. On the main screen, the All Damage category increased from 5.23ab to 5.98ab, which is an x1.14 increase.

Also, his Pet Damage went from 642.24 to 734.37, which is also an x1.14 increase in damage. So, increasing your Artifact Damage means that you receive a 1:1 blank increase to your overall damage.

Understanding Artifacts in Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans Artifact Damage

In Tap Titans 2, artifacts are powerful items that you can acquire and upgrade to greatly enhance your gameplay. They can boost your damage, gold earnings, critical damage, and much more. When you initially obtain an artifact, it starts at level 1, but you can upgrade it by spending relics. The cost to upgrade an artifact in Tap Titans 2 increases with each level, but so does the effect it provides, adding a level of strategy that Summoners War players will find familiar.

The Importance of Artifact Damage

The reason why Artifact Damage is crucial in Tap Titans 2 is due to the significant boost it provides to your overall damage output. Every artifact you obtain contributes to your total Artifact Damage. Each level you put into an artifact increases its specific effect and the Artifact Damage by a certain amount.

The more you upgrade your artifacts, the more Artifact Damage you accumulate. Consequently, this leads to an increase in your overall damage, helping you progress through stages more quickly and efficiently.

How to Increase Damage

The main method of increasing your Artifact Damage is through upgrading. The more you level up an artifact, the higher the Artifact Damage becomes. Furthermore, some artifacts, such as Heavenly Sword, have the unique effect of increasing your total Artifact Damage by a certain percentage, multiplying the effect of your other artifacts.

Keep in mind that the cost of leveling up artifacts increases with each level, so you’ll need to balance your artifact upgrades with the number of relics you can obtain.

Strategic Artifact Leveling

Once you start obtaining a significant number, you may start to wonder how to efficiently upgrade them to maximize your damage. Several online tools can help you determine the most efficient way to level up your artifacts for the maximum damage, such as the Tap Titans 2 Artifact Optimizer.

Remember that not all artifacts are created equal, and some will provide a much greater Artifact Damage boost per relic spent than others. Therefore, using these tools can help you to use your relics in the most efficient way possible.


Understanding how Artifact Damage works and strategically upgrading your artifacts can lead to faster progression and a more enjoyable gaming experience. Always keep in mind the balance between spending on leveling up your artifacts and acquiring new ones. This strategy will ensure a steady increase in your overall damage, propelling you forward through the stages.