How Much Is Warzone Battle Pass? – [Prices & Rewards]

How Much Is Warzone Battle Pass

Season 4 of Warzone started on the 10th of June, in 2020, and introduces a new battle pass into the game. Buying the regular version of the battle pass costs 1,000 CP. The upgraded version, where 20 loot tiers are already unlocked, costs 2400 Call of Duty points.

By buying the battle pass for 1,000 CP, the player will unlock a few more goodies, like Captain Price, a vehicle horn, an XP booster, and Cascade, a Rodion skin.

COD Pionts

If a player chooses not to buy the battle pass, only a fraction of the goodies can be unlocked, like both new guns, some weapon skins, emblems, calling cards, and so on. If you want to unlock all the different goodies in the past, you have to buy either one version of the battle pass.

Note: If you do not have any collected Call of Duty Points, you have to buy one of the different CP packages, that the shop presents. A pack of 1,100 CP will costs you 9,99€ in the store. Luckily, players can obtain Call of Duty Points in the free version of the battle pass, so with enough time invested, a player can buy the pass for free.

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Warzone battle pass reward list:

In the list down below, you can see all the different rewards that you can get if you complete the entire battle pass. Please note that players that did not purchase the pass can not unlock all goodies. Out of 100 unlockable items, players can only obtain 24 goodies, including Call of Duty Points.

Tier: Reward: Rarity: Available in free battle pass:
1 Callous – Handgun Bravo Blueprint Rare ✅
2 Use Soap – Calling Card Epic
3 Double Weapon XP Token Legendary
4 Freedom Favours – Emblem Rare
5 Prisoner 627 – Melee Alpha Blueprint Epic
6 100 COD Points Legendary ✅
7 Double XP Token Legendary
8 Harpy – Submachine Gun Foxtrot Blueprint Rare
9 Sevral – Vehicle Skin Rare
10 Urzikistan SSG 1 . MIL-SIM Skin Rare
11 Sapper – Sticker Rare ✅
12 100 COD Points Legendary
13 Double Weapon XP Token Legendary
14 O Captain – Spray Rare
15 Fennec – Submachine Gun Hotel Base-Weapon ✅
16 Show No Fear – Calling Card Epic
17 100 COD Points Legendary
18 Sunset Hue – Light Machine Gun Alpha Blueprint Epic
19 Bush League – Operator Finishing Move Legendary
20 Wind River – Talon Skin Rare
21 Blank Stare – Assault Rifle Golf Blueprint Legendary ✅
22 Double XP Token Epic
23 100 COD Points Legendary
24 Expendable – Charm Rare ✅
25 Double Weapon XP Token Rare
26 Ambush Alley – Vehicle Skin Rare
27 One Inch Punch – Shotgun Echo Blueprint Rare
28 Nade Shades – Spray Rare ✅
29 Double XP Token Common
30 USMC Raider 1 – MIL-SIM Skin Rare
31 CR-56 AMAX – Assault Rifle Klio Base-Weapon ✅
32 100 COD Points Legendary
33 Mountains To Climb – Calling Card Legendary
34 Mini Map – Watch Legendary ✅
35 Old Growth – Marksman Rifle Charlie Blueprint Rare
36 Double Weapon XP Token Epic
37 Die Is Cast – Emblem Epic ✅
38 Azure Hammer – Handgun Delta Blueprint Epic
39 Eagle Rock – Vehicle Skin Epic ✅
40 Counter Point – AZUR Skin Rare
41 100 COD Points Legendary
42 Glacial Polish – Submachine Gun Delta Blueprint Legendary
43 Double XP Token Legendary
44 Undercover – Sticker Rare ✅
45 Duchess – Light Machine Gun Charlie Blueprint Rare
46 Double Weapon XP Token Common
47 Calm Like A Bomb – Spray Rare
48 100 COD Points Legendary ✅
49 Mirrored – Calling Card Epic
50 Lagunari 1 – MIL-SIM Skin Rare
51 Blue Jay – Assault Rifle Foxtrot Blueprint Epic
52 Rocket Ranger – Emblem Rare
53 Double XP Token Common
54 Chop Top – Charm Rare
55 Gravel – Handgun Echo Blueprint Legendary ✅
56 100 COD Points Legendary
57 Double Weapon XP Token Legendary
58 Coffin Corps – Sticker Rare
59 Saddle Horn – Marksman Rifle Charlie Blueprint Epic
60 Surreptitious – Alice Skin Rare
61 Love Never Dies – Spray Rare ✅
62 Redline – Watch Epic
63 Double XP Token Rare
64 Grand Night Out – Calling Card Legendary ✅
65 Underbrush – Submachine Gun Bravo Blueprint Legendary
66 100 COD Points Legendary
67 Rocket Rounds – Emblem Rare ✅
68 Double Weapon XP Token Rare
69 Remotely Raging – Charm Epic
70 Russian FGF 1 – MIL-SIM Skin Rare
71 Hedgerow – Light Machine Gun Alpha Blueprint Legendary
72 Grim Reality – Sticker Rare ✅
73 Double XP Token Legendary
74 100 COD Points Legendary
75 From The Ashes – Vehicle Skin Epic
76 Muckrake – Marksman Rifle Alpha Blueprint Legendary
77 Chopper Down – Calling Card Epic ✅
78 Double Weapon XP Token Epic
79 Bombing Run – Emblem Epic
80 Trooper – Raines Skin Rare
81 Brooksidde – Sniper Rifle Bravo Blueprint Legendary ✅
82 100 COD Points Legendary
83 Double XP Token Common
84 Smokin’ – Charm Epic ✅
85 Silver Fox – Submachine Gun Hotel Blueprint Legendary
86 On The Wing – Sticker Rare
87 Double Weapon XP Token Legendary
88 At The Rady – Spray Rare ✅
89 Bloodlines – Shotgun Delta Blueprint Legendary
90 Killswitch – Iskra Skin Rare
91 100 COD Points Legendary
92 Harsh Landscape – Calling Card Legendary
93 Sortie – Watch Epic
94 Emblazon – Emblem Legendary ✅
95 Phoenix Ignition – Light Machine Gun Foxtrot Blueprint Legendary
96 Double XP Token Legendary
97 Rancorous – Charm Legendary
98 100 COD Points Legendary ✅
99 Hoptile – Sticker Rare
100 Nightfall – Price Skin Legendary
100 Emissary – Assult Rifle Kilo Blueprint Legendary
100 The Green Monster – Vehicle Skin Legendary
100 Season Four – Emblem Legendary

The Battle Pass and Its Rewards

Warzone Battle Pass

The battle pass is a key feature of CoD: Warzone Season 4, offering players a chance to unlock exclusive content. From new weapons to unique skins, the battle pass provides a wealth of rewards for those willing to rise to the challenge.

Is the Battle Pass Worth It?

Well, I would say it strongly depends on how actively you play the game. If you play it for a couple of hours every day or a few times per week, it could be worth it to buy, as there are great skins, and other goodies to get. Especially if you are able to complete the entire battle pass, as you can get 1.300 CP across all 100 tiers. When Season 4 is over, you could buy the next battle pass for free basically.

However, if you rarely jump into the game, or you just play it for 1-4 hours per week, I would instead save up Call of Duty Points, to buy some bundles.

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