Rainbow Six Siege Tips: How To Play Like a Pro

Rainbow Six Siege Tips: How To Play Like a Pro

Alright, gather ’round, you aspiring siege engineers and pixel peepers! Do you think you’ve got what it takes to breach, clear, and clutch your way to victory in Rainbow Six Siege? Well, it takes more than just a fast trigger finger and a stash of breach charges.

We’re peeking into the corners of pro play, uncovering those tips that tread the fine line between sheer genius and “Wait, you can actually do that?”

Get ready to scribble notes like you’re planning a heist, because these unconventional tips from the pros are about to elevate your game from “Eh, decent” to “Holy smokes, are they cheating?” Make sure to check out battlelog.co to enhance your skills even further!

10 Beginner Friendly Tips

1. Map Knowledge is Key

Familiarize yourself with every nook and cranny of the maps. Knowing the layouts, camera positions, and destructible surfaces can give you the upper hand in planning your approach or setting up defenses.

Each map has its quirks and learning them allows for better strategizing, such as creating new sightlines or flank routes.

2. Drone and Camera Usage

Intel wins games. As an attacker, your drones are the eyes for your team. Use them to scout ahead, identify enemy positions, and even distract opponents during a firefight. Defenders should equally value their cameras, using them to gather information and call out enemy movements to teammates.

3. Sound Whoring (No, not like that)

Rainbow Six Siege’s sound design is intricate, allowing players to hear footsteps, reloading, and gadget deployment. Use this to your advantage by wearing headphones and learning to interpret sounds to pinpoint enemy positions. Sound can often tell you more about an enemy’s location and actions than visuals.

4. Operator Synergy

Rainbow Six Siege Thatcher Operator

Choose operators that complement each other. Combining abilities can create powerful strategies, such as using Thatcher to disable electronics, allowing Thermite to breach reinforced walls. Understanding and leveraging the synergy between operators can significantly impact the team’s effectiveness.

5. Communication is Crucial

Constant communication with your team provides a significant advantage. Call out enemy positions, gadget placements, and potential strategies. Clear and concise communication can be the difference between a win and a loss.

6. Adaptability

Be prepared to change tactics on the fly. If your initial plan isn’t working, or if you find yourself in an unexpected situation, adapt. This could mean changing your point of attack, switching operators mid-game, or even playing more aggressively or defensively depending on what the situation calls for.

7. Mastering the Peek

Learning to take a quick peek around corners to gain intel without exposing yourself too much is crucial. Practice the art of peeking and pre-firing common hiding spots. This minimizes your risk while maximizing the chance of catching an enemy off guard.

8. Positioning and Angles

Positioning is everything. Hold tight angles and use cover effectively to minimize your exposure. Knowing the common entry points and sightlines can help you position yourself in a spot where you can surprise the enemy.

9. Learn from the Pros

Watch streams and videos of professional Rainbow Six Siege players. Notice how they move, communicate, and strategize. You can pick up on advanced tactics and operator strategies that you can incorporate into your own gameplay.

10. Practice, Practice, Practice

Like any skill, improvement comes with practice. Spend time in training modes working on your aim, experiment with different operators in casual matches to learn their abilities, and play regularly to refine your game sense and strategies.

10 Advanced Tips From Pro Players

Rainbow Six Siege Pro Play

1. Reverse Repelling for Sneaky Angles

Ever thought about hanging upside down like a tactical bat? Pros use reverse repelling on windows to catch defenders off guard, aiming from angles that most would consider… unconventional. It’s not just for style points; it changes your hitbox and makes you a nightmare to hit.

2. Silent Dropping

Dropping from a ledge or hatch without making a sound? Yep, it’s possible. By hitting the crouch button right before you land, pros manage to move around the map like ninjas. It’s all about timing, and it keeps those pesky roamers none the wiser.

3. The Art of the Fake Plant

Keep the defenders on their toes by starting the defuser plant only to cancel it at the last second. It’s a mind game, forcing defenders to rush or expose themselves. Use it sparingly, though; like crying wolf, it works best when the timing’s just right.

4. Bullet Hole Peeking

Bullet Hole Peeking

Who needs a big, messy hole when a single bullet hole will do? Pros poke tiny holes in walls to peek through, creating minimal visual disturbance while keeping an eye on enemy movements. It’s like the keyhole tactic but with more gunpowder.

5. Gadget Baiting

Throw a grenade, then quickly pick it up and throw it again. It’s a sound cue that can bait out Jäger’s ADS or Wamai’s Mag-NET, clearing the way for your actual gadgets to do their work. Plus, it’s always fun to outsmart electrical gadgets with nothing but your wits.

6. Pre-Placed Drone Magic

Instead of droning in real-time, place your drones in strategic spots during the prep phase. Pros use them as static cameras, giving them live updates without the risk of losing the drone early on. It’s like setting up your own personal surveillance system.

7. The Deception of Destruction

Sometimes, it’s not about what you breach but what you pretend to breach. Pros will destroy a barricade or wall as a diversion, making noise and chaos where they have no intention to enter, manipulating defender positions like puppeteers.

8. Wallbang Wizardry

Rainbow Six Siege Wallbang

Knowledge is power, and knowing common hiding spots can set you up for some magical wallbangs. Pros memorize the maps to such an extent that they can often eliminate an opponent through walls without ever seeing them. It’s part target practice, part ESP.

9. Operator Misdirection

Choose an operator that suggests one strategy, then play another. Picking Thermite but playing him as a fragger? It can throw the enemy off the scent, making them prepare for a breach that never comes. It’s all about the mind games.

10. Utility Overkill as a Strategy

Ever thought of using all your utility in one spot? Smoke grenades, flashbangs, frags – throw them all into one room like you’re trying to single-handedly reverse a siege. It’s confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes, surprisingly effective in pushing defenders out of key positions.