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Auto Farming tips In Summoners War

Summoners War is one of a few games that provide enough content for years of playing, which is the reason my account is over six years old, and I still continue to play. However, Summoners War requires the player to be active, which is simply not possible at any time. Luckily, Com2us introduced auto-farming, and here is how you can do it:

To auto-farm in Summoners War, build and open the Gateway building, and click on “Repeat Battle.” Within the Gateway building interface, the player can choose to farm Cairos, Scenario, Rift, and the Dimensional Hole.

Before the auto-battle system was introduced, people created scripts or used third-party apps for farming dungeons and other content without the need to be active. This is now over. And yes, you can also use the feature on emulators such as Bluestacks or Nox, as auto-farming is now an official part of the game.

During auto-battle, you can still use other functions, such as summoning monsters, engraving runes, crafting runes, chatting, and more. However, you can’t enter other battle-content such as Guild Wars, Arena, Dungeons, and Live Arena as long an auto-battle is still active.

Here are a few more details for auto-farming in Summoners War:

You Can x During Auto-Farming: You Can’t x During Auto-Farming:
Collect Manastones/Crystals from buildings Preview transmogifications
Use the Magic-/Guild shop Join other battles
Customize your island (adding plants, buildings, etc.) Awaken monsters that take part in auto-battles
Summon monsters Transmogify monsters that take part in auto-battles
Power-up monsters Operate test battles in Arena/Guild content
Fusion monsters Visit friends and other players
Power-up runes and artifacts
Use Monster Info/Debate
Change Arena defense
Use the Arena shop
Change Guild Wars/Siege defense
Use the Guild shop
Buy packs (Summoning Stones, Scrolls, etc.)
Send Friend-points, add friends, etc.
Check new events
Use the global chat
Collect items from your inbox

If your team fails for some reason during an auto-farming session, you will get noticed by the game. However, the auto-farming also ends at this point, and you have to restart the farming process with a few clicks manually.

The auto-farming will also end automatically if you run out of energy or there is no storage space left for any more runes/artifacts/grindstones.

Important Note: Using scripts or third-party apps to auto-farm content in Summoners War can lead to your account getting banned (deleted). Try not to use such strategies, and stick to the official auto-farm version.

How do you repeat battles in Summoners War?

To repeat battles in Summoners War, click on “Replay” after a battle finishes. If you want to use auto-farming, open the Gateway building and click on repeat battles. In the interface, you can choose to farm Cairos, Scenario, Rift, and the Dimensional Hole.

When auto-farming is activated, the game will automatically repeat battles until you run out of energy, space for runes/grindstones/gems, or when you reach 10/10 battles.

Can you repeat battle secret dungeons?

To summon a monster with monster pieces from a secret dungeon, you have to obtain 40 monster pieces. Unfortunately, farming Secret Dungeons is not very entertaining, so is it possible to use the auto-battle feature to farm Secret Dungeons?

Secret Dungeons can not be farmed with repeat battles automatically. Summoners War only supports auto-farming for Scenario, Rift Dungeon, Giants Keep, Dragons Lair, Necropolis, Attribute Dungeons, and Hall of Magic.

Devilmon and Angelmon dungeons can also not be farmed with the repeat battle feature, so you have to restart a dungeon run manually.


Can I use auto-farming on emulators?

Yes, you can use auto-farming on emulators such as Bluestacks or Nox. Auto-farming is now an official part of the game and can be utilized across different platforms.

What can I do during auto-farming in Summoners War?

While auto-farming is active, you can still perform various functions such as summoning monsters, engraving runes, crafting runes, and chatting. However, you cannot enter battle content like Guild Wars, Arena, Dungeons, and Live Arena until auto-farming is completed.

Are there any restrictions or actions I can’t perform during auto-farming?

During auto-farming, there are certain actions and features that are restricted. You cannot preview transmogrifications, awaken monsters participating in auto-battles, transmogrify monsters in auto-battles, operate test battles in Arena or Guild content, visit friends or other players, buy packs from the shop, and perform several other specific actions. Please refer to the in-game guidelines for a comprehensive list.

Can I use auto-farming to farm Secret Dungeons?

No, auto-farming cannot be used to farm Secret Dungeons in Summoners War. The auto-battle feature only supports auto-farming for Scenario, Rift Dungeon, Giants Keep, Dragons Lair, Necropolis, Attribute Dungeons, and Hall of Magic. Secret Dungeons, Devilmon Dungeons, and Angelmon Dungeons require manual intervention and cannot be automated.