How To Use Promo Codes In Summoners War?

Summoners War Promo Codes for January-June

When new updates or events are released on the Summoners War servers, there is also a good chance that new promo codes are added to the game. By using a promo code, players can earn extra rewards, like Devilmons, Mana, Summoning Scrolls/Stones, and more.

To enter promo codes in Summoners War, start the game and click on the event icon. Go into the “Game Guides” category and tap on the promo codes banner at the bottom of the page. As the last step, enter the promo code and collect the rewards.

To claim rewards from entering a promo code, go back to the main screen, and tap on the chest icon. If the code was still active, you should find the rewards somewhere in the inventory. Please note that a promo code can only be used once, and only has a certain life-span.

Summoners War Promo Codes for July-December

Also, it is not possible to enter promo codes with a guest account, so it is necessary to create a new Hive account or sign in with your Google/Facebook account. If you own a Summoners War account already, try using the code on this account instead.

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Summoners War Promo Codes 2020:

Here is a list of all known promo codes for Summoners War in 2020. Make sure to check if you entered the code right because it will not work without typing in the right code. Some of these codes could be expired, depending on when you read this article.

iOS Link:Android Code:Code Reward: Fire Scroll Water Scroll Wind Scroll Exclusive Stones Mystical Scroll Mystical Scroll Fire Scroll Water Scroll Wind Scroll Exclusive Stones Mystical Scroll Mystical Scroll Devilmon Fire Scroll Water Scroll Wind Scroll

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