Does Crossy Road Need WiFi And Data in 2023? – Understanding Mobile Game Requirements

Does Crossy Road Need WiFi And Data

Crossy Road is a simple endless running game, which reminds us of Flappy Bird. Crossy Road can be played on Android or iOS devices without any internet connection, but you then can not use features that require a connection, like joining online leaderboards or events.

Crossy Road consumes between 5MB and 10MB of mobile data over 10-30 minutes of playtime. Watching in-game advertisements can increase the consumed amount drastically.

If you want to play with some of your friends together, or join current events, you need to join a WiFi network or enable mobile data.

If you connect to a WiFi network or use mobile data, the app will consume some data in the background. Depending on how long you play Crossy Road, the game will consume a decent amount of your mobile data. Especially if you watch the commercials that get displayed from time to time in the app. They use more data than anything else, so it would be best if you’re connected to a WiFi network.

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Today, I joined a current online event where I could win a decent prize if I manage to get into the top three players. After a few tries, I checked my data consumption graphic for Crossy Road. On this graph, we can see that the game consumed 21,08 MB on WiFi.

Crossy Road WiFi and data

With WiFi deactivated, I played five games and tried to get as far as I could. In addition, the game showed me two 15 to 20-second commercials that I had to watch. In the end, Crossy Road used 8,24 MB of mobile data, which is very high for only playing for a few minutes.

Crossy Road used 8,24 MB of mobile data

And I am not the only person that sees such results. Some other people stated that Crossy Road the app that consumes the most mobile data per month. In comparison, Brawl Stars ( a pure online multiplayer game) only consumes 8,31 MB over the same time period when connected to WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Crossy Road Need WiFi And Data FAQ

1. What are the key features of Crossy Road that make it unique?

Crossy Road stands out for its simple yet addictive gameplay. It’s an endless runner game that requires quick reflexes and strategic timing. The game’s pixelated graphics and secret characters add to its charm.

2. Are there any strategies to conserve data while playing Crossy Road?

Yes, there are a few strategies you can employ. One is to play the game offline when you don’t need the online features. Another is to avoid watching in-game advertisements, which consume a significant amount of data.

3. Can I play Crossy Road on other platforms besides Android and iOS?

Yes, Crossy Road is also available on Windows, tvOS, and Amazon Fire TV. However, the data usage may vary on these platforms.