How To Level Up In Pocket Mortys Multiplayer – 2 Methods to Fast Leveling

Pocket Mortys dimension map

Introducing multiplayer to Pocket Mortys was probably the best idea that the devs could have made, as we can finally battle other players around the world, and catch even more Mortys. At the moment, my Rick is almost level 12, and I want to unlock the next dimension as fast as possible.

If you are in the same situation, let me show you some tips and tricks on how you can level up faster in Pocket Mortys multiplayer. The first part will discuss to level up our Rick, and after that, I show you how to level up Mortys as fast as possible. So, let us start.

Method 1: Fight As much as you can

Fight Pocket Mortys
Fighting other players in Pocket Mortys is the fastest and only way to level up our Rick in multiplayer. In the beginning, when you are level 1, only a few wins are needed to level up. However, the higher our Rick level, the longer it takes to increase our level again.

But fighting other players does not reward us with the same amount of Exp every time, as it depends on the other players’ level. If he is a higher level than you, you will earn more Exp for a win. If his level is lower than yours, you will receive less Exp.

Note that you actually have to defeat at least one of the opponents Mortys, in order to get any Exp from the fight! So, I recommend catching some new Mortys and leveling them up a bit before taking on other players in multiplayer.

Method 2: Keep up your win-streak

Level Up In Pocket Morys
When you are ready to take on other players, it is time to fight. By winning some battles in a row, the game will increase your Exp multiplier for each additional win. This multiplier can be increased up to 5 times.

However, this win-streak multiplier is not permanent, as you will lose him completely when you heal Mortys in the Healing Center or lose a fight to another player. To keep the win-streak up, you should buy and craft serums, and halzinger, to revive and heal your team. Having items that restore AP of attacks is also recommended.

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How to level Mortys in Pocket Mortys Fast?

Now that you know how you can level your Rick, having your Mortys on a high level is quite essential. You know, the higher character level you have, you will get matched with other players with the same level, or slightly below or above. This means, if you level your Rick too fast, you will get overwhelmed by other players.

To avoid this common problem, you should level all of your Mortys equally, like in Pokemon. So, here are a few tips and tricks to level up Mortys fast!

Defeat stronger Mortys:

Fighting another player in Pocket Mortys
This goes very similar to leveling our character. By defeating high-level Mortys, we can earn a lot more Exp than by defeating low-level opponents. The good thing is that you can level Mortys all the time, as you can simply take on Wild Mortys, which can be found in each dimension around the map. Also, depending on which rank they have (rare, exotic, legendary), we can earn more Exp than from Common Mortys.

The fastest way to level up our team is to defeat a player, as that has stronger Mortys. Defeating a stronger Morty can reward us with a massive amount of Exp; however, it is harder to do so. Luckily, there is an item that can help us out with this problem; the Mr. Meeseeks Box.

Using a Mr. Meeseeks Box during a fight, allows you to instantly defeat Morty, no matter how strong he is. You probably won’t get loved for this move, but it is an easy way to level up Mortys pretty fast.

Craft and use Level Up Mega Seeds:

Pocket Mortys Level Up Mega Seed Recipe
Another important item that exists in Pocket Mortys are Level Up Mega Seeds, which we can also find in the campaign of Pocket Mortys. This particular seed can be obtained by crafting, opening boxes, or purchasing bundles from Club Rick.

To craft a Level Up Mega Seed, you need to collect x1 Attack Mega Seed, x1 Defense Mega Seed, and x1 Speed Mega Seed. In multiplayer, you can get these by completing daily tasks, like catching some wild Mortys or winning battles.

If you have one of each kind, go to a Crafting Station and use them to craft a Mega Seed. Now, you can use this seed on one of your Mortys, to increase his level by one. You probably think that this is too much work for just one level, but you can collect them pretty quickly, to be honest.

Get new Mortys:

new Mortys
This eventually sounds pretty weird in the beginning, but let me show you. By leveling your Rick, you will not only unlock new dimensions to visit, but you can also get new Mortys from Club Rick. Depending on your current player level, you can get Mortys from a specific level range, which increases over time.

It makes sense to buy new Mortys from Club Rick (5 tickets minimum are needed), to combine them with your old team. For example, I’m now level 12, and I can get 5 new rare Mortys, each between levels 23-25.

Purchasing those packs saves you a lot of time, and you can get more powerful Mortys at the same time. It would even say that you should save tickets until you unlocked most of the dimensions, to increase the chance to get one of the best Mortys for multiplayer.

(Frequently Asked Questions) FAQs

1. What’s the best way to strategize when battling other players?

While the strategy for battles can vary based on the Mortys in your team, the essence lies in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. Keep an eye on their attack patterns and decide your moves accordingly. Strategizing is an art that gets better with practice!

2. Is there a benefit to having different types of Mortys in my team?

Absolutely! The more diverse your team of Mortys, the better. Each Morty has unique abilities and having a variety in your team ensures you’re prepared for various types of opponents. Like a well-balanced breakfast, a well-balanced team of Mortys can set you up for success.

3. Can I get Mortys from previous seasons in the multiplayer mode?

Yes, indeed! You can obtain Mortys from previous seasons through Club Rick. However, their availability might be influenced by your current player level. It’s like a treasure hunt in your favorite TV show!

4. Is it possible to use the same Mr. Meeseeks Box more than once?

Sadly, no. The Mr. Meeseeks Box is a single-use item. Once used, it vanishes. But the power it packs for that one use? Incredible! It’s like a pocket-sized supernova.

5 Can I trade Mortys with other players?

While trading Mortys with other players isn’t a built-in feature of the game, it’s possible through social platforms and fan communities. However, caution is advised while doing so to ensure fair gameplay.