How To Level Up Characters In One Piece Treasure Cruise? Quick Guide (June 2023)

How To Level Up Characters In One Piece Treasure Cruise

In One Piece Treasure Cruise, characters can reach different max levels, depending on their rarity. The highest level a character can be is level 99 on a 5/6-Star rarity. However, to get a character from level 0 to 99, the player has to feed a character up to 5 million Exp through the Power-Up menu.

To level characters fast, the player should use Hime Turtles, as one turtle gives 250,000 Exp to a character. All turtles have a type (STR, DEX, QCK, PSY, INT), and the player can maximize the received amount of Exp per turtle by fusing a turtle into a character with a matching type.

However, as Hime Turtles are quire rare, using Elder Turtles is the best way to level up characters fast as a beginner. When a player has obtained stronger units, it becomes much easier to farm power-up material.
OPTC character level up tutorial
To effectively power-up characters in One Piece Treasure Cruise, there are three simple rules to follow:

  1. Match the character types
  2. Use high-quality material to earn more Exp
  3. Use events to gain additional Exp

Especially matching character types is important when leveling a character. When the resource character shares the same type, the experience gained increases by 50%.

Besides regular power-up material, Bandai gifts players from time to time special material, like Memorial Roast Turkey. If it gets combined with a character, it will give him 5,000,000 Exp and increase his special level by 1.

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OPTC Turtle Exp:

EXP Gain: EXP Gain – Matching Type:
Treasure Turtle: 3.000 4500
Daimyo Turtle: 20.000 30.000
Elder Turtle: 70.000 105.000
Hime Turtle: 250.000 375.000

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the strategies to acquire more Hime Turtles?

Hime Turtles are known for their high EXP provision, but they’re quite rare. While the game doesn’t provide a straight path to acquire them, players often participate in special events and quests that sporadically offer these creatures as rewards.

2. Is it better to power up lower rarity characters first or save the EXP for higher rarity ones?

It’s generally advised to reserve your power-up resources for higher rarity characters. These figures usually possess more potent abilities and can significantly sway the tide of battle in your favor.

3. What happens if I try to fuse two characters of the same type but with different rarities?

Fusion, or power-up, doesn’t work between characters in OPTC. Instead, it involves feeding materials or characters to your selected hero to improve their level. Thus, character rarity doesn’t come into play during fusion.

5. Can characters go beyond level 99?

As of now, characters in One Piece Treasure Cruise can only level up to a maximum of 99, provided they’re of 5/6-Star rarity.