How To Get Gems In One Piece Treasure Cruise FAST? 2023 Guide To Endless Riches!

Gems In One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise is Bandai’s mobile gotcha game, which features many characters from the One Piece franchise. To get new characters in the game, the player has the option to use Friend Points or gems to recruit new units. However, gems can also be used to buy some of the best ships, and special Skull Islands, to evolve specific characters.

In One Piece Treasure Cruise, Rainbow Gems can be obtained through:

  • Daily login-bonus
  • Clearing story missions 
  • Entering ranking-missions
  • Playing event-missions
  • Treasure Map rewards
  • Transponder-Snails
  • Messages from Bandai
  • Event rewards
  • Completing Chopper Man missions

To get gems fast as a beginner, it is recommended to play story missions and complete Chopper-Man missions. Clearing a storied island gives the player 5 gems, and completing all Chopper-Man missions 50 gems. If the player already has strong units, he can also clear event missions to earn additional gems.

As of the 11th of August 2020, there are 41 story islands, beginning at Fushia Village and ending on Town Outskirts to Bege’s Hideout. If a player clears all story islands until reaching the current last island, he collected 205 Rainbow Gems, which is enough to pull 4x on a Sugo Fest banner.

In the beginning, it is very easy to obtain a more significant amount of gems without spending money on the game. Every time an event gets cleared for the first time, the player will receive one rainbow gem as a reward. Unfortunately, the player cannot receive any additional gems from this specific event anymore.

When the player has cleared all available Chopper-Man missions, story islands, and event missions, collecting gems gets slower. The only way to get new additional gems is to clear newly released events, story islands, and colosseums, or participate in the Treasure Map, which releases every few weeks. Sometimes, Bandai gifts a few free gems to all players, usually if they messed up something, or updates get delayed.

However, the fastest way to get Rainbow Gems in One Piece Treasure Cruise is to buy them in the shop. Yes, this is not a free way to get gems, but if you want to pull a particular unit on a Sugo Fest banner, having enough gems is always nice.

How to use Rainbow Gems in OPTC?

Gems are the most valuable currency in One Piece Treasure Cruise, and it takes quite some time to obtain a larger amount if the player does not want to spend money. So, wasting them on unnecessary things is not recommended.

At first, it is recommended to save all Rainbow Gems until a Sugo Fest or other Anniversary Event get released on the servers. Most of the time, players can get the best units on these two events, as Bandai (sometimes) increases the odds of pulling a legend character. Also, the cost of a pull could be reduced (usually to 30 gems), so the player has more chances to pull a new unit from the banner.

Another way to use gems in OPTC is to buy ships from unlockable quests on Extra Islands. Most of the best ships in the game can only be obtained through unlockable quests, so it is definitely worth spending some gems on these ships. Check out our list of the best ships in OPTC in this article.

The third thing a player should save up gems for is to buy Skull-Islands for specific characters. Some characters can be evolved into a 5+ or 6+ form, which increases the character’s stats, and changes his type, special, and captain ability sometimes. These islands can also be unlocked in the unlockable quests at Extra Island.

The Value of Rainbow Gems in One Piece Treasure Cruise

Rainbow Gems are the lifeblood of One Piece Treasure Cruise. They are the primary currency and the key to unlocking the game’s full potential. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, understanding the value of these gems is crucial.

The Power of Rainbow Gems

Rainbow Gems are not just a currency; they are a gateway to new adventures and powerful characters. They allow players to recruit new units, unlock special Skull Islands, and purchase the best ships in the game. The more gems you have, the more opportunities you have to enhance your gameplay.

Strategies for Maximizing Your Gem Collection

While it’s possible to purchase Rainbow Gems, many players prefer to earn them through gameplay. This approach requires strategy and patience, but it can be incredibly rewarding.

Prioritize Completing Missions

One of the fastest ways to earn gems is by completing missions. Story missions, Chopper-Man missions, and event missions all offer gem rewards. Clearing a storied island can earn you 5 gems while completing all Chopper-Man missions can net you a whopping 50 gems.

Participate in Events and Rankings

Events and rankings are other excellent sources of gems. Each time you clear an event for the first time, you’ll receive a gem. Ranking missions also offer gem rewards, providing an incentive to improve your gameplay and climb the ranks.

Spending Your Gems Wisely

Once you’ve amassed a collection of Rainbow Gems, it’s important to spend them wisely. Here are a few strategies to get the most out of your gems.

Save for Sugo Fest and Anniversary Events

Sugo Fest and Anniversary Events are prime opportunities to recruit powerful units. During these events, the odds of pulling a legend character are sometimes increased, and the cost of a pull may be reduced. Saving your gems for these events can give you more chances to pull a new unit from the banner.

Invest in Ships and Skull Islands

Unlockable quests on Extra Islands offer some of the best ships in the game. Spending gems on these quests is a worthwhile investment. Similarly, Skull Islands can help you evolve specific characters, enhancing their stats and abilities.

In conclusion, Rainbow Gems are a vital part of One Piece Treasure Cruise. By understanding how to earn and spend these gems effectively, you can maximize your gameplay and enjoy the game to its fullest.


In the world of One Piece Treasure Cruise, Rainbow Gems are more than just a currency. They are the key to unlocking new adventures, recruiting powerful characters, and enhancing your gameplay experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey, understanding how to earn and spend these gems effectively is crucial.

Remember, the fastest way to accumulate gems is through completing missions and participating in events. However, the journey doesn’t end there. Once you’ve amassed a collection of gems, it’s important to spend them wisely. Whether it’s saving for a Sugo Fest or Anniversary Event, investing in ships from unlockable quests, or evolving characters through Skull Islands, each decision you make will shape your journey in this exciting game.

In the end, the true treasure in One Piece Treasure Cruise isn’t just the gems you collect, but the adventures you embark on and the characters you meet along the way. So set sail, and may your journey be filled with excitement, challenges, and of course, plenty of Rainbow Gems.