How To Get Perks In Dead By Daylight

Perks are an essential aspect of Behavior’s asymmetrical horror game, which enhance the Killers and Survivor’s abilities, or sometimes granting them new ones. There are over 164 different Perks available, 86 for Survivors and 78 for Killers.

Perks can be unlocked by both Killers and Survivors in the Bloodweb for a set amount cost of Bloodpoints. Teachable Perks are only available for their designated Character but can be unlocked for all other characters by unlocking it in the Bloodweb at level 30/35/40.

The Bloodweb is the only way to get Unlockables (Perks/Add-ons/Offerings) besides Chests that spawn on the map during a Trial. After unlocking all items in the Bloodweb, The Entity will generate a new Bloodweb for the Survivor or Killer.

As a character’s level increases, the Bloodweb will offer more and more items per web to the player, including Perks, Offerings, and Add-ons. After a character’s Bloodweb reached level 50, the game offers the option to prestige or infinitely renew the Level 50 Bloodweb.

Here’s a list of how many Pearks will appear in the Bloodweb at each level:

Bloodweb LevelAvailable Perks in the Bloodweb
1-141 Perk
15-392 Perks
40-493 Perks
504 Perks

How do you get Teachable Perks Dead By Daylight?

Teachables make the biggest part of both Killer and Survivor Perks, and some of them are considered the best Perks in DBD. Each Character comes with its own three Teachable Perks. In total, 66 Killer and 72 Survivor Teachables.

Teachable Perks can be unlocked at Bloodweb level 30/35/40 of each Character. To obtain a Teachable Perk for another character, it must be purchased from the original Character’s Bloodweb at specific levels. Teachable Perks can also be unlocked in the Shrine Of Secrets for 2.000 Iridescent Shards.

After unlocking a Teachable Perk, it will not unlock a physical Perk for the Character but rather allow the Perk to spawn in the Bloodweb of other Characters at any given level.

If the player chooses to prestige a Character, it does not affect already unlocked Teachable Perks in any way. The remaining locked Teachables will reappear at their appropriate spawn level.

To obtain all Teachable Perks for the Killer and Survivor role, you have only two options. The first one is to purchase the DLC’s on Steam to unlock the Killer and Survivor, which you can level to unlock the Teachables on LVL 30-40. 

The second option is to use the Shrine Of Secrets, which offers four random Teachable Perks from all Characters (DLC characters included). Unlocking a Teachable from the Shrine costs 2.000 Iridescent Shards, which can be obtained by playing the game.

How to activate Perks in Dead by Daylight?

Before searching for a Trial, the player can equip up to four different Perks, one item with two Add-ons and one Offering, such as Bloody Party Streamers. However, how do you activate them to take advantage of their effects?

Each Perk in Dead by Daylight gets activated when a specific condition is met, such as Dead Hard, Barbecue & Chili, or Self Care. Some Perks are active until their designated Hex Totem gets cleansed. Some stay active and cannot be deactivated.

For instance, Iron Will, a Teachable Perk of Jake stays active the entire Trial, and cannot be deactivated by any means.

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