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If you follow the One Piece franchise a little bit or you like collecting games, you probably heard from this game called One Piece: Treasure Cruise. The game is set in the One Piece universe and gets updated regularly by the developer Bandai Namco Entertainment.

OPTC got releases on May 12, 2014, and got many new features such as story updates, new characters, challenges, and more.

What is this game about?

In OPTC, you can play the whole story of Luffy and his crew, following the original storyline from the manga. The story mode is based on islands, which represent a story arc from the manga. On each island, you have to fight against many foes like Buggy the clown, Arlong, or even a yonko (one of the four emperors) like Big Mom.

Currently, you can play the story mode until you reach the end of whole cake island, so you have 41 islands to complete first. Throughout the story, you can also complete small quests to collect rainbow gems, new characters, gold, or evolving material.

By playing the game, you will collect more characters from the One Piece universe, and some of them can be evolved into a stronger form. Collecting and evolving characters is an essential part of this game, as challenges and fights get harder over time.

In the beginning, you start with Luffy, and over the next islands, you get Zorro, Usopp, Nami, and the rest of the original crew. However, the story is not the only mode you play, as there are also some other islands to explore.

Extra Islands:

One Piece Treasure Cruise Extra Island

In this section of the game, you can challenge powerful foes in clashes, farm evolving material, beat the colosseum, complete training forests, and more.

If an event is active, you can find more event missions here. I would recommend checking the extra islands every day since there are always new missions to complete.

Treasure Map:

Treasure Map is a special event in OPTC on which you can get a strong character for your lineup. To get his wanted poster, you need to complete the treasure map a few times to collect enough points.

By collecting enough points, you’ll be able to limit break the character, so he gets even stronger.

Kizuna Clash:

One Piece Treasure Cruise Kizuna Clash

This is one of the newest additions to the game, where you have to defeat a powerful enemy. While fighting your foe, you receive special tickets which you can use to get prizes. These can reach from gold, evolving material up to wanted posters.

How is the gameplay?

The gameplay of One Piece Treasure Cruise is pretty straightforward and easy to learn. But the game mechanics allow you to create powerful lineups of characters, to beat even the most difficult missions.

To attack an enemy, you have to tap on the character you want to start with. After your first character completed his attack, you have to click on the next team member. By tapping at the right time, you can boost your chain multiplier that makes your attack more effective. If you hit six times perfect, you’ll get the highest chain multiplier.

On some levels or extra islands, you have to face more powerful opponents. So to defeat them, you need some help. Luckily almost every character has a special that charges up each turn.

Some of them are more useful than others, but having a good combination of specials can make your team much stronger.

Most levels and missions in OPTC follow the same structure: first, there are some stages that you can use to charge up your specials, and after that, you have to face a strong opponent.

But following the same structure doesn’t make this game boring. In some stages, your team gets various debuffs, or the final boss buffs himself. If you don’t have characters in your lineup that can pa or cancel these effects, Clearing the stages gets way more complicated.

Beating a strong opponent with the last burst or dealing massive damage can be very satisfying, and by using different team variations, it gets even more fun.

Events and Challenges inside of OPTC

To keep the community engaged, Bandai releases new patches, events, and new characters consistently. If you can manage to clear these events and challenges, there’s a high chance of getting something new.

Most of the upcoming challenges can be cleared on different difficulty levels from easy to very hard.

Clashes are an excellent example of this. Some of them are very hard, even for players hat already have many characters. Sometimes, you need specific characters to clear a clash fast and safely.

Note: You can beat difficult events by using special teams.

But some other events are more difficult, so beginners should stay away from them. As there are a massive amount of clashes, events, or other challenges in the game, you have to play a long time until it gets boring.

How to get new characters in One Piece Treasure Cruise?

To get new legends and rare characters to fight with, you have to go to the tavern and click on the big button in the center. If you have enough storage space and gems, you can recruit new characters.

You can also recruit new members by using your Friend Points. Go to the tavern and swipe to the left side with your finger, and click on FP recruit. One recruit costs 200 points, and you get them by getting chosen as a guest captain or enlisting another player to help your crew.

As Bandai brings up new events consistently, you can also get free recruits by clearing stages or completing missions, or by reaching a high score in the treasure map.

How long can you play this game?

After playing this game for over a year now and there is still much stuff to do, I can say that this game has long term potential. Thanks to regular updates and new events, I can get newer and better characters for my lineup, so I can beat even the hardest bosses.

Also, you can take a break without any limitations, sure there’s a high chance that you miss new content and free stuff, but you can join back into the game whenever you like.

Note: So that you don’t rush through the game and collect everything in a few days, the developers integrated a stamina system. Every stage you take on consumes a small part from your stamina, which increases with your pirate level.

By increasing your pirate level, the stamina recovers by 100% so you can play further. Some characters in the game have captain abilities that allow you to get even more Exp and gold, so having one of them can be helpful.

Do you have to spend money on this game?

One Piece Treasure Cruise Gem Packs

In OPTC, there are options to spend money on in-game currency (gems), which allow you to recharge stamina, expand your character box, and recruit new characters. But this is not required, as you can get gems by clearing new stages, through the login bonus, or by completing missions.

From time to time, you have the chance to recruit on a Sugo Fest where you can get limited characters (legends) for your lineup. Most of the time, you can pull the first time for 30 gems, and after that, each pull costs 50 gems.

I only spend a few dollars on the game (I wanted legend Enel on a Sugo fest), but I got almost all of my legends for free.

Last words about the game:

OPTC is one of my most played mobile games, and I will continue to play it as there are so many things to do. This game is one of the few that you can play for a long time, and you don’t have to spend any money on it to get far in the game.

You can beat most clashes and challenges with beginner-friendly teams (usually slower than regular teams), and if you cant get your hand on a special character, there is a high chance he comes back on another event.

Overall, the game looks excellent, and the sounds are fantastic, creating a unique gameplay experience for everyone. So, why you still reading this? Get this game on your smartphone!!

?? Pros of OPTC:?? Cons of OPTC:
No need to spend moneySome story parts take some time
Regular updates and patchesSome content is way to hard for beginners
Long term potential
Awesome artworks
Excellent gameplay
Even beginners can get legends pretty fast
Good sound effects and music

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