How To Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better: 8 Pro Tips

How To Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better

Having a visually appealing gaming setup not only looks cool but also creates a unique atmosphere for the gamer. Gaming is all about fun and entertainment, so your gaming setup should support these emotions. Having a flat-out boring setup is not fun at all. So, we want to give you 8 tips to make your gaming setup look better:

There are also some other tasks that can be done to make a gaming setup look better, like adding a gaming chair or building your own gaming desk. However, such tasks can also be done later.

1. Keep your setup clean:

Having a desk crowded with unnecessary bottles, cables, PC equipment, and other items makes a gaming setup look completely unappealing. To make your gaming setup look a lot better in just a few minutes, make sure to clean up your entire gaming area from unnecessary items and unused equipment. This will change the look of your desk completely and definitely make a better first impression when some of your friends come over for a short visit.

If you have used a wooden plate for your gaming setup, make sure to clean it a few times per month, and use wood care products to keep the surface in good condition. Wood, which is in bad condition, can be spotted easily, and it is possible that the surface gets cracked, or it lifts off.

Not only having a clean desk to work with is crucial, but cleaning your PC, monitors, mouse, and keyboard is also highly recommended to get a clean setup. Especially cleaning your keyboard from time to time helps with hygiene.

2. Hide cables:

Gaming Setup without cable management
Having many cables lying around on a setup not only looks bad but also hinders your mouse movement. Everyone knows that cable management is annoying to do, but if it’s done correctly, spotting cables is almost impossible. A setup without any unnecessary cables lying around looks fantastic and clean.

Please note that all the cables under your desk should be managed as well. There is a high chance that you hit a cable with one of your feet, maybe unplugging it from the PC or damaging other items on the desk.

With some Zip Ties, cable sleeves, and cable channels, anyone can hide their cables without much hesitation. Also, such products are very cheap and only cost a few dollars online.

When your monitors are mounted on the wall, or you use a monitor stand, hiding cables is also relatively easy. You can either put them in cable channels to create a line to the PC or use cable sleeves to create one bigger pipe, which goes down under the desk to the other cables.

If you want to showcase your PC on your desk, I highly recommend putting some work into the PC cable management as well, especially if the PC has RGB lighting, which lights up the inner space of the case.

3. Install RGB and decorative lighting:

Proper lighting makes a massive difference in comparison to almost no light. Installing some RGB strips behind your desks creates an entirely new atmosphere, which is the reason why many people take some time to install them. If you want to take everything to a whole new level, add RGB to your entire setup and connect it to Alexa, so you can control all lighting with your voice.

When money is not an important aspect, installing some Nanoleaf Light Panels can make an enormous difference. These plates can display millions of different colors, so they can be combined with almost every gaming setup.

However, RGB is not always necessary for a good-looking gaming setup. Only by installing a cool-looking lamp, you can create a calm atmosphere. For some lamps, it is also possible to use RGB light bulbs, which is nice if you don’t like too much lighting in your room.

On the other hand, if you don’t like RGB lighting, moving the entire gaming setup close to a window is also an option to make it look better.

4. Hang up posters:

Posters are an excellent option to add some personality to a gaming setup. If you running a specific theme, like a black/white Star Wars theme, hanging up some Star Wars posters would look amazing.

Depending on your chosen theme, you could add multiple smaller posters, instead of one or two larger ones. Also, if you want high-quality posters, you can buy metal posters online, which are a lot more durable than regular posters.

Displate provides many motives, printed on metal plates. Their posters can be hung up without damaging walls, which is really nice if you want to reposition the posters later on. PS: This is not a paid promotion, I just like their posters a lot.

5. Stick to a color theme:

Choosing and sticking to a color theme, make sure everything looks clean. If there are too many random colors, the entire setup looks like a giant mess. It is your choice what colors you pick for the theme; however, I recommend only choosing 1-3 colors. If you already have a gaming setup with a set theme, make sure that new equipment and items fit the theme.

Besides the gaming equipment and the other items on/beside your desk, you can also change the color of your walls. Or at least, thats what I did to make my setup a bit more visually appealing.

6. Add plants to the setup:

To add some life to the setup, adding a few small plants is very popular. Real plants look incredibly nice on a clean build, but they don’t have to be real. A popular choice is fake plants as they don’t need any water or care. Just wipe down the dust once in a while.

Small terrariums with a little fake plant in them are also quite popular, however, if you have a few minutes per week, going for real plants is recommended.

7. Use Appealing Wallpapers:

appealing Wallpapers

Having a cool-looking wallpaper can make a big difference, especially if you have multiple monitors installed. There are thousands of free wallpapers online, so having a boring wallpaper is definitely not allowed.

Side note: If you want animated wallpapers, I highly recommend looking at Steam for Wallpaper Engine. This program gives you access to thousands of 2D and 3D animated wallpapers, and it is also possible to create your own wallpapers.

Wallpaper Engine costs about $4 at Steam and is a must-have program for every gaming setup.

8. Showcase your PC:

The PC is definitely the core of every gaming setup and should be showcased, especially if you spend a lot of time on the building. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that while PCs add a lot to the overall experience, they also use a fair amount of energy. Luckily, only using special cables for more colors or installing RGB lightning and RAM can make a PC a lot more interesting, without significantly impacting the energy usage. Colored cables and RGB RAM are not too expensive, making them accessible to everyone.

Sure, having a special case and GPU adds even more to the build. Some people went a step further and installed their PC on the wall, so all components are completely exposed. On the other hand, to be able to showcase your PC, you need enough space on or beside the desk.

If there is not enough space for the case to fit properly, putting it beside the desk is probably the better choice. If everything is crowded in a small area, chances are high that the end result is not pleasing at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better FAQ

1. How do I maintain cleanliness in my gaming setup?

Maintaining cleanliness is a crucial aspect of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your gaming setup. Begin by decluttering your desk, and removing any unnecessary items and unused equipment. Regularly wipe down surfaces with appropriate cleaning products. For wooden desks, use wood care products to ensure longevity. Cleaning your PC equipment, including monitors, mouse, and keyboard, is also essential. Regular maintenance not only contributes to hygiene but also ensures that your gaming setup looks neat and attractive.

2. How do I manage cables in my gaming setup?

Cable management is a significant part of maintaining a neat and visually appealing gaming setup. To achieve this, use zip ties, cable sleeves, or cable channels to organize and conceal the cables. Ensure that cables are also managed under the desk to prevent accidental unplugging or damage. If you have wall-mounted monitors or a monitor stand, consider creating a cable path or using a cable sleeve for a clean look. If your PC is a part of your display, invest time in managing the cables within the case too.

3. How can I use lighting to enhance my gaming setup?

Lighting plays a pivotal role in creating an atmosphere for your gaming setup. You could install RGB strips behind your desk or throughout your setup, providing a dynamic lighting experience. Another interesting option is to invest in Nanoleaf Light Panels, which offer a myriad of color options. Alternatively, a well-placed lamp with an RGB light bulb can also create a calming ambiance. If you prefer natural light, positioning your setup close to a window is another great idea.

4. What kind of decorations can I add to my gaming setup?

Adding decorations such as posters can give your gaming setup a personal touch. Based on your setup’s theme, you can select posters that complement the aesthetics. Additionally, you could consider purchasing high-quality metal posters, which are more durable. Having a color theme for your setup can also give it a cohesive look. Lastly, incorporating plants, either real or artificial, can bring a touch of life to your setup.