Crossy Road Review: Can You Cross The Road?

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If you remember Flappy Bird, you know that such games can hook you for a very long time. So, today I want to present to you a top-rated game called Crossy Road. This game was created on 20 November 2014 by Hipster Whale. 

With over 200 million players across all devices and excellent reviews on the app stores, Crossy roads look’s like a good game. 

The gameplay reminds us of Frogger, which was released in 1981. In Crossy Roads, your job is to cross various roads, rivers, or rails until the end (that does not exist as it is an endless game). As you can see on the game icon, you play as a very blocky chicken. But you can also play with over 89 different characters, which could be a bear, a phone box, Nessy, or some of the game developers. 

How is the gameplay?

The gameplay is very simple and straightforward. To move forward, you have to tap on your screen and to move to the left or right, you have to swipe with your finger. Every time you move forward, a counter will track how far you get, and on your way, you can collect some golden coins.

As the gameplay is pretty simple, Crossy Roads is still very sophisticated. Some passages of the game can be easy, and some could be more difficult, which creates an overall good gameplay experience. If you want to have a more significant overview, you can also turn your phone, so you can see more of what happens on the roads.

Not only do you get an excellent gameplay experience, the design and colors inside the game also look freaking good. The blocky style gives the game a unique style and makes it very charming, only by looking at it. 

Sound effects are also on point, so the gameplay gets even better. For example, every time a train will arrive, you can hear a ding-ding sound, and the traffic lights showing red. Sometimes, you can also hear music that comes from a passing car.

Play Crossy Roads with your friends:

Thanks to a new update, you can also play Crossy Road with some of your friends, that use the same WIFI connection as you. Connecting with each other is pretty simple, so you and your friends can hop through the world together.

How long can you play this game without getting bored?

Finding games that we can play for a long time is very difficult, and I’m happy that I already found some of these rare games. Crossy Road is a very entertaining game that you can also play while you sit on the bus or train, and if you have to switch your bus/train, you can pause the game.

But as good this game is, I have to say that this game is not very complex. There is only one “game mode” that you can play. But as there are many new characters you can unlock, it could be a good motivation to play.

Note: If you have some special characters, you can also unlock special levels, like a Pacman themed world or an ice slide mode.

Currently, the world record for Crossy road is 1.901 points by Ryan Hurst that you can also try to reach:

How Crossy Road is monetized:

As this game is entirely free to play, the developers have to make their money elsewhere. There are no ways to buy some type of resurrection if you bit the dust, but you can purchase new characters for some cash.

These skins reach from $0.76 up to $1.10 (based on what I’ve seen so far.

Also, Hipster Whale uses advertisements in the game to make some money. But luckily, these are very well placed, so you don’t have to press x the whole time.

How to get new characters?

Crossy Road Characters

For the first few matches, you have to play as the original chicken to collect in-game coins. These coins can be used to play on the dispensing machine. For every 100 coins, you get a new character.

To get coins faster, you open some gifts that you get sometimes, or by watching advertisements. 

But you can’t unlock all characters through the dispensing machine, as some of them require special achievements or tasks. For example, to unlock a specific character, you have to play as a particular character, and you have to reach a specific score.

If you manage to get a new character on your account, there’s a good chance that you can also play on a different map. 

For example, if you get the kangaroo from the dispenser machine, you can play on an Australian themed map with other cars, trains, and more. 

?? Crossy Road Pros:?? Crossy Road Cons:
Fun to playCould become boring over time
Charming graphics
Many map variations

Last words about the game:

Crossy Roads is one of my favorites when it comes to endless games. It has an excellent hook, as we always want to break our high score. 

Also, what I also like about the game is that it has a unique style and simple mechanics. I like complex games like Summoners War that I could play for years, but having a game that’s so simple is very appreciated. 

Note: As the map in Crossy Roads is very detailed, there’s always something to look at.

Sure the game is very similar to Frogger, but it’s an entirely different game. It makes a lot of things right, such as in-game monetization, graphics, sound, and characters. Overall, I would highly recommend that you try this game by yourself. 


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