Tap Titans 2 Review: Is It The Ultimate Tapping Adventure?

There are plenty of mobile games that offer complex mechanics, gameplay, and progression systems like Summoners War or Brawl Stars. But this is not required to have fun with a game. And thats where a tap game like Tap Titans 2 shines. 

There’s a good chance that you already played or saw some games of this genre, and if you played one, you know that these games are very addicting. However, there are many good ones, and a lot of bad ones on the market, so I want to show you Tap Titans 2 in detail today.

What is this game about?

As the name already says, Tap Titans 2 is a tapping game by Game Hive Corporation and available on Android and iOS. When you start the game, you can see a guy with yellow hair, black clothes, and a big red scarf. This nice guy is the character that you’ll play for the rest of the game.

Your job is now to defeat powerful monsters and titans to save your world. By defeating powerful foes, you explore different locations and gain artifacts that you can use to power up yourself.

Note: There is also an option to change your name and avatar if you don’t like the regular one. 

The game is almost endless, as I am over stage 80, and there are a ton of upgrades I have to do. Also, your not alone on this journey, as you can hire powerful allies to fight with. 

Without them, it can be difficult to defeat more powerful monsters and titans, especially on higher stages. And by upgrading them, they defeat monsters and collect coins, even if you leave the game for some time. 

When you log in back in the game, a big chest full of gold waits to be collected. To get extra coins, you can tap on the fairy (that carries a chest) and watch an advertisement for a few seconds. 

How is the gameplay?

Tap Titans 2 Gamplay

Tap titans is an excellent game to cut some time and to entertain yourself. To defeat monsters, you have to tap on your screen, and the faster you tap, the more damage you deal. The gameplay is straightforward and follows the common tap game culture: defeat monsters and level up your character to deal as much damage as possible. 

You can also unlock special skills that grant you positive effects, such as earning more coins or increasing your tap damage. Over time, you can also find gear for your hero, that increases his power and change his outfit.

You can activate skills by tapping on their icon at the bottom, but you have to remember that the use of a skill consumes mana. The maximum amount of mana you can have is limited, and each skill consumes a fixed amount. Luckily, mana will regenerate over time, and you can also get extra mana from the fairy.

Tap Titans 2 Skill Tree

By clearing more and more stages over time, the game also unlocks a skill tree to customize your hero even more. Within the skill tree, you can upgrade the classes knight, warlord, sorcerer, and rouge. Each of these classes offers unique skills and effects that allow you to deal more damage, regenerate mana, power up your allies, and more.

A clan system has been added as well, so you can group up with your friends to defeat titans with massive HP as it’s tough to beat such enemies without teamwork. You can eighter create a clan by yourself and add members to it, or you join an existing clan that has a few members already.

Graphics and details of Tap Titans 2

Many tapping games don’t focus that much on the look of the game, but Tap Titans different. The whole game looks very detailed, in a light cartoonish style and beautiful animations. For example, if you use the Heavenly Strike skill, your character jumps into the sky and cuts down your enemy with a powerful strike.

Graphics and animations are not the only important part of a game, as music and sound effects are also crucial to create an atmosphere. While playing the game, you can listen to an epic soundtrack, and if you perform any attack, you can hear unique sound effects.

Tap Titans 2 Story

I played a lot of tapping games over the last years, and I found something that no other tapping game had; story. Well, not a complete story, a detailed story about you and the allies you can hire. This seems unnecessary for some people, but it’s a great detail thats worth to explore.

How long can you play this game?

Tapping games are very addicting, and it makes a lot of fun to play them. Tap Titans are one of them. I always want to clear the next stage, defeat more monsters and bring my character and allies on the max level, so I play these games for a while.

If you cant defeat monsters anymore because you need higher levels, you could use the prestige button to reset your game so that you can start a new adventure. Also, you will get rewards for every prestige so that you can clear more stages the next time.

This gives Tap Titans 2 long term potential.

Do you have to spend money on this game?

Tap Titans 2 Diamond Packs

Like many other F2P games on the market, there are options to spend money on the game. In this case, you can buy diamonds, which represent the main currency of the game. With these crystals, you can buy chests (these contain items, pets, equipment, and more), new pets, or perks that make your team more powerful.

You can also get diamonds for free by following the developers on their social media, watching advertisements in the game, through fairy drops, or by completing achievements.

By buying diamonds, you can increase your progression, but you can also get everything without spending a dime.

Last words about the game:

Game Hive Corporation did an excellent job on Tap Titans 2, and they release updates and new patches from time to time. The gameplay is simple, but it can hook you for a long time, and music/sound effects are on point. 

If you look for a new tapping adventure for your smartphone, I highly recommend taking a closer look at this game by yourself. Even if you already play a tapping game, take a look at it. Maybe it is better than your first one. 

?? Pros of Tap Titans 2:?? Cons of Tap Titans 2:
Excellent graphicsSaving your progress is highly recommended
Fun to playThe gameplay could get boring after some time
Lots of content (Prestige, Skill Tree, etc.)
Regular updates

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