How To Skill Up Second Awakening Monsters In Summoners War – Farming AXP Tips

With the second awakening system, some monsters became much more popular and can now be used in multiple content areas. However, when you second awaken a monster, all skill levels will be renewed, so you have to start again. So, how to skill up second awakening monsters?To skill up a second awakened monster, you have to use Devilmons or the same 2nd awakening monster, regardless of the attribute. For example, if you want to skill Kro (Dark Inugami), you have to 2nd awaken other inugamis.

To 2nd awaken a monster in Summoners War, you have to farm the specific dungeon about 313 times on level 1. If you can farm the fifth stage safely, it only takes 105 runs.

What Is the Most Effective Way to Skill up 2nd Awakening Monsters?

With the 2nd awakening, some monsters’ skills changed quite a bit to become more useful. This fact alone is pretty nice, but to get the most out of a monster, maxing out the skills is crucial. Unfortunately, it takes quite some time to skill monsters, so what’s the most effective way to do so?

Using Devilmons to skill 2nd awakened monsters can speed up the process a lot, but they are quite rare and should only be used to skill up natural 5-Star monsters, or specific 4-Star units, like Lushen. However, if you have some Devilmons on spare, and you really want to max out a 2nd awakening, feel free to do so, as it is the fastest way.

If you don’t want to spend Devilmons on 2nd awakenings, the only other way is to 2nd awaken other monsters of the same family, to use them as food later.

Important Note: For max efficiency, it is crucial that you can beat level 5 on the Dimensional hole for 100%, as 1 Dimensional Energy takes 1 hour to regenerate. You’ll also get the most AXP per run, so it only takes 105 runs to 2nd awaken one monster.

Depending on the monster you want to skill up, you will need many food monsters of the same family. To max out Belladeons 2nd awakened form, you will need 66 inugamis in total if you only use light inugamis.

Luckily, you can also use 2nd awakened Raoq’s (fire Inugami) for skill ups. If you use fire inugamis’, you’ll only need 42 because Raoq only needs six skill ups, instead of 10 with Belladeon. So, if you want to take this method, make sure to check which monster of a family requires the fewest skill ups.

Note: Want to learn more about skill ups and the different things that come with it? Click here to read my dedicated guide for leveling monster skills.

Here is an overview of how many monsters you have to 2nd awaken to fully skill up a 2nd awakened monster:

Monster: Cheapest Fooder To Skill: 2A Max Skill Ups: Required Fodder:
Isella Aeilene (Wind Fairy) 5 80
Elucia 5 80
Aeilene 4 64
Neal 4 64
Sorin 5 80
Tatu Shannon (Wind Pixie) 6 84
Kacey 6 84
Shannon 5 70
Cheryl 5 70
Camaryn 5 70
Ursha Ramagos (Wind Warbear) 5 65
Dagora 4 52
Ramagos 4 52
Kusha 5 65
Gorgo 5 65
Raoq Raoq (Fire Inugami) 5 35
Icaru 5 35
Ramahan 6 42
Belladeon 6 42
Kro 6 42
Spectra Spectra (Fire Griffon) 5 50
Khan 5 50
Bernard 5 50
Shamann 4 40
Varus 4 40
Lala and Friends Lala (Fire Howl) 5 50
Lulu and Friends 5 50
Chichi and Friends 6 60
Shushu and Friends 5 50
Chacha and Friends 5 50
Garoche Garoche (Fire Werewolf) 4 40
Vigor 6 60
Shakan 4 40
Eshir 4 40
Jultan 4 40
Mei Mina/Naomi (Water/Wind Martial Cat) 6 54
Mina 4 36
Naomi 4 36
Xiao Ling 4 36
Miho 4 36
Sath Sath/Hiva (Fire/Wind Grim Reaper) 5 65
Hemos 5 65
Hiva 5 65
Prom 5 65
Thrain 4 52

If you are interested to learn a bit more about second awakening in Summoners War, I recommend watching the video below, where Jewbagel (a very experienced SW player) discusses the topic.

Does Second Awakening Reset Skills?

As said earlier, if you second awaken a monster, all skill levels will be renewed. But what does this mean exactly?

If you second awaken a monster, the monsters’ skill levels will be renewed to level one. But most buffs and skill enhancements that got unlocked by maxing out the skills before the 2nd awakening will be implemented in the second awakened version’s skills.

In the 2A form, you can enhance a monster’s skills again by increasing the skill levels with Devilmons or using 2A monsters as fodder. If you want to reach high ranks in the world arena it could be worth it to invest Devilmons or time to skill up.

How do you get AXP in Summoners War?

To 2nd awaken a chosen monster in Summoners War, you have to clear certain dungeons in the Dimensional Hole. These specific dungeons are called Secondary Awakening Dungeons.

By clearing a Secondary Awakening Dungeon, your monster will receive a small amount of AXP that increases by each stage. On stage one, your monster receives 320 AXP, on stage two 420 AXP, and on stage three 560 AXP. The most AXP can be obtained on stage five with 960 AXP per run.

If you have no Devilmons on spare and you want to use fodder to skill up your 2nd awakenings, you should only focus on farming on stage four and five, as they give the most AXP.

Ideally, you should be able to farm stage 5 safely, for fast progress. Take a look at the bottom of this article to see some teams for the Secondary Awakening Dungeons.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I use a Devilmon on a monster that is not second awakened?

If you use a Devilmon on a non-second awakened monster, it will still increase the skill level of the monster. However, once the monster undergoes second awakening, all skill levels will be reset.

2. Are there any alternatives to using Devilmons or the same 2nd Awakening monster for skilling up?

Unfortunately, these are the only two methods to skill up a second awakened monster.

3. How does the second awakening affect the monster’s stats?

The article focuses on skilling up second awakening monsters, but it doesn’t delve into how the second awakening affects the monster’s stats. When a monster undergoes second awakening, not only do their skills get reset, but their base stats also increase significantly, making them more powerful.

4. Can I use a second awakened monster to skill up a non-second awakened monster of the same family?

Yes, you can. The second awakened monster will still count as a skill up for the non-second awakened monster.

5. What’s the best strategy for farming AXP in Summoners War?

The best strategy would depend on your specific team and the monsters you have available. However, generally, it’s recommended to farm on the highest stage you can complete reliably for the most AXP per run.

Final Words

Remember, the key to success in Summoners War is understanding the mechanics of the game and using your resources efficiently. Whether you’re focusing on farming AXP or skilling up your monsters, every decision you make can have a significant impact on your progress in the game. So, keep learning, strategizing, and most importantly, have fun!