How to Make Money in Hunt Showdown? – Big Payoffs without Any Risk

GET A LOT OF money - Hunt Showdown

Recruiting new Hunters, buying different weapons and items costs quite some money, which is not that easy to get in Hunt Showdown. At the beginning, and after every prestige, we all start with $4.000, but that is not enough for the long term.

Hunt Dollars are rewarded for various in-game events such as finding the Boss, taking clues ($25 each), looting cash registers ($50, $100, $200, $500, or $1000), and eliminated Hunters. Hunters should avoid being eliminated because they will lose half of their earned money.

Note that if you run out of money, you can always recruit a free hunter to play with.

Players can also make a good amount of money by completing the daily and weekly challenges. The challenges reward the player with lots of different items and sometimes money. A decent way to make money is to complete those challenges and sell the items directly after.

If you get lucky, you can get a free high-tier weapon, which you can sell for a couple of hundred Hunt Dollars. Even if you get only a lower-tier weapon, selling it will give you some free money.

Here’s a list of which actions grant money in Hunt Showdown, such as:

In-game Action: Money Reward:
Find a Boss clue 25$
Find the Boss lair 25$
Eliminate a Boss 100$
Extract the Bounty 300$
Extract both Bounties of a Boss <350$
A clean sweep of a Boss 25$
Loot cash registers 50-1.000$
Loot eliminated Hunters 50-1.000$
Loot Money Bags Up to 25$

Note: If you play in a party with two other players, it is highly recommended that one player uses the Trait Vulture. Vulture enables the player to loot dead Hunters, even after they have been looted two times already.

This could also be very handy if you come across dead Hunters, which have been eliminated and looted already by another player group.

Money can also be earned by completing Trials. By completing trials, you can obtain up to three stars, up to 96 Stars in total, to unlock various rewards, such as legendary skins, Blood Bonds, items, and money. In total, you can obtain 7.000 Hunt Dollars through the trial.

Here is a list of all Trial rewards:

  • 5x Vitality Shots
  • 600 Blood Bonds
  • 5x Big Dynamite Bundle
  • 7.000 Hunt Dollars
  • 1x Lebel 1886 Marksman
  • 1x Specter 1882 Bayonet “Tartufai” Skin
  • 1x Nitro Express Rifle
  • 1x Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine “The Cordwainer” Skin
  • 5x Concertina Bomb
  • 1x Dolch 96 Precision
  • 1x Lebel 1886 “The Auger” Skin
  • 5x Frag Bombs
  • 1x Le Mat Mark II “Last Resort” Skin

Final Words

From the thrill of finding the Boss and extracting bounties to the more meticulous task of looting cash registers and completing trials, every action you take can lead to a pretty penny in your pocket.

The game rewards both the bold and the cautious. The bold can earn big by eliminating bosses and other hunters, while the cautious can steadily accumulate wealth by finding clues and looting. The game’s design encourages a diverse set of strategies, each with its own risks and rewards.

Remember, even when the chips are down and your pockets are empty, Hunt Showdown provides a lifeline in the form of free hunters. These characters may not have the best gear, but they offer a chance to get back into the game and start earning again.