How To Make A Supercharged Battery In Pocket Mortys – From Zero to Hero

Supercharged Battery in Pocket Mortys

Fighting and catching Mortys are not the only things that we can do in Pocket Mortys. We can also collect various items by battling or, on the ground in each dimension, to craft more powerful items. At the moment, there are over 30 different recipes, but you only really need a few of them. One that you will need a lot of is the Supercharged Battery, which is like a regular battery, but superior.

To craft a Supercharged Battery in Pocket Mortys, you need one Battery and one Turbulent Juice Tube. These items can be obtained by defeating Wild Mortys or found randomly on each dimension. Go to the Crafting Station, scroll down to the Supercharged Battery, and click “Quick Craft.

The Supercharged Battery is needed to craft lots of different items, like a Morty Manipulator Chip, a Robot, a Microverse Battery, Neutrino Bombs, and IQ Enhancing Helmets, Interdimensional Goggles, and more. Luckily we can find this item also in item boxes in all dimensions.

Having a Supercharged Battery in the campaign is also recommended. During the campaign, Robot Rick will appear, but he needs help as his battery runs out. Give him a Supercharged battery, and as a reward, he will give you a Level Up Mega Seed.

Pocket Mortys, as a game, is not just about battling and catching Mortys. It also requires strategic thinking and crafting of items. A frequently used item is the Supercharged Battery, and learning how to make this could boost your gameplay considerably.

Crafting the Supercharged Battery

To craft the Supercharged Battery in Pocket Mortys, you need the following items:

  • A Battery
  • A Turbulent Juice Tube

Crafting recipe for a Supercharged Battery in Pocket Mortys

You can gather these items by defeating Wild Mortys or randomly picking them up in each dimension. Once you have these items, go to the Crafting Station in the game. Scroll down to the Supercharged Battery and select the “Quick Craft” option. That’s all there is to it! You have your Supercharged Battery ready to be used.

Usage of the Supercharged Battery

The Supercharged Battery is a key item for crafting a multitude of different items, such as:

  • Morty Manipulator Chip
  • Robot
  • Microverse Battery
  • Neutrino Bombs
  • IQ Enhancing Helmets
  • Interdimensional Goggles

All of these items can help you immensely in your battles against other Mortys. Interestingly, the Supercharged Battery is also a key component when you want your Morty to evolve. Luckily, the Supercharged Battery can also be found in item boxes across all dimensions, which means you won’t always have to craft one.

Additionally, during the campaign, you might encounter Robot Rick who needs your help because his battery has run out. By giving him a Supercharged Battery, you’ll be rewarded with a Level Up Mega Seed, a valuable asset in the game.

In conclusion, crafting and using the Supercharged Battery in Pocket Mortys is a great advantage, giving you an edge in battles and improving your overall gameplay experience. So, don’t miss out on crafting this vital item the next time you play!