Tap Titans 2 vs. Clicker Heroes: What’s the Difference?

Tap Titans 2 vs. Clicker Heroes - Which One Reigns Supreme

If we spend some time, we can find many different clicker games online or across the app stores. One of the biggest clicker games are Tap Titans 2, and Clicker Heroes, both were downloaded over 5 million times.

Tap Titans 2 has a 4,6-star rating, and Clicker Heroes a 4,3-star rating, so both games should be on the same level of entertainment, development, design, and so on.

However, as we do not want to waste our valuable time on a bad or outdated game, we should find out which of these two games does a better job. At first, let us take a closer look at Tap Titans 2 to analyze all its essential features and functions. After that, it’s Clicker Heroes’ turn to show us what it has to offer.

Tap Titans 2 – What does it offer?

Tap Titans 2 is the successor of the previous game, Tap Titans, which was a huge success. Most features of Tap Titans 1 got carried over to the game, but Game Hive also added many new features. First of all, the game looks very appealing and colorful, which amazing designs, and well-made navigation, and animations.

The progression is straightforward; In the beginning, we have to tap actively to kill upcoming monsters to earn enough gold to hire a hero. Each hero that we hire increases our overall damage and enables us to clear more stages. There are over 70,000 stages that we can clear currently in Tap Titans 2; however, it is unlikely that we clear a good chunk of them in one run.

This is where the “Prestige” system comes in place, enabling us to reset our current stage counter so we can start again, but a bit stronger this time. This system is very common in the clicker genre and gets used by most of the games out there, but with slight changes.

Besides getting stronger trough prestige, players can use a skill tree to enhance their character, which improves almost every aspect of the game. Depending on your play-style, you can change to a specific skill tree build for maximum efficiency.

In addition to that, performing a prestige also gives the player a certain amount of artifacts, which can be used to discover new artifacts, or level them up. Each artifact increases one point in the game, for example, the “Book of Shadows” increases the relic multiplier, so the player gets additional relics per prestige.

Overall, the main screen where we can see our characters is quite appealing, and we can sometimes spot fairies that drop some decent loot. Luckily, clearing stages is not the only thing that we can do in the game, as Game Hive also added a tournament system and clan raids.

In Tournaments, we can obtain amazing prizes, including skill points, gear, diamonds, pets, and more. However, there is no real winner, as everyone who participated will receive some rewards, depending on what place he finished after the Tournament ended. Sure, the best player will receive the best rewards, so everyone tries to be the number 1.

Clan Raids are an excellent way to get better gear, hero scrolls, Raid tickets, Clan XP, and more. To participate in a Clan Raid, you have to join a clan at first, and wait until the Clan Master starts the raid.

Note that clan raids are not a must, as you can make decent progress without them as well. However, everyone should try to improve their Swordmaster and heroes to their full extend.

Tap Titans 2 offers many features and content, increasing its long term potential. I have Tap Titans now for over two months on my smartphone, and I start it every day to prestige and participate in Tournaments, and Clan Raids.

Clicker Heroes – Can it catch up to Tap Titans?

Clicker Heroes’ initial release date was on the 6th of August, in 2014, which means it is almost 6 years old. When we compare the visual details and game design, we instantly recognize that this game has some years of history, unlike Tap Titans 2, which was released on the 2nd of December in 2016 on the Google Play Store.

However, this does not mean that Clicker Heroes is a bad game. If we compare the visual design (menus, navigation, character designs, animations, background) to Tap Titans 2, I have to say that Tap Titans looks a lot better than Clicker Heroes.

Despite that this game is also about 4 years old, it still looks very appealing and not outdated. We get beautiful visuals, well-designed menus/navigation, and more. Clicker Heroes looks not as colorful and detailed, which we can see in the menus or on the main screen.

Another thing that Clicker Heroes lacks is the amount of content it has to offer. In Tap Titans, we can join Tournaments and Clan Raids, skill our character, get new artifacts, join a clan, and more, so it does not get boring very quickly.

On the other hand, Clicker Heroes does not offer as much content as TT. There are simply no Tournaments and Guild Raids, or something similar. The game gives us the option to join a clan, but I could not use this feature at all, for whatever reason.

The progression is somewhat similar to Tap Titans. By tapping on our screen, we inflict damage to different monsters, collect gold, and move to the next stages. After we hired a couple of characters in the menu, we can reset our progress to obtain Hero Souls.

These are the “Artifacts” of Tap Titans, and grant us additional buffs. Besides this, there are some other small features, but they are not essential to make massive progress in the game, and I did not used them at all.

Overall, Clicker Heroes aged not very well, compared to Tap Titans and other clicker games. Gameplay and visuals are a lot better in Tap Titans 2, not only as it receives more updates from its developer Game Hive. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that Clicker Heroes will receive a significant update anymore, as Clicker Heroes 2 released on the 16th of July, in 2018, on Steam (PC).

Last things to mention:

If you like idle games, I can only recommend taking a closer look at Tap Titans 2 and trying it out by yourself. It has a cartoonish, but colorful art style, and is also pretty addicting, to be honest.

Besides this, players do not have to watch any advertisements if they don’t want to, as there is an option to disable ads in the game.

And if you do watch some advertisements, you can get some decent goodies, like massive amounts of gold, perks, free skill activation, and more. So test it out and see if you like it.

Note: I wrote a detailed review of Tap Titans 2, which you should definitely check out here. If you want to learn more about the artifact damage, check out this guide instead.


1. How does the Prestige system work in Tap Titans 2?

The Prestige system allows players to reset their current stage counter and start over with increased strength. By prestiging, players can earn additional artifacts, which can be used to discover new artifacts or to level up. Each artifact provides various benefits, such as increasing relic multiplier for more relics per prestige.

2. Is Clicker Heroes still actively updated like Tap Titans 2?

Clicker Heroes is less likely to receive significant updates compared to Tap Titans 2. Clicker Heroes 2, a separate game, was released in 2018, which suggests that the focus has shifted away from the original Clicker Heroes. Tap Titans 2, on the other hand, continues to receive updates from its developer, Game Hive.

3. Are there any benefits to watching ads in these games?

Many games such as Tap Titans 2 offers the option to disable ads for players who prefer not to watch them. However, if players choose to watch ads, they can receive various rewards such as substantial amounts of gold, perks, free skill activation, and more. This provides an additional incentive to engage with advertisements, but it is not mandatory for gameplay.

In Clicker Heroes, there are no explicit benefits or rewards specifically tied to watching advertisements. The game does not offer a direct ad-based incentive system. The focus of Clicker Heroes is primarily on the gameplay itself, with progression driven by tapping, collecting gold, and obtaining Hero Souls.


In summary Tap Titans 2 offers a visually appealing and well-designed experience with a wide range of features such as tournaments, clan raids, a skill tree, and an artifact system. It continues to receive updates from its developer, ensuring ongoing support and content.

In contrast, Clicker Heroes, although visually decent, lacks the same level of content and has not received significant updates since the release of Clicker Heroes 2.

This was my honest opinion, although there are people who find Clicker Heroes a more appealing game. Give them both a shot and see for yourself!