What Are Angelmons For In Summoners War – Angelmons 101

Level Up with Angelmons - Your Key to Success in Summoners War

With over 900 different monsters in the game, Summoners War gives us players a massive variety of options. However, not all of the monsters in Summoners War are suitable for PvP, PvE, and other types of battle. Such monsters are Angelmons, Rainbowmons, and Devilmons. So, what purpose do Angelmons have, which variations exist in the game, and how to use them right.

Angelmons are unique monsters in Summoners War, which can not be obtained by any kind of summoning. Players can find them in special secret dungeons, attribute dungeons, World Boss rewards, events, crystal packs, Temple of Wishes, and Guild content.

Angelmons are material type monsters, which have no use in battle. They should be fed to other monsters instead, as they give a massive amount of Exp to monsters of the same attribute. An awakened Angelmons gives 30.000 Exp if it gets fed into a monster without the same attribute. To bring a monster to level 40 in Summoners War, it takes 33.5 Angelmons if there is no lightning during the power-up process.

Tip: While powering up a monster, there is a 20% Chance to get lightning, which gives 50% additional Exp from that team of fodder to the selected monster. 

Angelmons come in three different forms; normal Angelmons, King Angelmons, and Super Angelmon. A King Angelmon is a stronger version of a regular Angelmon, but it gives a lot more Exp if it gets fed into a monster with the same attribute. Super Angelmons are the rarest version of an Angelmon, and it increases the monster’s level to max, no matter which grade it has.

Unlike normal Angelmons and King Angelmons, Super Angelmons can only be obtained through events, the Guild Shop, and the World Arena Shop. In the Guild Shop, a Super Angelmon costs 1, 000 Guild Points, and can only be purchased two times per month. Also, they already come fully awakened, unlike to the other Angelmon types.

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How to use Angelmons in Summoners War?

Before feeding an Angelmon or King Angelmon into a different monster, every player should make sure that the Angelmon is on the max level and fully awakened, to get the largest amount of Exp. If it is unawakened, you will lose about 10.000 Exp with a regular Angelmon, and about 20.000 Exp on a King Angelmon.

Note that you get a 50% Exp boost when an Angelmons gets fed into a monster with the same attribute.

With Super Angelmons, you do not have to level them up, as their effect works all the time, no matter which level or grade it has. However, it is not recommended to feed a Super Angelmon into a 3-Star, 4-Star, or 5-Star monster. You should only use them to level 6-Star monster, as it takes over 1 million Exp to reach level 40.

Here is a list of how many Angelmons you need to reach the max level on most grades in Summoners War:

Grade: Earned Exp: Angelmons needed:
3-Stars 82,182 2.7
4-Stars 189,750 6.3
5-Stars 446,647 14.9
6-Stars 1,005,420 33.5

Core Tenets of Angelmon Farming

Core Tenets of Angelmon Farming - Summoners War

Navigating the labyrinth of Angelmon farming can feel overwhelming, but, like any adventure, understanding the lay of the land will be your compass. The elemental dungeons – gateways to angelmons – open on different days, each bearing unique rewards. Fire angelmons reside in the fiery pits on Tuesdays, while the water and wind angelmons emerge on Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively. Time, my friend, is of the essence here.

Maximizing Angelmon Rewards

Imagine you’ve snagged yourself a treasure trove of angelmons. Now what? It’s time to make your angelmon work for you, to glean the maximum benefit from these heavenly creatures. But beware! The world of Summoners War isn’t forgiving, and mastering the complexities of Angelmon usage requires strategy and foresight.

Firstly, leveling up angelmons is crucial. Max them out to Level 15. The rewards? You’ll be grinning when your monster gains a massive XP boost, a leap forward in power and capabilities. However, remember to awaken these creatures! An awakened angelmon grants a hefty 50% bonus when fed to the same elemental type. That’s right, play your cards wisely, and you might just turn the tides of battle in your favor.

Event Participation and Strategic Farming

Here’s a little secret, folks! The Summoners War universe sometimes gifts players with Angelmon Dungeon events. Participating in these events can be an efficient way to farm angelmons, yielding rich rewards. But hold on, timing is everything, isn’t it? These events often only last for a day, making it vital for you to be on high alert for such opportunities.

Also, take heed of the energy cost versus rewards trade-off. Don’t dive headlong into a dungeon with an unnecessarily high energy cost that yields low-level angelmons. The juice must be worth the squeeze. Instead, aim for higher level dungeons that yield high-ranking angelmons, making the most of your energy expenditure.

Trade-offs and Balancing Angelmon Farming

But here’s the kicker – farming angelmons isn’t always the most efficient path to leveling your monsters. Sure, they provide massive XP boosts and can leapfrog a monster’s growth, but it’s not without cost. Angelmon farming requires time, resources, and a good dollop of in-game energy, which can often be used for other, equally productive endeavors.

This is where balancing comes into play. Do you spend your precious energy farming essence for monster awakenings, or do you seek the instant gratification of an angelmon-driven XP boost? The choice, my friend, lies in your hands and depends on your in-game strategy. The world of Summoners War, like life itself, is a game of choices.