How To Play Pocket Mortys Multiplayer: Complete Guide

Pocket Mortys multiplayer battle

As Pocket Mortys released without an online multiplayer in the beginning, many people still did not join the online servers. The online multiplayer is an excellent addition to the game and gives even more progressed players a new reason to play the game again (or further), as everyone starts with a new character.

However, the online multiplayer works a bit different from the campaign mode in Pocket Mortys, so let me give you some advice on how to make progress much faster.

What to do in Pocket Mortys multiplayer?

 After you have created a new character for the online multiplayer, you will spawn in Mortyland, which is the first of many new dimensions. In each dimension, we can find various shops, healing centers, crafting tables, and of course, Mortys.

Speaking of these little boys, we only stats with a few Mortys in online multiplayer, which are not the strongest too. So, fighting a more progressed player is not the best idea, as you will get destroyed pretty quickly. Before you think of being the best Morty trainer in the multiverse, you should start catching a few Mortys, to build up a solid line-up.

I would also recommend catching Mortys with different types (Rock, Paper, Scissors) so you have a counter to every kind of Morty you face. Depending on each dimension, you can only find specific Mortys. Still, to catch all existing Mortys, you need to unlock all the other dimensions too. 

Unlock new dimensions by leveling your character in multiplayer

When you have a full team of Mortys and leveled them a bit to make them stronger, you can start fighting against other players that are in the same hub as you. By fighting other people, your character will gain Exp and level up when a certain amount gets reached. By reaching level 5 you can unlock the second dimension, to catch or fight against more Mortys.

Note: If you manage to defeat at least one Morty of your opponent’s team, you will still gain some Exp if you lose the fight. However, if you get entirely demolished and didn’t manage to eliminate at least one Morty, you will acquire no Exp. By fighting players with higher leveled Mortys, you can gain more Exp than fighting weaker teams.

Items and crafting:

Look for crafting stations in Pocket Mortys multiplayer

In the overworld of each dimension, you can not only find wild Mortys to catch. Sometimes, one of many items spawns in a random location in the hub, which you can pick up. The best things that you can find are loot crates, which contain a few items, and some Flurbos (the new currency of the multiplayer mode).

You can also find crafting stations that are placed around the map, where you can combine multiple items that you got through fights or crates, to craft Serums, Seeds, Batteries, Halzinger, Purified Fleeb, and much more.

Unfortunately, not all of the items are very useful, but only a waste of resources. In the beginning, you can craft serums to heal your team, to keep up your winning streak. But the more you progress, there are only a few items that you really need.

Craft items to power-up your team

An item that you need the most of is the Morty Manipulator Chip, which can be crafted with a Supercharged Battery, a Circuit Board, and one Tin can. These Manipulator Chips are needed to catch wild Mortys, but they only work at low health.

Another great item is the Level Up Mega Seed, which increases your Mortys level by 1. To craft this item, you need to collect one Attack/Defense/Speed Mega Seed. Luckily, you can get one Level Up Mega Seed for free by completing daily missions. I highly recommend trying to complete these tasks, as leveling takes a long time.

Fighting with other Morty Trainers:

Fight against other players in Pocket Mortys

Earlier or later, you have to jump into battles to level up your Rick character. So, what are the basics of Pocket Mortys multiplayer battles?

Well, at first, it is crucial to have a full team of Mortys, covering all the different types (Rock/Paper/Scissor). Having similar leveled Mortys than your opponent is also essential, as high-level Mortys can (literally) one-shot weaker Mortys. But still, it is possible to beat a much stronger enemy with weaker Mortys, if you switch at the right time, and use the right moves.

Overall, we can say that fights are not as complicated as they are in Pokemon games. People are very straightforward with their plan, kill the enemy Morty as quickly as possible. Still, if we unlock the second or third dimension, players like to use items and switch between their Mortys more often.

Speaking of this, replacing Mortys with ones that can handle a specific opponent much better is crucial to winning the match (most of the time). If you defeat one of your opponent’s Mortys, it will make sense to switch to another Morty too. There is a good chance that he will pick a Morty that is effective against your previous Morty, but by switching, you can get a clear advantage.

Note: Wanna learn more about the game? Check out this review about Pocket Mortys to learn more about the game!

Which Mortys should you use in Pocket Mortys multiplayer?

The One True Morty - Pocket Mortys

As in most Pokemon style games, there are stronger characters (Mortys) and weaker ones. For the rock type, The One True Morty is by far the best one, as his stats are incredibly high (total of 440 points). An honorable mention would be Mortox Morty, as his stats are also excellent, and he is easier to get.

When you look for a Morty with the paper type, I highly recommend looking for a Mascot Morty. His stats are pretty nice, and we can find him in the second dimension already. If you already unlocked most of the dimensions, catching a Wild Mascot Morty is probably the best choice you can make. Most of his stats are better than the ones of a regular Mascot Morty.

Mortaion Morty - Pocket Mortys

For scissor action, there is only one Morty that stands out, not only through his design: Mortation Morty. All of his stats are fantastic, with a total of 415 points. However, you need to unlock the last dimension, GF Mortanic, to be able to find him.

Most of the strongest Mortys can be found on the last dimensions, but it is still possible to get them earlier. By trading with other players, you can (potentially) all existing Mortys, so taking a look at the community forum on Reddit is definitely worth it.

Note: To get stronger Mortys in Pocket Mortys multiplayer, you can evolve Mortys by blending identical Mortys at Rick’s day-care. Click here to get a full list of Mortys that you can evolve (and their evolutions).

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