Summoners War: Best RPG Game For Your Phone

Summoners War is, in my opinion, and without exaggeration, certainly one of the best games available on the Google Play Store, and especially if you like RPGs for moves.

This game is somewhat similar to Pokemon, but without poking around in some locations etc., it means only core gameplay of monster fights and leveling them up.

However, one of the best things about this game is that it is a truly F2P game where you can produce premium currency yourself, unlike many other games where it can be exclusively bought with real money.

Even if you decide to give money to developers for a little help with the game, no one guarantees that you will find stronger monsters in the scrolls you get.

Developers are really working on this game, so you always have some events that make it more interesting, and they reward you for something all the time, so the game is really affordable and user-friendly.

You can go through a campaign (which does not have a top story but never mind), fight other people and their teams of monsters in the arena, or even recently join the guild and participate in Guild Wars that are well-designed. Whatever you choose, you will receive different rewards that will help you in improving your base or enhancing your monsters in different ways.

It’s also important to say that the game has great AI and an automatic mode, so if you think you can trust your team of monsters, simply leave them to fight on their own, speed up time to x3, and in a few minutes just check which one you are won the award.

A great thing if you are busy with something else because you can effortlessly leave the game spinning in the background and build monsters along the way while doing something quite tenth.

It’s helpful to have higher-level friends because you can borrow their already-developed fight monsters …

And yes, although it has excellent 3D graphics, the game is well optimized and not at all demanding, so you can play it on slightly weaker cell phones as well.

Like most games in general, the first thing that we will encounter when entering into a game is a tutorial. That also applies in this game, we will be taught how to summon monsters, increase their power, equip runes, buy buildings to the battle system.
Our monster base camp is on an island floating above a cloud called the Sky Arena.

The monsters that we have will be seen moving to and fro, a little gimmick that makes this game look more alive. We also have a base that we can fill with various buildings as needed, such as Arcane Tower to help increase the arena defense, Magic Shop, Power-up Circle, Pond of Mana to produce mana, etc. We can also expand our island so that we can load more upgrade functions for our monsters.

The battle system in this game is turn-based, we can do both PvE and PvP battles. In manual mode, we determine what type of attack will be used and which monsters are attacked. Camera view during battle is very interesting, showing 3D animations with some special cutscene when our monsters attack or take out moves also makes the fight look more exciting.

All of these things happen in real-time, depending on the action we choose. But if we do not want to bother picking attacks and skill moves manually, we can activate the Auto Mode, we can also select the speed battle scene that runs up to 3 times faster.

To be able to summon monsters, we need a scroll, there are more than 600 monsters that you can summon from the scroll. Each monster has different attributes and strengths, so we can adjust it to our own playstyle.

Note: There are many different scrolls you can use to summon monsters such as:

  • Tranzendenz Scroll (guaranteed Nat 5 monster)
  • Legendary (guaranteed Nat 4 or higher)
  • Element Scroll
  • Summoning Stones
  • Mystical Scrolls
  • Light & Dark scrolls
  • Unknown scroll

If we want to make a monster lineup that can finish off enemies quickly, make sure you have one or more damage dealers like Lushen, Teshar or Taor in your lineup.

Also, each monster has its own elements, namely fire, water, wind, dark, and even light. These elements affect the strength of monsters during the battle, for example, water is stronger than fire, fire is stronger than wind, etc.

Note: The dark and light elements are neutral to all other elements!

Every monster that we have can also be upgraded, by transforming Star levels on monsters ranging from 1 Star – 6 Star by means of Power-Ups and Evolutions. The rune system also gives us the freedom to choose the skills or attributes that we want to add to the monster.

If you lack friends to play Summoners War, don’t be afraid! Because “Summoners War” has Community and Chat features that are always crowded from Summoners around the world. Apart from a chat, we can also share information through a forum called Hive and can be accessed directly while in the game.

Guild feature is also not left behind this game, with our Guild friends can fight together, and share information on runes and scrolls easily. Like mobile games in general, we can also use cash to facilitate several aspects of the game, such as getting strong monsters, increasing the strength of monsters, etc.

But this does not make free players and premium players have a large gap, free players can still get all of it even though it takes more effort. Well, this is what distinguishes Summoners War compared to other similar games.

Meanwhile, according to Nixia herself, it is the free players who will enjoy the game in full because it means that more battles need to be done, more dungeons that need to be explored. Also, more time will be spent in the game to be able to create a strong monster lineup.

With charming 3D graphics, unique monster skills, and a cool battle system, this mobile game can be a fun pastime for your friends.

The monsters have different looks, characteristics, and represent a certain element. Nothing we don’t see anymore. Monsters are improving in several ways. They gain experience in combat, divide runes that fall out of enemies, or literally merge warriors.

Note: Even weaker monsters can defeat more powerful monsters (based on their kit) easily if they have better runes. Thats why most experienced players have a speed team for any dungeon to farm runes as efficiently as possible.

You can experiment quite well, and it has its magic. Although it is true that you initially receive a very limited amount of scrolls.

Add to this the fact that you do not have items in combat, so the possibilities of tactics during battles are quite limited. Usually, your activity is limited to tapping the opponent you want to attack.

But that doesn’t mean that there is no strategic part in this game. In guild & siege battles, arena, or live arena, it is important to counter the enemy monsters. If you choose a weak lineup for your attack, you’ll get punished very quickly.

Your base is a city in the clouds where you will find various buildings. Some protect you from live rivals, others serve to evoke or improve monsters, or accumulate mana, which is one of the means of payment.

Another is red crystals. These can be used to buy summoning packs to summon monsters. But these red crystals are limited in quantity. There are options to buy them with money, but luckily there are many ways to collect these red crystals for free:

  • Clear Toa Normal or Hard
  • Rank up in the arena for weekly rewards
  • Buy buildings which generate crystals over time
  • Complete events
  • Complete daily missions
  • Login bonuses
  • Fight your rivals in the arena
  • Fight the World Boss
  • Open rewards from the Labyrinth or Siege battle

In addition to standard missions where you have to defeat several waves of enemies and fight your way to the level guard, an arena is also available. Here you battle with other players. You do not have to compete with them, just befriend or join a guild, which brings various advantages.

Summoners War relies heavily on the fact that it “hooks” players visually, and it is true that it is hilarious. The environment, characters, and effects look good, and you can play this game for some years straight.

Im playing this game for almost 5 years now, and there is still much to do. Also, getting new monsters gets easier over time, as you can reach higher ranks in the arena, guild & siege wars, or Toa.

?? Pros of Summoners War: ??Cons of Summoners War:
Good graphics Getting good monsters could take some time
Excellent gameplayDrop-rates for decent runes are pretty low
Can be played for a long time
Many things to do
Many different monsters to summon
No needs to spend money

More screenshots from Summoners War:


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