Best GB12 Teams in Summoners War 2023 – Ascend to The Top Score

Unleash the Giants - Best GB12 Teams for Smooth Progression in Summoners War

Summoners War received a large content update called “The Shift,” which added a lot of new content, including two new Bosses and two additional levels, so the Giant’s Keep now has 12 floors instead of 10.

However, those new stages not only give players better rune drops, but they also become more difficult. Teams that cleared GB10 in 40 to 60 seconds usually don’t work in GB12 because the boss and all other monsters became much more durable.

That said, speed teams are still possible, but they need higher rune quality to work best. If you have many monsters to choose from, it may be easier to create a working speed team.

Here is a list of the best GB12 teams in Summoners War:

Team Leader Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5
1 Sigmarus Loren Fran Naomi Kro
2 Sigmarus Loren Lushen Kro Bastet
3 Lushen Hellea Bethony Lyn Lyn
4 Lushen Loren Fran Kro Lyn
5 Lushen Yaku Tatu Sath Nyx
6 Sigmarus Kro Fran Loren Shannon
7 Lushen Sath Tatu Mellia Mellia
8 Loren Fran Naomi Kro Water Homunkolus
9 Lushen Lushen Galleon Lyn Laika
10 Hraesvelg Lushen Loren Kro Lyn
11 Loren Savannah Kro Bethony Fran
12 Lushen Loren Kro Hraesvelg Charlotte
13 Loren Fran Naomi Kro Savannah
14 Bernard Loren Fran Lagmaron Chow

As you can see, some units appear in many team compositions, such as Sigmarus, Loren, Fran, and Kro. Many players use them for GB12 because they are easy to get (Fusion, Monster Summoning Pieces, and Secret Dungeons), and they have decent kits for dungeons.

That said, a F2P friendly GB12 team consists of Sigmarus as the leader, Loren and Fran as supporters, and Kro plus Naomi as the primary damage dealers.

Besides the listed teams above, there are many other teams that work as good as the others. However, how fast a team can clear, GB1-12 strongly depends on your rune-quality. Also, skilled monsters perform better in dungeons, than un-skilled.

What’s a safe GB12 team in Summoners War?

Consistency should be the priority for every team unless you want to climb the leaderboard for the fastest dungeon run. Especially beginner accounts should stay away from speed teams, as they tend to fail more.

A safe GB12 team consists of Sigmarus as the leader, Loren, Fran, Naomi (2A), and Kro. The leader skill of Sigmarus gives all ally monsters 44% increased HP, making the team more durable. Fran can grant the Immunity and increased ATK status, so Naomi and Kro deal as much damage as possible.

If this team still fails, Kro can be swapped out with Shannon. Shannon is an excellent supporter because she can increase all ally monsters’ defense and slow down the boss with her second skill. Veromos is also a good alternative if you don’t have access to Fran.

Summoners War Giant’s Keep (GB) 12 Stats:

As said earlier, because there are two additional dungeon levels now, all monsters became more durable and have higher base stats. This means your monsters also need better stats, especially accuracy on your support units.

Wave Unit Level Element Boss SPD ATK DEF HP RES
1 Crystal 72 Pure 0 108 1576 1224 23670 60
1 Golem 72 Water 0 119 1750 2272 26235 60
1 Golem 72 Water 0 119 1750 2272 26235 60
1 Crystal 72 Pure 0 108 1576 1224 23670 60
2 Golem 75 Water 0 169 2273 2732 31365 70
2 Mid boss 75 Water 1 164 6180 3642 117885 100
2 Golem 75 Water 0 169 2273 2732 31365 70
3 Crystal 75 Pure 0 108 1573 1234 23730 60
3 Golem 75 Water 0 119 1754 2284 26190 58
3 Golem 75 Water 0 119 1754 2284 26190 58
3 Golem 75 Water 0 119 1754 2284 26190 58
3 Crystal 75 Pure 0 108 1573 1234 23730 60
4 Left tower 75 Pure 0 90 2098 1743 526305 70
4 Ancient Giant 75 Water 1 90 9643 3155 298275 69
4 Right tower 75 Pure 0 121 2098 1743 263385 70

Note: If you want to use Lushen to clear the trash waves with Amputation Magic in one shot, he has to 10.700 dmg per card to kill all water Golems and Crystals with the worst dmg rng.

Here’s boss info from Ancient Giant if you’re interested:

Giant’s Keep B12 Team Stats:

As you can see in the table above, the Ancient Giant and the towers have a lot of HP and ATK. So, if your monsters have not the right amount of stats, they probably faint quite quickly, and the success rate falls fast.

To clear GB12 effectively, all monsters require to have 170 SPD and between 17.000-25.000 HP. All monsters which are intended to land debuffs on the boss need 85% ACC. If there are supporters like Shannon, monsters require less HP to survive.

Ideally all wind DPS units should have 85% Cri Rate, so they always land a critical hit (Wind monsters gain 15% increased Cri Rate because of elemental advantage). Non-wind DPS units should aim for 100% Cri Rate.

There are a few exceptions, that do not need high Cri Rate or ATK. Naomi in her second awakening form is one. In her 2A form, Naomi always lands a critical hit, if the target has at least one harmful effect.

Another example is Sigmarus, which doesn’t need much ATK. Both, his second and third skill, “Frozen Orb,” and “Ice Volcano” inflict damage based on the max. HP of the opponent.