How To Prestige In Dead By Daylight? Maximize Your Progression in 2023

How to prestige in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is all about hunting and hiding. Killers and Survivors can bring offerings, perks, items, and add-ons with them, to enhance their abilities or to be able to push the objective a lot faster.

Leveling Killers and Survivors in DBD is crucial, as this is the only way to unlock new items, perks, and add-ons. When a character reaches Bloodweb level 50, a skull will appear in the center of the Bloodweb. By clicking the skull for a few seconds, the character will increase his rank to Prestige 1. 

Every Killer and Survivor is able to prestige up to three times. Each time a character increases his prestige rank, the player will be rewarded with an exclusive ”bloody” cosmetic item. Besides exclusive cosmetics, prestige also increases the odds of spawning nodes of higher rarities in the Bloodweb.

Node Rarities Prestige I Prestige II Prestige III
Rare +10 % +20 % +30 %
Very Rare +10 % +20 %
Ultra Rare +10 %

On the other hand, when a Killer or Survivor increases his prestige, all collected items, perks, offerings, and add-ons will be deleted. Only the character’s three teachable perks will be available, so the player has to find new perks in the Bloodweb once again.

Legacy Prestige in Dead by Daylight:

Legacy skins are the rarest skins in Dead by Daylight, as they can not be obtained anymore, after Patch 1.3.0. released. This Patch made it a lot easier to prestige and level up characters, and the Developers wanted to reward all players, who put a lot of time into the game before the Patch.

For every prestige level on a character, the player was granted one Legacy Prestige Clothing item, which differs itself massively from the bloody items. The deadline to obtain Legacy items was the 24th of November 2016.

Sidenote: Legacy Prestige items will never be re-introduced to Dead by Daylight. To learn more about the game and its mechanics, check out this DBD review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Prestige In Dead By Daylight FAQ

1. What happens after reaching Prestige III in Dead by Daylight?

Once a player achieves Prestige III with a character, they can continue to play and earn Bloodpoints, but they can no longer prestige that character. They can, however, continue to improve the Bloodweb of the character for better perks, offerings, add-ons, and to hatch new strategies.

2. Can a player prestige multiple characters simultaneously in Dead by Daylight?

Yes, players are not limited to prestiging only one character at a time. Each character levels up and prestiges independently, so players can work on multiple characters concurrently.

3. Does the prestige level of a character influence matchmaking in Dead by Daylight?

No, the prestige level of a character doesn’t impact matchmaking. The game uses a Rank system separate from the Prestige system for matchmaking purposes, so prestiging your character will not make your games harder or easier.

4. What is the maximum Bloodweb level a character can reach in Dead by Daylight?

While a character can technically keep leveling up indefinitely, once level 50 is reached, players are given the option to prestige. If they choose not to prestige, they can continue leveling up, but the level will remain capped at 50 while still allowing the Bloodweb to regenerate for new items and perks.

5. Can Prestige status or Prestige rewards be lost in Dead by Daylight?

No, once a character is prestiged, it’s permanent and cannot be lost. Similarly, Prestige rewards such as exclusive “bloody” cosmetic items cannot be lost or taken away.