Tutorial: How To Skill Up In Summoners War – Rise to Power

Summoners War is a complex game that offers many opportunities to level up monsters, and how we can use them. There are many ways to make monsters stronger, some take more time, and some can be done pretty quickly. But one of the best ones is to skill up monsters.

This is an essential aspect of Summoners War, as it is required to have max skill levels, to beat certain content like the Tower of Ascension. Many beginners make a lot of mistakes with skilling up monsters or do not even know how this system works.

So, as a player that played the game for over 1800 days, let me show you how this system works, and which monsters you should skill up.

How does the skill-up system work in Summoners War?

First of all, each Monster in Summoners War has a few skills, ranging from one up to four skills in total. Besides skills, there are also passives, which activate under specific conditions or are active permanently. These also can be leveled with the same conditions as regular skills.

Upgrading a skill to a higher level can enhance the skills abilities, so for example, a healing skill will heal more HP. Depending on the monster that you want to skill up, a skill can also reduce its cooldown, deal more damage, or grant more debuffs on the opponent.

There are still more examples that I can bring up, but that is the basis of the entire system. Take a look at the picture below to see how it works with a Light Chakram Dancer (Deva).

But how do we increase the skill level of a monster? Well, to increase the level of skills or passives, we can choose between a few ways:

Feeding the same monster:

The first way to skill a monster is to feed him a monster of the same family. For example, if you want to skill up your Fire Hellhound, you need to feed him other Hellhounds. Don’t worry about the attributes of these food monsters, it still works.

Mainly 2-Star and 3-Star monsters are easy to skill up, as we can buy them in the Shop, and there is a much higher chance to summon them with a few Mystical, or Unknown Scrolls.

You can skill up monsters while upgrading their stars (3 to 4 stars, etc.) too. You just have to select monsters of the same family and click evolve in the Power-up Circle.

Using Devilmons:

Devilmons can only be obtained through buying them in the Shop, Events, or special Dungeons (very rare!), which makes them very valuable. Do not feed Devilmons into 2-Star or 3-Star monsters. Use Devilmons only to skill up your Natural 5-Star monsters, or even for some 4-Star monsters, like Lushen, Baretta, Armarna, Sabrina, and Talia.

I highly recommend buying a Devilmon each week from the Glory Shop, even if you do not have any natural 5-Star monster or good natural 4-Star monsters. Note that it is not recommended to use natural 5-Star monsters for skill ups!

Take part of events:

At most events, we can get many goodies like Scrolls, Grind Stones, Summoning Stones, and even Devilmons. Sometimes, we can increase the skill level of a monster too, but these events don’t show up very often. But when they do, make sure to use the opportunity for free skill ups.

Complete missions:

Over the last few updates (Version 5.3.4), Com2us added new missions to the game, so beginners can make progress much faster than before. By completing upcoming missions, you can get rewards in the form of free skill ups that you can use on your own monsters.

What monsters to skill up at first in Summoners War?

As already said, you should not wast your Devilmons on low-star monsters. In general, if you pull a new natural 5-Star monster, use your Devilmons on it, if it helps you progress in the game.

For example, if you get a Wind Polar Queen (Tiana) as your first nat-5, you should not spend Devilmons on her. No question, she is a good monster, but she needs good runes to be effective. But if you get a monster like Taor (Water Chimera) or Zaiross (Fire Dragon) in the beginning, you should skill them up, as they can help you to progress in the game.

After beating Mt. Siz on the campaign map, you will get rewarded with Lapis. Probably she is the first 4-Star monster that you own, but she is one of the better ones. She can farm Faimon Volcano (campaign area) on Hell very easily and fast and is also very useful in the Arena and dungeons. She is also a monster that you can use Devilmons on in the beginning, but if you have enough other Magic Knights, use them instead to level up her skills.

If you want to know more about the game, monsters, skills and the content that it offers, make sure to check out this article too!

Leveling skills of second awakened monsters:

Increasing the level of a second awakened monster can only be done in two ways at the moment: using Devilmons or awaken monsters of the same family. As I already mentioned, Devilmons are super valuable and should not be wasted on low-star monsters.

If we awaken a monster for the second time, cooldowns of skills will not get worse, as they can only get better. I awakened some of my monsters again, and I see no reason to spend my Devilmons on them.

But if you want to use their full potential, you should second awaken monsters of the same family to use them as fodder. This will take some time, especially as all the monsters need to be max-skilled, and on 4-Stars minimum.


How does the skill-up system work in Summoners War?

Each monster in Summoners War has a set of skills, ranging from one to four skills, including passive abilities. Upgrading a skill to a higher level enhances its effectiveness. For example, a healing skill will heal more HP, while an attack skill may deal more damage or apply additional debuffs to the enemy. Skills can also have their cooldowns reduced. Passive abilities can be leveled up as well, following the same conditions as regular skills.

What are the ways to increase the skill level of a monster in Summoners War?

There are several ways to increase a monster’s skill level:

  • Feeding the same monster: You can feed a monster of the same family to skill up another monster. For example, feeding Hellhounds to a Fire Hellhound will increase its skill levels. The attributes of the food monsters don’t matter in this process. Two- and three-star monsters are easier to skill up as they can be purchased from the Shop or summoned with Mystical or Unknown Scrolls.
  • Using Devilmons: Devilmons are valuable resources that can be obtained through the Shop, events, or special dungeons. It is recommended to save Devilmons for natural five-star monsters or some powerful four-star monsters like Lushen, Baretta, Armarna, Sabrina, and Talia. Avoid using Devilmons on two- or three-star monsters.
  • Taking part in events: Occasionally, events in Summoners War offer opportunities to increase the skill levels of monsters. These events provide free skill ups as rewards. Keep an eye out for such events to make the most of them.
  • Completing missions: Com2us regularly introduces new missions to the game, allowing beginners to progress faster. By completing these missions, you can earn rewards in the form of free skill ups for your monsters.

Which monsters should be prioritized for skill-ups in Summoners War?

It is generally not recommended to use Devilmons on low-star monsters. However, if you pull a new natural five-star monster that helps you progress in the game, it is worth investing Devilmons into it. For example, powerful monsters like Taor (Water Chimera) or Zaiross (Fire Dragon) should be prioritized for skill ups.

After beating Mt. Siz in the campaign map, you receive Lapis, a strong four-star monster. Lapis is capable of farming Faimon Volcano on Hell difficulty efficiently, making her a valuable asset for farming and various game modes. In the early stages, you can consider using Devilmons on Lapis, but if you have other Magic Knights available, you can use them instead to level up her skills.