How Much Is A Gaming Setup? – Gaming Dreams, Budget Reality

Unveiling the Cost of Building an Epic Gaming Setup

Gaming is an expensive hobby, especially purchasing new hardware or equipment for the setup. Setups can be built in all price ranges, so the sky is the limit. When I finished my gaming setup, I spend about 2138€ (= $2525.47) for a brand new gaming PC, headset, external microphone, gaming monitor, desk, and more. However, I wanted to create my own customized setup, so how much is a standard gaming setup?

The cost of a gaming setup varies between $1000 to $3000, depending on which components are used, and which ones are already owned. A gaming setup with high-quality equipment costs about $2063,94, but the cost can be cut down using cheaper products.

For the $2063,94 setup, I have used the following components:

  • Linnmon/Alex Table Combination
  • GTRACING Gaming Chair
  • Extended Gaming Mouse Pad with Stitched Edge
  • Razer DeathAdder V2
  • K95 RGB PLATINUM XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • ASUS VG278QR Gaming Monitor 27inch, Full HD, 0.5ms, 165Hz
  • Logitech Arctis 7 Headset 2019 Edition

Please note that this price includes a gaming PC that costs $1,000, and it is possible to use cheaper or products that you already own, to cut down the price. For instance, if you already own a gaming desk and chair, you already save $379,98.

The most expensive aspect of a gaming setup is the gaming desktop. Graphic cards, motherboards, and CPUs are quite expensive and usually cost the most. To save money on a gaming desktop, you only have two options: either go for less expensive hardware or search the internet for the lowest prices.

Building the PC on your own is also usually cheaper than purchasing a finished PC from a retailer.

Note: You can use websites like Skinflint to search for components, to find the current cheapest price across the internet. But now, let’s get into the details of all the components:

Components Low Budget Setup High Budget Setup
Gaming PC: $700-$1,000 $1,500-$2,000
Gaming Monitor: $150-$160 $250-$600
Desk: $100-$150 $250-$350
Comfortable Chair: $150-$180 $300-$500
Gaming Mouse: $30-$50 $60-$100
Mechanical Keyboard: $40-$80 $100-$200
Large Mousepad: $10-$20 $10-$20
Gaming Headset: $50-$100 $150-$250

The Gaming PC:

The gaming desktop will probably cost the most money of your entire setup, especially if you want a powerful system. Complete basic systems cost about $700 to $900, and high-performing systems $1,300 to $2,000. However, weaker systems still can be overclocked for more power, but this should be done by an experienced person.

Extras such as RGB, a custom water cooling, or expanded hard drive storage can increase the price significantly. Going for a more powerful system is required if you want to stream games on Twitch or YouTube.

A Gaming Monitor With High Refresh Rate:

Gaming Monitor With High Refresh Rate

Going for a monitor with less than 144 Hz is not recommended, as everyone with a better monitor can see movements faster than you can. Great monitors for gaming are the ASUS VG278QR Gaming Monitor, which is 27inches wide, has Full HD, 0.5ms reaction time, and 165Hz.

Switching from 60 Hz to 144 Hz is a massive improvement, as monitors with higher refresh rates are able to show fast movements better, with less motion blur. Monitors with a low refresh rate use motion blur to display quick actions.

Besides refresh-rate, having low input lag is also crucial. Most regular gaming monitors have about 1 Ms response times, which is ideal, so don’t go any lower. Decent gaming monitors can be found at $150-$160. Models with 244 Hz or larger screens can be purchased for approximately $250-$600.

Custom/Pre-Built Desks:

Having enough space for the entire gaming setup is needed, as your performance will suffer if everything is too crowded in a small area. Desks like the IKEA Linnmon/Alex Table Combination offers enough space and additional storage for about $210.

On the other hand, you could build a custom gaming desk, or purchase one from a decent retailer. Note that building a custom desk on your own can save you some money and give you more customization options. For instance, my desk is about 246cm long (96,7 inches) and 63,5 cm wide (25 inches), giving me a lot of space to work with. All in all, the complete desk costed 213,46€ ($220).

A Comfortable Chair:

Comfortable Chair

During a gaming session, the last thing you want is a hurting back. Gaming chairs support the back and make sure you stay comfortable, even in longer sessions. A popular choice is to pick a regular office chair; however, most of them cannot compete with a decent gaming chair.

With increased quality, the price will also steadily increase, but good chairs can be found at a price range of $150-$180. If you want the best gaming chair, expect to pay $300-$600. Recommended chairs for gaming are the Secretlab OMEGA for maximum comfort or the GTRACING Gaming Chair, which is also very comfortable and affordable.

The Perfect Gaming Mouse:

Perfect Gaming Mouse

Choosing the right gaming mouse is crucial, as it affects your gaming performance. Going for a reputable brand like Roccat, Logitech, or Razer makes sure your future mouse fulfills current quality standards.

But before purchasing a mouse, what type of gaming mouse do you want. Wireless or wired? Going for a wireless mouse has some advantages, but also disadvantages. A clear advantage is that the mouse doesn’t have a cable, which hinders your movement. On the other hand, a wireless mouse has a limited battery life, so it needs to be recharged once in a while.

Reliable gaming mice can be purchased for about $30-$50. If you want better quality and additional features like more buttons or multiple DPI stages, expect to pay $60-$100. Recommended gaming mice at this price range is the Razer Deathadder V2 or the Logitech G502 Lightspeed.

Mechanical Keyboards:

Mechanical Keyboards

Another component that affects your performance in games is your keyboard. Most pro gamers that compete in tournaments use mechanical keyboards, as they feature the fastest response times. Regular keyboards without mechanical switches have slower response times, and switches won’t last as long.

Decent mechanical keyboards can be found at a price range of $100-$120, like the Ducky One 2 Mini. Going for more expensive keyboards like Corsair’s K95 RGB Platinum is not needed; however, such high-quality keyboards have more features like RGB, customizable profiles, or macros.

Side note: 60% keyboards like the Ducky One 2 Mini cost about the same as a regular mechanical keyboard.

Large Mousepads:

Large Mousepads

Large mousepads are very inexpensive and an excellent addition to every gaming setup. Instead of regular small mousepads, it offers a lot more space to work with and has a soft surface. Having more space supports faster turns, flick-shots, and accurate aiming. Smaller mousepads limit the useable space and are more likely to move around on the desk.

Another advantage of having more space is that you can play with lower DPI stages, making it easier to aim at a target. Mousepads with good quality can be found on Amazon for about $10-$20, unless you want a unique design from ASUS, Logitech, etc.

If you want to know how to make your gaming setup look better, check out this article!

A Proper Gaming Headset:

Proper Gaming Headset

Going for a headset because it is cheap, rather than spending a bit more money on a quality product, is not recommended, as sound is one of the most essential things in gaming. Especially in FPS games like Call of Duty: Warzone, it is crucial to hear your enemies, because a moment of inattention can lead to death.

Besides comfort and high sound quality, having a proper internal microphone is recommended, if you don’t already have an external mic like the Shure SM7B. Most games can be played with friends, so being able to talk to them makes the game a lot more fun and exciting.

If you go for a wired or wireless headset comes down to your preferences. Wireless headsets have limited battery life and usually cost more than the wired version. On the other hand, wired headsets cannot be taken to another room, which is possible with a wireless headset.

Proper gaming headsets can be found on Amazon for $50-$100, but it is recommended to spend about $150.


How can I improve my gaming setup without spending a fortune?

There are several ways to enhance your gaming setup without breaking the bank. First, focus on upgrading key components such as the graphics card, CPU, and RAM, as these have the most significant impact on gaming performance. Look for deals, discounts, or consider buying used hardware to save money. Additionally, optimize your setup by organizing cables, improving airflow, and ensuring your software and drivers are up to date for optimal performance.

Are there affordable gaming monitors with high refresh rates?

Yes, there are affordable gaming monitors available with high refresh rates. Look for models with at least 144Hz, as they offer smoother motion and reduced motion blur. Research different brands and read reviews to find budget-friendly options that meet your requirements. Consider purchasing from reliable brands known for their quality and performance.

How can I save money on a gaming desk?

If you’re looking to save money on a gaming desk, consider building your own custom desk using affordable materials such as wood or repurposed furniture. There are various DIY tutorials available online that can guide you through the process. Alternatively, look for budget-friendly pre-built desks that offer adequate space and functionality without compromising on quality.

Are gaming chairs worth the investment, or can I use a regular office chair?

Gaming chairs provide additional support and comfort during long gaming sessions, but they can be expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, a regular office chair can suffice, as long as it offers adequate back support and adjustability. Look for office chairs with ergonomic features that promote good posture and comfort.

How important is a high-quality gaming mouse?

A high-quality gaming mouse can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Look for a mouse with a comfortable design, adjustable DPI settings, and responsive buttons. Reputable brands like Logitech, Razer, or Roccat offer reliable gaming mice at different price points. Consider your preferred grip style (palm, claw, fingertip) and additional features that suit your gaming preferences.

Should I invest in a mechanical keyboard for gaming?

Mechanical keyboards are popular among gamers due to their faster response times and durability. However, they can be more expensive than regular keyboards. If you have a limited budget, there are decent mechanical keyboards available at lower price ranges. Look for keyboards with reliable switches, anti-ghosting features, and customizable options based on your gaming needs and preferences.

Are large mousepads necessary for gaming?

Large mousepads offer several advantages for gaming, including more space for mouse movement, precise aiming, and a comfortable surface for your hand and wrist. They also help prevent the mousepad from sliding during intense gaming sessions. While not essential, they can improve your gaming performance and are generally affordable, making them a worthwhile investment.