What Are The Hidden Achievements In Hunt Showdown?

If you play games regularly, Achievements will pop up from time to time if you completed specific tasks or actions. Most achievements are simple; however, many games also feature hidden achievements, like Hunt Showdown, which are more challenging to complete.

Here is a list of all hidden achievements in Hunt: Showdown:

Throw Hammer Or RunKill an enemy hunter with a sledgehammer throw
Trinity of PainBe on fire, poisoned and bleeding at the same time
Playing Tonight: Buddy BoldenPlay the gramophone and the piano in one mission
Master HeadhunterRecruit 100 hunters
Louisiana Fried ChickenBurn 50 chicken coops
ClairvoyantLocate a contract target without investigating a clue
Convalescent HomeRetire 25 hunters
Battering RamBreak 50 Doors
Do Not DisturbHide in a toilet
Sightseeing in the SouthVisit every Lawson Delta location in one mission
Simmer down, Hothead!Kill an immolator without making them explode

As you can see, Hunt: Showdown offers eleven hidden achievements, ranging from simple to challenging tasks to complete. If you want to go hunting achievements, there are a few things you can do to make it easier. 

Also, I recommend using free Hunters with cheap equipment, as you have to leave the primary goal of the game to complete some hidden achievements.

Tips for completing all hidden achievements in Hunt: Showdown

If you played Hunt for a couple of hours, you should notice that a few out of the hidden achievements are more challenging. So, here are a few tips to unlock all of them as efficiently as possible.

Throw Hammer Or Run:

To complete this achievement of HS, you need to unlock the Tomahawk trait for one of your Hunters (costs 1 Trait point). In the game, search for a sledgehammer and pick it up. Now, aim for closed areas, or make your way to a boss compound.

Avoid a long line of sights, and sneak up on the target as close as possible. If best, you find yourself a camping/hiding Hunter that you can easily surprise.

Trinity of Pain:

Equip a Poison Bomb, Fire Bomb, and Concertina Bomb to a game. After the match has started, throw the Concertina Bomb, then the Poison Bomb and Fire Bomb next to it. Get yourself burning and run through the poison cloud into the razorwire. 

Note that you don’t have to survive to unlock the achievement; you just need all three effects applied to you simultaneously.

Convalescent Home:

Hunters can be retired from duty after reaching level 25. If you want to get the achievement, retire your Hunters right after they hit the level conditions. 

Battering Ram:

Doors can be destroyed through Dynamite or simply hitting it with your weapon or an ax/hammer. If you’re in an area without any other players nearby, grab an ax and destroy as many doors as possible. A stamina shot can speed up the process a lot!

Sightseeing in the South:

Grab a free Hunter and join a game. In-game, avoid PvP and the bosses and don’t get too close to compounds. It is enough to come near to them until the name card pops up on the screen. I started in the outer areas of the Lawson Delta and made my way closer to the middle. 

Simmer down, Hothead!:

Equip the Dusters (melee weapon) and punch the Immolator a couple of times. Avoid using knives or shooting at all costs, as they will ignite him.


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