How To Get Bloodpoints Fast In Dead By Daylight?

Dead by Daylight features over 24 Survivors and 22 Killers, each coming with its own unique teachable Perks. Some Perks like Decisive Strike, Self Care, or Monitor & Abuse are a few great Perks out of the 164 in the game. However, most of them have to be unlocked in the Bloodweb, which costs lots of Bloodpoints. So, what’s the fastest way to farm huge Bloodpoints?

Playing the Killer will reward the player with more Bloodpoints, compared to playing the Survivor role, because Killers have access to multiple Bloodpoint Perks such as Distressing or Barbecue & Chili. Also, Bloodpoint rewards are easier to accomplish.

That said, Survivors can also earn a large number of Bloodpoints during a trial by using Perks such as We’re Gonna Live Forever. Another Perk that boosts Bloodpoint is Prove Thyself, granting 100% more Bloodpoints for coop actions.

Besides Perks and Offerings, completing challenges from The Archives also rewards the player with Bloodpoints and other in-game items. For instance, disturb 50 crows to earn 15.000 Bloodpoints. Some challenges reward you with 15-20.000 BP, but it varies between each challenge.

Note: Keep in mind that Dead by Daylight has a fixed cap at 1 million Bloodpoints, so spend some of them before you go into the next Trial.

How To Farm Bloodpoints as Survivor in Dead by Daylight?

To get the most amount of Bloodpoints after the Trial ends, Survivors can equip specific Perks to boost Bloodpoint gaining and burn Offerings at the start of the Trial. 

The best Survivor build for farming Bloodpoints contains No One Left BehindProve Thyself, and We’re Gonna Live Forever, combined with the Bloody Party Streamers Offering. Survivors can also use the Needle & Thread or Surgical Suture Add-Ons for an additional Bloodpoints boost.

Besides the Bloody Party Streamers, The Escape Cake, Fragrant Bog Laurel, Fragrant Crispleaf Amaranth, Fragrant Primrose Blossom, and Fragrant Sweet William Offerings are the best alternatives if you don’t have any Party Streamers left.

However, how many Bloodpoints you get during the Trial highly depends on how you play. If you get chased by the Killer, repair a few Generators, heal other Survivors, and escape through the Exit Gates or Hatch, you can get anything between 25.000 to +100.000 Bloodpoints with one game.

We’re Gonna Live Forever:

Your few friends deserve the best protection. When healing a dying Survivor, your Healing speed is increased by 100 %. Gain a Token for performing any of the following actions:

  • Perform a Safe Hook Rescue.
  • Take a Protection Hit for an injured Survivor.
  • Stun the Killer to rescue a carried Survivor.
  • Blind the Killer to rescue a carried Survivor.

Gain a stack-able 25 % Bonus to all Bloodpoint gains up to a maximum of several percent.

Prove Thyself:

For each Survivor working on a Generator within 4 meters, gain a stack-able 15 % Repair speed bonus up to a maximum of 45 %.

  • This effect is also applied to all other Survivors within range.
  • Gain 50/75/100 % more Bloodpoints for cooperative Actions.

Prove Thyself does not stack with other instances of itself.

On the other hand, if you get sacrificed with your first hook, you’ll only get a few thousand BP if best. That said, the best time to farm massive amounts of Bloodpoints fast in DBD is when a double Bloodpoints event goes live on the servers.

Usually Killers are more likely not to camp the hooked Survivor so they can be saved, resulting in more hooks in total.

Here is a list of actions that grant the most Bloodpoints for Survivors, such as:

BloodpointsScore Event
1.250Fully repairing a Generator
1.250Opening the Exit Gate
1.000Successfully snapping out of Madness Tier III
900Struggling against The Entity during the last Hook Stage (60 s)
1.200 (25BP/s)Wiggling while being carried by the Killer
500Healing another Survivor
700Healing another Survivor after all Generators are completed, or during the Endgame Collapse
1.000Rescuing a Survivor from a Hook
1.500Rescuing a Survivor from a Hook after all Generators are completed, or the Endgame Collapse was triggered
1.250Stunning the carrying Killer and freeing the Survivor from the grasp
2.000Unhooking another Survivor during the Endgame Collapse
1.500Sealing a Portal of The Demogorgon
1.000Stunning the Killer by any means

How To Farm Bloodpoints as Killer in Dead by Daylight?

As mentioned at the start, playing the Killer rewards the player generally with more Bloodpoints than playing a Survivor. But, if the game goes pretty bad, the Killer gets less BP at the end.

The best Perk build to farm Bloodpoints as Killer contains Barbecue & ChiliDistressingThrill of the Hunt, and another Perk to slow down Generator progression. Add-Ons such as Scratched Mirror or Scarred Hand can be equipped to gain bonus Bloodpoints for Score Events.

Note: The Doctor is considered one of the best Killers to farm large amounts of Bloodpoints because his power makes it very easy to find Survivors. Plus, it works fantastic with Distressing, making it easy to reach the max cap for Deviousness points.

Of course, to get the most BP within a Trial, you should use the Bloody Party Streamers Offering or anything else that gives you bonus Bloodpoints. The best alternatives to Bloody Streamers are the Ardent Tanager WreathArdent Raven WreathArdent Spotted Owl Wreath, and Ardent Shrike Wreath Offering.

Barbecue & Chilli: 

A deep bond with The Entity unlocks potential in one’s Aura-reading ability. After hooking a Survivor, all other Survivors’ Auras are revealed to you for 4 seconds when they are farther than 40 meters from the hook.

Each Time a Survivor is hooked for the first time, gain a 25% stack-able bonus to all Bloodpoint gains up to a maximum of 50/75/100%.


Your horrifying emanation strikes at a supernaturally long distance. Your Terror Radius is increased by 22/24/26%.

Gain 100% more Bloodpoints for actions in the Deviousness Category.

Hex: Thrill of the Hunt: 

A Hex rooting its power on hope. The false hope of Survivors fills you with excitement and strengthens your totems.

For each Dull Totem and Hex Totem remaining on the Map gain a Token.

  • Gain 10 % more Bloodpoints for actions in the Hunter Category for each Token.
  • Survivors’ cleansing speed is reduced by 4/5/6 % for each Token.
  • Gain a notification when someone starts working on a Hex Totem.

Not only does the Killer make a difference on how many BP you can get within a Trial, but how you play also has a large impact. If you camp a hooked Survivor instead of searching the next one and kicking Generators, you will miss out on a lot of Bloodpoints. 

Chasing Survivors gives lots of BP, especially if you use the Killers’ power to put them into the Dying State. 

Here is a list of actions that grant the most Bloodpoints for the Killer, such as:

BloodpointsScore Event
300Hitting a Survivor
2.500Awarded when no Survivors escaped the Trial
1.000Awarded whenever a Survivor gets caught in a Bear Trap
850Awarded for hitting a Survivor with the Chainsaw
500Hooking a Survivor for the first, second, and third time
600Awarded for catching a Survivor while they are exiting a Locker
625Awarded for a Survivor who disconnected from the Trial
800Hitting a Survivor with a Shred attack as the Demogorgon
850Awarded for downing a Survivor with Victor
650Awarded after Victor latched onto a healthy Survivor successfully
10/2 BP/sAwarded for chasing a Survivor
400/200Initiating a chase with a Survivor
100Awarded for Damaging a Generator
100Awarded for Destroying a Pallet or a Breakable Wall

How many Bloodpoints do I need to get to Level 50?

Each Killer and Survivor has a max level of 50 before a character can unlock the prestige. Currently, Survivors and Killers can reach Prestige III level 50, so 150 character levels.

To get to level 50 with a Killer or Survivor, the player has to spend about 1.6 million Bloodpoints in the Bloodweb. To get to Prestige III level 50, the player has to spend approximately 7 million Bloodpoints.

That said, these numbers can vary. If you ignore all expensive items in the Bloodweb, it is possible to save a decent amount of BP, which can be used to reach a higher level.

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