What Is Tunneling In Dead By Daylight? – The Unspoken Strategy Unveiled

Tunneling In Dead By Daylight

The primary goal of the Killer is to hook all Survivors and sacrifice them to The Entity. To get all four Survivors sacrificed, Killers can play around their Perks or use other “strategies,” such as tunneling.

Tunneling is when the Killer focuses on a particular Survivor until the Survivor got sacrificed to The Entity while all other Survivors will be ignored. When a Survivor loops the Killer for a long time or generally plays very toxic, Killers could choose to tunnel the player to make sure he won’t survive the game.

Compared to experienced players on higher ranks, players who are new to the game are probably more likely to tunnel a Survivor because they lack experience dealing with more intelligent Survivors.

How to deal with tunneling in DBD?

Escaping from the Killer, which only focuses on you, is not that easy, especially if the Killer has some experience. However, there are a few Perks that help you to deal with tunneling.

Borrowed Time: William “Bill” Overbeck has one of the best anti-tunnel Perks in Dead by Daylight. If you unhook a Survivor while using Borrowed Time, the Survivor will be protected by the Endurance Status Effect for a short time.

Any damage that would put the Survivor into the Dying state will be ignored; however, the Survivor has to mend themself before the timer runs out. If the timer goes down to 0, the Survivor will be put into the Dying state.

Decisive Strike: At Bloodweb level 40 on Laurie Strode, you can unlock Decisive Strike for all other Survivors. DS is considered one of the best Perks for Survivors in DBD because after you got unhooked but picked up by the Killer again, Decisive Strike triggers a Skill Check.

If you succeed at hitting the Skill Check, the Killer will be stunned for 5 seconds, and you escape his grasp immediately. Please note that DS will be deactivated for the rest of the Trial if you

  • Succeed or fail the Decisive Strike Skill Check
  • Repair a Generator
  • Heal yourself or other Survivors
  • Cleanse a Totem
  • Sabotage a Hook
  • Unhook other Survivors

while DS is active. Also, equipping Decisive Strike increases the chance of becoming the Killers Obsession.

Deliverance: When the Killer hooked you after tunneling, you can unhook yourself with a chance of 100% by using Adam Francis Perk Deliverance. To activate Deliverance, you have to perform a Save Hook Rescue on another Survivor at least once during the game.

After rescuing yourself with Deliverance from the Hook, you will be inflicted with the Broken Status Effect for 100/80/60 seconds. As long as the Broken status is active, the Survivor is unable to heal, regardless if he uses Self-Care or a Med-Kit.

Adrenaline: If you manage to run the Killer around long enough, so the other Survivors repaired all five Generators, Adrenaline is a fantastic Perk for getting distance between you and the Killer.

When Adrenaline activates, you will start sprinting at 150% of normal running speed for 5 seconds. Also, you’ll be healed for one Health State, so if you’re currently in the Dying State, you will be healed into the Injured State.

Is tunneling toxic?

Dead By Daylight Tunneling Survivors
If you ever played against a Killer who chooses to tunnel a Survivor, you will know that it is not fun to play against, especially if you are the #1 target of the Killer.

Many players consider tunneling as toxic behavior, destroying the game experience and preventing Bloodpoint from gaining for one particular Survivor. Usually, Killers choose to tunnel to secure at least one kill or to eliminate a survivor that pissed him off the most.

Tunneling and Facecamping are probably the most annoying things to go against, and besides bringing Perks that help escape from a tunneling Killer, Survivors can’t do anything to stop the Killer from doing it.

Is tunneling bannable in Dead by Daylight?

After the Trial ends, all players have the option to report players for cheating, abusing bugs, griefing, or communications abuse through the in-game report system.

Tunneling is considered a not-bannable offense by the Dead by the Daylight development team. Camping, Slugging, Stream sniping, Teabagging, Bodyblocking, and Looping are also not bannable.


In the thrilling game of Dead by Daylight, the strategy of tunneling can often lead to intense and desperate situations. This tactic, where the Killer relentlessly focuses on a single Survivor until they are sacrificed, can be infuriating for the targeted player. However, it’s important to remember that the game’s dynamic nature offers various ways to counter this strategy.

Tunneling, while seen as a savage tactic by many, is not a bannable offense in Dead by Daylight. It’s a strategy that some Killers use to secure at least one kill or to eliminate a Survivor who has particularly irked them. However, it’s worth noting that this approach can often lead to a less enjoyable gaming experience for the tunneled Survivor, making it a controversial topic within the Dead by Daylight community.

Survivors, however, are not entirely helpless against tunneling. The game provides a variety of Perks that can help Survivors escape a tunneling Killer. Borrowed Time, Decisive Strike, Deliverance, and Adrenaline are all powerful tools in the Survivor’s arsenal to counter tunneling. These Perks can provide the Survivor with a fighting chance, turning a seemingly hopeless situation into a potential victory.

In the end, Dead by Daylight is a game of survival, strategy, and wits. Whether you’re a Killer or a Survivor, understanding the dynamics of tunneling can significantly impact your gameplay. As a Survivor, learning to counter-tunneling can be the difference between a narrow escape and a premature sacrifice. As a Killer, knowing when to tunnel and when to switch targets can be the key to securing more sacrifices.

Remember, Dead by Daylight is an interactive experience, and every player contributes to the overall enjoyment of the game. So, whether you’re a Survivor trying to evade a tunneling Killer or a Killer trying to secure your sacrifices, always strive to create a fun and engaging experience for all players.