4 Ways To Get More Mortys In Pocket Mortys – Secrets of Morty Acquisition

As Pocket Mortys by Adult Swim is a parodie to the famous Pokemon franchise, there are many different Mortys that we can catch and fight with. In both modes, singleplayer and multiplayer, we can get up to 367 Mortys across all types Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

However, we can not get every Morty trough the regular way, as some Mortys can only be obtained through particular methods or special events. This post will show you all the different ways to get more Mortys in Pocket Mortys singleplayer and multiplayer.

#1 Catch them with Morty Manipulator Chip’s:

Probably the most used and easiest way to get new Mortys in singleplayer and multiplayer. In each dimension we visit, we can find many new Mortys that we can catch. Most of the time, we discover Common Mortys, which are not very useful later. But there is also a chance to find Rare, Exotic, or Epic Mortys, which are more helpful.

To catch a new Morty in Pocket Mortys (Review), you need a Morty Manipulator Chip, which can be bought at Salesman Rick, be found in Crates, be crafted at Crafting Stations, or received as a reward by defeating other Ricks/Players. To increase the chance of a successful catch, weaken the target Morty with attacks, and use the Manipulator Chip after that.

If your team is already full of Morty’s, every newly caught Morty will be sent to the Day Care, where you can edit your team lineup as well.

#2 Spend Credits at Blips & Chitz and Club Rick:

Credits are an excellent way to get new strong Mortys for your team. The more progress you make in single-/multiplayer increases the level of the Mortys that you will get. Depending on how many Credits you own, you can choose between three boxes containing 3, 7, or 10 Mortys.

Also, the more dimensions you have unlocked in multiplayer, you can get better Mortys, as some of the best Mortys can only be found in the last few dimensions. You can get these Credits by increasing your player level.

#3 Evolve your Mortys into the next form:

Most of the Mortys that we can find across the different dimensions can be combined to evolve into the next, more reliable form. For example, by combining 4x Scruffy Morty’s, we get one Unkempt Morty. A second evolved Morty will be stronger than his first form 99% of the time, excluding some special Mortys, which are stronger in their first evolution.

Besides the second form, most Mortys have three evolutions, sometimes even four or more. To evolve a Morty (Guide) into his third form (for example, Unkempt Morty), we need a certain amount of Mortys in the second evolution. To evolve Unkempt Morty into Hobo Morty, we need 7 Unkempt Morty’s in total.

The amount of Mortys that is required to evolve is different in single-/ and multiplayer. In the singleplayer mode, we only need 3x the same Morty to evolve him into the next form. In multiplayer, this amount can be doubled.

#4 Request new Mortys from your friends:

In the online multiplayer, people can not only add friends to battle with them, as if two players are friends, they can also trade their Mortys with each other. In the friend’s section of the game, players can request a specific Morty that they have already faced from their friends. If one of these friends own this specific Morty, they can donate him to his friend, no matter which level he has.

Theoretically, an experienced player can donate a strong Morty to his friend to help him level up faster than the other players. If you look for a specific Morty, I recommend visiting some forums to ask some people if they would like to trade with you.

If you want to learn how to play Pocket Morty’s multiplayer, make sure to check out this guide as well.