What Is The Best Ship In One Piece Treasure Cruise?

One Piece Treasure Cruise ships

In Bandai’s mobile gatcha-game One Piece Treasure Cruise it is essential to create a crew that works well together. Over the years, since the game release for Android and iOS, many new characters got added to OPTC, which have amazing captain abilities and specials. However, to get the most out of a crew, choosing the right ship is important, since it increases the overall strength of the crew.

The best ships in One Piece Treasure Cruise are: 

  • Zunesha
  • Hoe
  • Moby Dick
  • Flying Dutchman
  • Revolutionary Army Blackbird
  • Germa 66 Ship

All of these ships provide incredible stat boosts and make it easier to clear more difficult clashes, fortresses, colosseums, and more. Unfortunately, all of these ships can only be purchased for 30 gems, through Rayleigh’s Bazaar, or be unlocked by clearing a Forest of Training, which is very difficult to clear. Check out our game guide about OPTC to get more information.

Ship:Ship Ability:Unlockable by #:
Zunesha:Boosts Powerhouse and Cerebral characters’ ATK by 1.55x and HP by 1.25x, makes their TND and RCV orbs beneficial, and makes it easier for them to hit PERFECTsClear the 30 Gem unlockable Zunesha Island
Hoe:Reduces CD of all characters by 1 at the start of battle, boosts ATK by 1.5x and EXP gained by 1.75xClear the 30 gem unlockable Hoe Island
Moby Dick:Boosts ATK by 1.5x, HP by 1.4x, and reduces HP by 50% at the start of battleClear Whitebeard’s 0-Stamina Training Forest (Forest of Training: Beard)
Flying Dutchman:Boosts ATK and EXP gained by 1.5x. Special reduces the DEF of all enemies by 25% for 1 turnPurchase from Rayleigh’s Bazaar for 7500 points
Revolutionary Army Blackbirds:Boosts HP by 1.2x and reduces CD of all characters by 1 at the start of battle. Boosts ATK of STR/DEX/QCK characters by 1.55x if you have a STR, DEX and QCK character in your crewPurchase from Rayleigh’s Bazaar for 7500 points.
Germa 66 Ship:If you have all 5 color types in your crew, reduces CD of all characters by 2 at the start of battle, boosts ATK by 1.55x, HP by 1.25x, and makes it slightly easier to hit PERFECTs. Boosts ATK by an additional 1.1x if you have a RCV or TND orb (for a total of 1.705x)Clear the 30 gem unlockable Germa Ship Island

Please note that all of these listed ships are for general content like clearing colosseums, clashes, or the story mode. If you want to farm Beli or pure EXP to increase your pirate level, other ships may be more effective than others. For example, the best ship in OPTC to farm Beli is the Sexy Foxy, which boosts ATK by 1.5x, EXP gained by 1.2x, and Beli gained by 2x.

The best ship for speed teams is the Shark Superb, which boosts ATK by 2x, reduces CD of all characters by 1 at the start of a battle, makes PERFECTs easier to hit, but ATK decreases every turn (until it becomes 1.3x after 10 turns) if the captain is STR, DEX, or QCK.

In the beginning, the player only starts with the Dinghy, one of the weakest ships in the entire game. So, it is highly recommended to save up Cola, until you can unlock one of the ships listed above, as they provide the best boost in stats.

Best ships in One Piece Treasure Cruise

Important Note: During events in One Piece Treasure Cruise, sometimes players can unlock a new event ship, which usually provides a massive boost. For example, all specials are fully charged at the beginning of a battle, which automatically makes such event ships the best ships in the game. However, they are only useful during an event, as they lose their strength when the event period is over.


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