Monsters With Oblivion In Summoners War – Updated Monster List

In Summoners War, there are not only have skills that inflict massive damage, protect/heal allies as there many monsters that can also place harmful effects on enemy monsters. Currently, in version 5.3.8, we can put 15 harmful effects on enemy monsters, except on Akroma, who is immune to all harmful effects, because of her passive skill.

Across all the different monsters in Summoners War, there are only three monsters that are able to place the oblivion status effect on enemy monsters. These monsters are:

Awakened: Unawakened: Monster Grade:
Tesarion Fire Ifrit Natural 5-Star monster
Herne Water Dryad Natural 4-Star monster
Isis Light Desert Queen Natural 5-Star Monster

Note that placing the oblivion status effect on a monster prevents the activation of passive skills, like Perna’s Ethernity (auto-revive), Theomar’s Elemental King (immune to death for 1 turn), or Vanessa’s Warrior’s Return (auto-revive).

Tesarion is the Fire Ifrit and can be obtained by every player, as he can be summoned with a 33% chance with the Ifrit Scroll. This particular scroll can only be bought in the Guild Shop with Guild Points. To gather an Ifrit, the player has to collect 100x Ifrit Summoning Pieces, which cost 3.000 Guild Points in total.

Tesarion is the only farmable monster in Summoners War (Review), which can place the oblivion effect on enemy monsters, thanks to his passive skill; Ancient Power. Ancient Power increases the damage inflicted on enemies with harmful effects by 30% and makes the enemy (Boss monsters excluded) oblivious for 2 turns with each attack.

Herne is a natural 4-Star monster, and can only be obtained by regular summons. Unlike Tesarion, she can only place the oblivion effect every 5 turns on one enemy monster (3 turns if she has max skills). This skill is called, Tree of Loss, and attacks an enemy to decrease the Attack Bar by 50% and puts the target in Oblivion state for 3 turns.

Isis is also a natural 5-Star monster, like Tesarion. However, it is tough to get her, as she can only be summoned through a scroll of Light & Darkness. With her skill, Gaze of Oblivion, she silences all enemies and puts them in Oblivion state for 2 turns. Passive skills aren’t activated in the Oblivion state, and enemies under the Silence Effect won’t be able to use skills with cooldown time excluding the passive skills.

Out of these three monsters, Isis is probably the strongest, as she can control multiple enemies at once, and weaken them with other harmful effects, like decreased attack power, or sleep. But as it is very unlikely to get her, Tesarion is still the go-to option for every player.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Oblivion work on bosses in Summoners War?

While the Oblivion status effect is incredibly powerful, it’s important to note that it does not work on all monsters in Summoners War. Boss monsters, for instance, are immune to this effect. This immunity adds an extra layer of challenge when facing these formidable opponents.

2. What does Oblivion do in Summoners War?

In the stunning world of Summoners War, the Oblivion status effect plays a crucial role. When a monster is under the Oblivion effect, its passive skills are silenced. This means that abilities like auto-revive or immunity to death for a turn are temporarily deactivated, making the monster more vulnerable to attacks.

3. How do you combine monsters in Summoners War?

Combining monsters in Summoners War is part of the game’s fusion mechanism. This process allows you to create powerful new monsters by fusing together specific sets of monsters. It’s a complex process that requires careful planning and resource management, but the rewards can be massive, unlocking powerful allies for your team.

Final Words

Whether it’s Tesarion, the Fire Ifrit, Herne, the Water Dryad, or Isis, the Light Desert Queen, each brings a unique flavor to the game with their ability to inflict the Oblivion status effect. This effect, which silences passive skills, can turn the tide of battle, making these monsters valuable assets to any player. However, as with all things in Summoners War, obtaining these monsters requires strategy, patience, and a bit of luck.