How To Mori In Dead By Daylight? – Built-in Memento Killers

Dead By Daylight - Unlock the Memento Mori - Builtin Killers

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game where one Killer has to face four Survivors, which have to repair generators and escape through the Exit Gates. To stop and catch Survivors, the Killer can equip Offerings and Perks, which also allow him to kill Survivors instantly.

To Mori a Survivor of Dead by Daylight, the Killer has to equip a Memento Mori Offering, which can be found in the Bloodweb. Perks such as Hex: Devour Hope or Rancor also enable the Killer to kill Survivors instantly under certain conditions.

Some Killers also have Add-ons that enable them to Mori one or multiple Survivors, such as the Shape (Michael Myers) with the Tombstone Piece or Judith’s Tombstone Add-ons.

On the other hand, only a few Killers have a Memento Mori built into their power, including The Pig (Amanda Young/Jigsaw) and The Executioner (Pyramid Head).

In the case of The Executioner, if a Survivor reached the second stage on a Hook or in a Cage of Atonement, Final Judgement (Ability) can be used to execute him.

To instantly kill a Survivor with The Pig, the Killer has to put a Bear Trap on the Survivor. Whenever a Generator is completed, all currently inactive Reverse Bear Traps will become active. Once the timer expires, the active Reverse Bear Trap will automatically sacrifice the Survivor wearing it.

Attempting to leave the Trial Grounds through an Exit Gate with an active Reverse Bear Trap will cause the timer to expire immediately and sacrifice the Survivor.

How do you activate Memento Mori Dead by Daylight?

To be able to Mori Survivors in DBD, the Killer has to equip one of the three Memento Mori Offerings (Cypress/Ivory/Ebony). However, Survivors cannot be executed instantly after the Trial started.

To activate a Memento Mori, the Killer has to put a Survivor into the Dying State. Press the Active Ability button while standing over a dying Survivor to activate the Memento Mori.

Depending on which of the three Mori Offerings you equipped, Survivors have to progress two Hook Stages before the Mori can be executed. The only exception is the Cypress Memento Mori, which does not require any Hook progression.

Cypress Memento Mori

Cypress Memento Mori:

Grants the ability to kill the last remaining Survivor by your hand during the next Trial.

“You worked well, the last one is yours.”

Ivory Memento Mori

Ivory Memento Mori:

Grants the ability to kill one Survivor, who has progressed two Hook Stages, by your hand during the next Trial.

“Grant me the favour of killing one.”

Ebony Memento Mori

Ebony Memento Mori:

Grants the ability to kill all Survivors, who have progressed two Hook Stages, by your hand during the next Trial.

“I could swear It spoke to the beast. It came to a halt, as if calmly listening to the leaves rustling, and then… grinned.”

How to get a Memento Mori in Dead by Daylight?

There are three different Memento Mori Offerings currently available for all Killers, but they are not available immediately.

To get a Memento Mori, the player has to spend Bloodpoints in the Bloodweb to increase the level of a Killer. Sometimes, one of the three Mementos (Cypress/Ivory/Ebony) will appear in the Bloodweb and can be obtained for 4.000-7.000 Bloodpoints.

Cypress Mori’s Offerings are the most common of the three; Ebony Memento Mori’s are the rarest. That said, you can find Ebony Memento Offerings back to back if you’re lucky.

Side Note: If you bring a Memento Mori Offering to the game as Killer, Survivors cannot see which of the three Memento Mori’s you equipped.

Built-in Memento Mori Killer

DBD - Built in Memento Mori KILLERS

Amanda Young, better known as “The Pig,” is a character that instills both fear and fascination in the players of Dead by Daylight. She is one of the 32 killers featured in the game, with a built-in memento mori introduced as the main antagonist of CHAPTER 7: The SAW™ Chapter.

Originating from the 2004 horror movie franchise, SAW, Amanda Young’s transformation into The Pig is a testament to her troubled past and her desperate need for redemption. Her personal perks, Hangman’s Trick, Surveillance, and Make Your Choice, give her more map control and expose altruistic survivors, making her a formidable opponent in the game.

Another killer with memento mori is called Pyramid Head or “The Executioner”. Originating from the Silent Hill franchise, Pyramid Head is a symbol of punishment and torment.As a killer, Pyramid Head has a unique set of abilities that make him a formidable opponent. His special ability, Rites of Judgement, allows him to carve trenches into the ground, which can inflict the Torment status effect on survivors. This status effect gives Pyramid Head the power to send survivors to a Cage of Atonement instead of a hook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dead By Daylight - Unlock the Memento Mori - FAQs

1. What other Killer abilities in Dead by Daylight can mimic a Memento Mori effect?

While the article details the capabilities of The Executioner and The Pig, there are other Killers with special abilities that can function similarly to Memento Mori. Exploring these different characters and their unique traits might offer alternate strategies for gameplay.

2. How do different killers’ Mori animations vary in Dead by Daylight?

Each Killer has a unique animation for performing a Mori. How do these differ, and do they have any impact on the gameplay, or are they purely aesthetic?

3. Are there any countermeasures or defenses that survivors can take against a Memento Mori or instant death conditions in Dead by Daylight?

While this article describes how Killers can use Mori to instantly kill Survivors, it would be useful to understand how Survivors can avoid or counteract these offerings or abilities.

4. What is the strategic advantage of using a Memento Mori in Dead by Daylight, and when should it be used for maximum effect?

A Memento Mori is a powerful tool in a Killer’s arsenal, but when is the best time to use one? Is it better to use it early in the game or to save it for a strategic moment later on?

5. Are there any recent changes or updates to Memento Mori or similar mechanics in Dead by Daylight since the last game update?

Games like Dead by Daylight are frequently updated with balance changes, new features, or adjusted mechanics. Have there been any recent updates that have impacted the use or functionality of the Memento Mori or similar Killer abilities?

6. Who is the pig girl in Jigsaw?

The pig girl in Jigsaw is Amanda Young. After passing Jigsaw’s test, she took on the persona of “The Pig” and became a disciple of Jigsaw’s cause.

7. Why does the executioner have a Pyramid Head?

The Executioner, also known as Pyramid Head, is a character from the Silent Hill series. His pyramid-shaped head is a symbol of his role as a punisher and tormentor.

8. Is Pyramid Head a good guy?

Pyramid Head is not a “good guy” in the traditional sense. He is a punisher and tormentor, a symbol of guilt and punishment. However, his role in the story adds depth and complexity to the narrative.