Brawl Stars Review: The Best 3v3 Brawler For Your Phone

Brawl Stars is the newest game from Supercell, which also made the popular games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. With over 100 million installations on Android and iOS, this multiplayer shooter is definitely a big success.

Originally Supercell released its game only in the Canadian, Norwegian, finish, and Swedish app store (2017), and one and a half years later, they released the global beta (2018). During the beta, they made many changes to the controls, progression system, orientation, and even more.

But is it a must-have game for your smartphone? Let’s find out!

What is Brawl Stars about?

In this game, you can choose between 33 brawlers for your battles, which could be a cowboy, a penguin, a bear summoning boy, a wrestler, a robot bartender, or something else. Supercell got very creative with the character designs, so there’s something for everyone.

All of these brawlers have different types of attacks and one super move that gets charged if you deal damage to your enemies. Some super moves can also be recharged if your special attack deals damage (like Nita’s bear, Penny’s cannon, or Jessie’s turret).

If you use your super move at the right moment, it can clear a precarious situation or secure the win of your team.

To unlock new brawlers you can play, you have to open chests, which can be earned through playing the game (winning brings the most points) or buying them for real money. As Brawl Stars is a free-to-play game, the creator wants to make money somehow, which is understandable. However, I discuss the monetization later in this post.

In the game, you can play up to 10 different modes eighter alone, or with some of your friends. The game looks sharp, detailed, and very colorful, in an excellent cartoon look. All the maps you play on look incredibly cool and detailed as well, so playing the game makes even more fun.

Brawl Stars Gamemodes:

Gem Grab:

Brawl Stars Gem Grab

This is the primary mode in Brawl Stars in which you probably spend the most time. To win the game, you or your whole team has to collect 10 purple Gems, which spawn in the center of each map.

If a team holds 10 gems, a timer will start ticking down, and if it runs out, the team wins. You can also get gems for your team by sending enemies back to their spawn. But be careful not to run too far into their spawn zone, as they are immune to any damage for a few seconds.

Hot zone:

Brawl Stars Hot Zone

In this game mode, it’s all about capturing and holding one or more zones throughout the match. By holding an area, your team collects points and the team that has the highest score wins. If your team fall’s back on the score, its not over since there’s a double points event at the end of the match.

Showdown Solo/Duo:

Brawl Stars Showdown

Showdown is the battle royale mode in Brawl Stars, in which 10 teams battle each other until one team stands last. On the map, you can find many chests that you can break to get more powerful. Most of the time, many chests are located in the center of the map, so there is always some action.

But watch out, because poison clouds coming in (that deal a lot of damage), so keep moving!


Brawl Stars Heist

In the Heist mode, each team has to protect it’s own valuable safe while trying to destroy the enemies safe to win the game. This game mode is pretty straightforward, and some brawlers can perform better than others.

Brawlers like Penny, Nita, Bull or El Primo perform pretty well, as they can deal a lot of damage and have decent HP. But defending your safe could also be a good strategy since the team that caused more damage to the enemy team’s safe wins if the timer runs out.


Brawl Stars Bounty

How about a game mode where you have to defeat your enemies to win? Well, while playing the bounty mode, you have to defeat your foes to win the game. Each time you send an enemy back to their spawn, your bounty increases by one star, up to 7 stars max.

When the timer runs out, the team that has more stars wins.

Brawl Ball:

Brawl Stars Brawl Ball

Well, brawl ball is some sort of soccer. To win the game, your team has to score two goals or having more goals when the timer runs out. Shooting the ball is also straightforward, as you only have to use the stick you aim with.


Brawl Stars Siege

Having a robot bartender isn’t enough? Well, in siege, your team can build their own powerful battle robot to fight the enemies. These robots called IKE are required to win the game: feed them bolts, which appear randomly in the center of the map, to make them more powerful.

There are up to three sieges in a match, and the more bolts the IKE has, the more damage he deals with per punch. But you should be careful not to cross the enemy’s lines, as they have a strong defensive turret.

Robo Rumble:

Brawl Stars Robo Rumble

This mode is a little bit different from the others, as you don’t have other people as your enemies. This time, you try to defend a safe as long as possible (which is located in the middle of the map) against various types of robots.

These robots differ in their strength, speed, and size, so it’s more challenging. Also, after your team cleared some waves, you have to battle a colossal boss robot that wants your valuable gems inside the save.

Big Game:

Brawl Stars Big Game

Another funny mode to play, where five players try to defeat a player’s giant brawler. But watch out, as this brawler is much stronger than yours. His health points and damage are increased massively, and he wants to survive as long as possible.

To win this game with your team, you’ll need to work together to take down this walking mountain.

Boss Fight:

Brawl Stars Boss Fight

The last game mode which is currently available to you is all about defeating a powerful boss. You and two other people can take on this challenge, and you’re able to get back in the fight if one person is still standing.

If you’re able to win the match, the difficulty of the boss fight increases from normal to insane.

How is the current gameplay?

Learning how each brawler works, how to use their strengths, and how to move around is very easy. In the game, you have two joysticks and one button that you can use to release your super attack/move.

The left joystick (blue) controls where your brawler is going, and the right stick is used to aim and fire. If you don’t want to aim or one of your foes stands nearby, you can also simply tap on the right stick to fire instantly.

The button near your right joysticks shows you when your super attack is ready to use, and if it’s completely yellow, your ready to go.

Over time you probably get better with your movement and where to place yourself to gain an advantage, but the basic gameplay is very straightforward.

Is Brawl Stars pay to win?

Brawl stars gem and coin packs

As I already mentioned earlier, there are options where you can spend money on. Eighter, you buy packs with coins, gems (the main currency of the game), or chests. Star tokens and regular tokens can’t be purchased with money, so you have to play matches to collect them.

You can also buy cool looking skins for your brawlers, which is a popular method to monetize an F2P game. Obviously, the more money you spend on gems, the faster you can get and upgrade brawlers.

However, having a strong brawler doesn’t mean that you win every match you play. So, I don’t think that this game is pay2win as you can get any brawler over time. The only thing that takes longer is upgrading them.

The progression system:

To keep the players motivated, Supercell implemented the trophy road where you can unlock new rewards like brawlers, coins, chest, tickets, or power points. The more trophy’s you collect, the better the rewards will get, but it also gets harder to rank higher.

Currently, the trophy road ends on 14.500 trophies, so there’s much to do.

But not only that, but there are also special seasons that are about two weeks long. Every time a season ends, and a brawler has over 550 trophies, you gain star points based on how much he loses.

If you upgrade your brawlers, they can deal more damage with their attack and super move and get more base hp. Each of the 33 brawlers can be upgraded to level 9. By reaching this level, you can now find star powers in chests, which gives your brawler a unique ability. When you find such star powers, the brawler reaches level 10.

Does this game has long term potential?

Finding a mobile game that can be played for a long time is very difficult, as there are thousands of apps available. Brawl Stars offers some long term potential, but if you’re pretty far in the game (all brawlers maxed and trophy road completed), why should you play even more?

But to reach thins point, you have to pay a lot, so I’m sure you can play this game for quite some time. This game offers incredible graphics and excellent gameplay, so it’s worth to check from time to time if there’s something new.

?? Pros of Brawl Stars:?? Cons of Brawl Stars:
Stunning graphicsMaxing out brawlers takes a lot of time
Good sound effectsGetting new brawlers from chests is luck based
Many different brawlersThe ranking system needs improvement
Easy to learn
Quick Matchmaking
Progression System
Fun to play


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