One Piece Bounty Rush Review: Another Good One Piece Game?

One Piece Bounty Rush

As a big fan of One Piece and its characters, I also played a lot of games based on this large franchise. I was pretty happy to find out that there is a mobile game of One Piece, which is in 3D.

This game is One Piece: Bounty Rush, which got released initially on the 29th of March in 2018 by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Bandai is also the producer of the One Piece anime and several other games like One Piece; treasure Cruise, which is also my favorite game on mobile.

But Buty Rush had some problems in the beginning, as players didn’t really like the game how it looked and played. The developers then decided to take the game from the stores, re-design it, and bring it back even better.

This One Piece; Bounty Rush review is about the current newest version of the game, so let’s get into the details.

How is the gameplay of One Piece Bounty Rush?

Like in many other mobile games, if you start the game for the first time, it will throw you into a longer or shorter tutorial section that teaches you the basic mechanics of the game. Bounty Rush doesn’t work like Treasure Cruise. You have one basic attack that can also work as a combo, two special attacks, and a dodge move.

To move around the map, you have to use the on-screen joystick. Speaking of maps, the primary mode you will play is a capture-and-hold mode, played on many different maps like Arlong Park or Sabaody. Each map is designed differently, and some also have unique mechanics like the bubble elevators on Sabaody.

The overall gameplay idea is very good and has a lot of potential, however, when I played some of my first matches, the controls feel not directly on point. While attacking an enemy, everything works as it should, but if there is a bigger group of opponents in front of you, the game chooses to attack the opponent that is the closest.
One Piece Bounty Rush - Gameplay overview with joystick and abilities
That’s why many other players feel like they have less control over the game. When you knock an opponent to the ground, you also can’t deal any more damage, as he gets a shield that negates every damage for a few seconds. This should prevent locking down people for the whole game, but it also makes combat much slower.

Note: The person who has this shield can attack you back, so don’t stay too near to them.

To win a match, your team has to control as many capture points as possible. While holding points, your team collects “Treasure,” and the team who has most of it wins after the timer runs out.

The more points your team holds when the match ends, the more bonus chests you can get. In these chests, you can get numerous goodies like Exp orbs, berries, medals, and more.

By playing the game for a while, you also complete missions on the side that give you sweet rewards like diamonds, berries, Exp orbs, or other items. These diamonds can be used to recruit new characters by tapping on the “Scout” button. Depending on what banners are active, you can recruit rare characters.

Note: By adding one of your characters to the special training, you can increase their level and make them stronger. So make sure you have someone there.

Other game modes you can play:

Game modes of Bounty Rush
Bounty Rush not only offers you regular Pvp battles, but you can also play different modes like Solo, Survival 100, and private battles.

In the solo mode, you challenge many familiar characters like Helmeppo, Smoker, or Alvida, to defeat them in a 1v1. Sometimes, you have to beat more than one opponent to win.

Survival 100 is an excellent game mode to level up your characters, but you can enter this mode only two times per day. During the match, you have to defeat numerous waves of enemies that get stronger over time. So, picking one of your strongest characters would be recommended to reach the highest scores.

Private battles are a good option to play with or against your friends. Simply enter the same passcode, and click on “battle start” to get matched with your friends. This mode can also be used to play with other people from your alliance.

Graphics of the game:

Winning screen of your team
When the game launched for the first time, the graphics didn’t look very pretty, but after the relaunch for iOS and Android devices, the game looks much better. Depending on what performance settings you have made, the game can look better. The banners and artworks look very decent, and the animations are also well-made.

However, I think that there is still some space for improvement, especially in fact of graphics. Sure, we can’t expect that the game looks like Treasure Cruise, but that’s completely my opinion about this.

The next thing I personally don’t really like is the main soundtrack while starting the game. For me, the song doesn’t fit this franchise, and I would prefer an original soundtrack from the anime like Treasure Cruise did it.

How is the game monetized:

One Piece Bounty Rush - In-game shop
Most free2play games are monetized in some way, as the developers have to make some money to pay their bills and staff. They give you the option to spend money on tickets that allow you to pull on special banners to get exclusive characters, Diamonds, or other items.

You could also buy whole packages for some dollars, which give you some extras like more diamonds or tickets. Like many other games from Bandai, Bounty Rush doesn’t include the option to watch video advertisements to get diamonds or other items.

Some packages can cost up to $50 (what I’ve seen so far), but some limited packages cost less. If you decide to spend some money on the game, I would recommend looking for such special packages.

Does One Piece Bounty Rush offer long-term potential?

One Piece Bounty Rush - Survive 100 game mode
You can do some things in the game, but you probably play the primary game mode for the time. If you have fun with this mode or collecting all available characters and leveling them up, you can play this game for quite some time.

However, I would love to see another game mode to play in the future, which would make the game more playable over time, as my biggest fear is that the game becomes repetitive. Beginners probably don’t have this issue for some time, but for players who played this game for much longer, it could be the reason to switch to other games.

Review summary:

One Piece; Bounty Rush is a game with a lot of potentials and is fun to play. But the game still needs improvements in fact of graphics, and especially in the gameplay mechanics. Bandai should work on making combat faster and more rewarding, especially if you play with a decent team line-up.

However, if you are looking for new games to play for some time, or over the short term, you can give this game a shot. If you already played the game, feel free to share your experience with it in the comments below.

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?? Pros of One Piece; Bounty Rush ?? Cons of One Piece; Bounty Rush
Fun to play The combat system needs improvement
Multiple game modes Graphics can be polished
Many characters Connection problems

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are some strategies for winning in One Piece Bounty Rush?

While the game does involve a lot of combat, strategy is also key. Understanding the map, coordinating with your team, and knowing when to hold your ground or retreat can make a big difference in the outcome of a match.

2. Are there any in-game events in One Piece Bounty Rush?

Yes, the game often hosts special events where players can earn extra rewards or unlock exclusive characters. It’s a good idea to check the game regularly for these events.

3. Can I play One Piece Bounty Rush without making in-app purchases?

Absolutely! While in-app purchases can speed up your progress or give you access to exclusive characters, they are not necessary to enjoy the game. With patience and strategy, you can still excel in the game without spending a dime.

4. How can I improve my characters in One Piece Bounty Rush?

Characters can be improved by leveling them up and equipping them with medals. You can earn experience points and medals by playing the game and completing missions.

5. Can I play One Piece Bounty Rush on my PC?

While One Piece Bounty Rush is primarily a mobile game, there are ways to play it on a PC using an Android emulator. However, please note that the game experience may vary and not all features may be available.