All the Mount & Blade Warband Cheats You Need (April 2023)

Mount and Blade Cheats

A medieval world, teeming with adventure, where your sword-swinging prowess and tactical acumen reign supreme; welcome to Mount and Blade: Warband. In this captivating realm, players may, at times, seek an edge to conquer lands and vanquish foes. Look no further, for we have compiled the ultimate list of Mount and Blade Warband cheats, designed to bolster your arsenal and facilitate your rise to power.

From humble beginnings as a fledgling warrior to the glory of a battle-hardened conqueror, this comprehensive guide holds the keys to your kingdom. Embark upon your epic journey with secrets to bequeath your wealth and invincibility. Unlock the full potential of this open-world game, where you can defy the odds and shape the fate of entire nations.

But beware! With great power comes immense responsibility; tread lightly, for the use of cheats can irreversibly change your gaming experience. So, strap on your armor, unsheathe your sword, and let us delve into the myriad of cheats that will make you a force to be reckoned with in the enthralling world of Mount and Blade: Warband.

Unleashing the Power: How To Enable Cheats?

Embarking on a thrilling conquest, eager to wield the power of cheats? First things first, let’s address the crucial question: how does one enable these potent tricks? Fear not, intrepid gamer, for the process is rather simple! Follow these steps, and soon you’ll harness the full might of Mount & Blade Warband cheats.

  1. Step 1: Locate the prize! Find your game’s installation folder, and seek the file named “config”. Open this treasure with a text editor, like Notepad.
  2. Step 2: Delve into the heart of the game. Within this file, you’ll stumble upon the line “cheat_mode = 0”. A quick change is in order! Replace the “0” with a “1” – a small tweak, yet one that unlocks a world of possibilities.
  3. Step 3: A careful hand is needed. Save your changes, ensuring not to overwrite any other parts of the file. Close the text editor, and return to the realm of Warband, armed with newfound powers.

Now, you may wonder: “How do I activate these cheats?” Well, within the game, pressing the tilde key (~) summons the mystical console. Here, you’ll enter various cheat codes, invoking their respective effects. Be mindful, some codes need a different touch, requiring you to press keys during gameplay or utilize the character screen.

So there you have it – a simple, yet invaluable guide to cheating activation. Now, venture forth, unshackled by limitations, as you rewrite the annals of history within the world of Mount & Blade Warband.

A Treasure Trove: List of All Cheats

Mount & Blade Warband Treasure

All set? Cool. Hit Ctrl + ~ (type ‘cheat menu’) to open the Cheat Menu. This lets you do all sorts of stuff, like adding items or improving relationships.

Ready for the full list of cheats and what they do? Here you go:

  • CTRL+F5: Your character’s controlled by AI in battles
  • CTRL+H: Boom! You’re fully healed
  • CTRL+Shift+H: Your horse is good as new
  • CTRL+F3: Ouch! You take damage
  • Ctrl + ~ (type “cheatmenu”): Cheat Menu activated
  • Ctrl + ~ (type ‘nocheatmenu’): Cheat Menu deactivated
  • Ctrl + Space: Fast forward to when waiting on the map
  • CTRL+X: Give XP to a party member
  • CTRL+X: Add 1000 XP on the character screen
  • CTRL+W: Boost all weapon skills, big time!
  • CTRL+X: 1000 Gold in your inventory
  • Ctrl+Alt+F4: All enemy troops are knocked out cold
  • Ctrl+Shift+F4: Zoom in, hold shift, and knock enemies out
  • Ctrl+Shift+F6: All your troops? Knocked out
  • Ctrl+F6: Just one of your troops? Also knocked out
  • CTRL+F4: Keep pressing to KO an enemy
  • CTRL+T: See everything on the World Map (except hideouts)
  • Ctrl + L: Level up, baby!
  • CTRL+Left Click: Teleport your party on the World Map
  • CTRL + F9: Slow-mo (press again to toggle on/off)
  • Ctrl + F11: Freeze time in battle
  • Ctrl + Left Click: Upgrade all units along that path


This nifty feature in Warband gives you access to a whole bunch of cheat options.

If the Tilde key isn’t working for you in Warband, there’s another way. Head to “mount and blade warband\modules\native” and open the “menus” -txt file. Look for mno_tutorial_cheat 1 31 2 1 0, and change the 0 to a 1. Save the “menus” file on your desktop, and rename the original one to “back up” or something similar. Now move the new menu file into your native folder. You’ll need to start a new game for this to work. When creating a new character, you’ll see a “CHEAT!” option when picking your starting town. Choose “CHEAT!”.

With the cheatmenu, you can do all sorts of awesome things, like increasing your renown, honor, and right to rule, instantly besiege towns and castles, getting any item in the game, changing the weather, swapping your banner, making kings and lords like you instantly, and so much more!

Keep in mind, some cheat only work on specific screens:

  • Gold cheat: Inventory screen only
  • Health cheat: Only during battles
  • See Everything Map cheat: Just on the map screen
  • Instant kill cheat: Battle time only
  • AI take-over character cheat: In battle
  • Add 1000 XP cheat: Character screen exclusive
  • There you have it! Happy cheating, my friend.

Mount & Blade Warband Battle

How to Import/Export Hacks?

(Heads up, this won’t work with trial versions.)

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Head to your character page and hit “statistics”.
  • Click “Export Character”.
  • Minimize the game for a sec.
  • Navigate to your documents folder.
  • Find “Mount&Blade Warband Characters” (or just “Characters” in the Mount&Blade Warband folder).
  • Open the file with your character’s name.
  • Tweak the stats you want, like swapping out your current cash for a bigger amount.
  • Save it and close the file.
  • Bring the game back up.
  • Head to the statistics page again and click “Import Character”.
  • Hit import, and voilà! You’re back in the game with your updated stats.

Once you’ve mastered the art of using cheats, be sure to dive into our in-depth guide on transforming your Calradian adventure with an array of mods that can take your Mount and Blade: Warband experience to new heights.

Unlocking Glory: A Comprehensive Guide to Achievements in Mount and Blade Warband

As a passionate gamer, the thrill of conquest and the sweet taste of victory is a feeling that never gets old. But if you’re a Mount and Blade Warband enthusiast, you know that the real joy comes not just from conquering territories, but also from unlocking achievements that mark your progress in this immersive world of medieval warfare. Achievements in this game are much more than just digital badges; they are a testament to your tactical acumen, strategic planning, and fearless leadership.

Each achievement in Mount and Blade Warband tells its own story, a testament to your journey from a lowly vassal to a lord or lady of great renown. Whether it’s surviving the harsh unforgiving winters, convincing a rival lord to join your cause, or simply ensuring the prosperity of your fiefdom, these achievements bear witness to your prowess and mastery of the game.

Let’s delve into some of the key achievements that you can unlock in Mount and Blade Warband, along with some tips and tricks that can assist you in your quest for glory. But remember, every gamer’s journey is unique. Your path will be shaped by your choices, your victories, and yes, even your defeats. So while this guide can give you some direction, the real magic of Warband lies in your hands.

The Sweet Sound of Success: Achievements and Their Significance
Achievements in Mount and Blade Warband range from simple tasks like ‘Man Eater’ – slaying 50 men as a female character, to more complex ones like ‘Sarranidian Nights’ – holding a fief that includes Sarra, at the end of the day. Each achievement comes with its own set of challenges and rewards, adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

Unlocking these achievements isn’t just about the bragging rights (though, let’s be honest, they’re pretty cool to show off). They also serve to deepen your understanding of the game mechanics and push you to explore strategies you might not have considered otherwise. Achievements encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, to take risks, and to truly immerse yourself in the rich, expansive world of Calradia.

Tips and Tricks: How to Unlock Key Achievements

While the journey to unlocking each achievement is a personal one, we’ve compiled a few general tips that can guide you along the way.

Understand the Game Mechanics: Knowledge is power in the world of Warband. The more you understand about the game mechanics – from combat to politics – the better equipped you’ll be to unlock achievements.

Experiment with Different Strategies: Don’t be afraid to shake things up. Different situations call for different strategies. Be flexible and adaptive in your gameplay.

Patience is a Virtue: Some achievements take time and patience. Don’t rush. Savor the journey.

Use Cheats Sparingly: Cheats can be fun and can help you out of a tight spot, but remember, they can also diminish the satisfaction of unlocking an achievement through hard work and strategic planning.

So, strap on your armor, sharpen your blade, and prepare to embark on a journey of glory and honor. The world of Calradia is waiting for you. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Every battle won, every alliance formed, and every castle conquered brings you one step closer to your ultimate goal – becoming the ruler of all Calradia. Happy gaming!

List of All Achievements:

Mount and Blade Achievements

  • Abundant Feast – Consume six distinct food types simultaneously.
  • Agile Warrior – Achieve a level 5 in two agility-related skills or level 7 in one.
  • Art of War – Master two of the following skills at once: Trainer, Tactics, Leadership, or Persuasion.
  • Autonomous Collective – Earn the title of marshall.
  • Baron got back – Secure a victory over a lord or party that defeated or captured you in the past.
  • Best served cold – Overcome 10 enemy parties within Calradia’s icy regions.
  • Book Worm – Complete reading a single book via the camping screen.
  • Bring out your Dead – Elevate one of your healing skills to level 5.
  • Calradian Army Knife – Eliminate 10 adversaries utilizing the secondary function of a throwing weapon.
  • Calradian Tea Party – Establish your own faction.
  • Choppy Chop Chop – (MP) Eliminate 50 enemies using slashing weaponry.
  • Community Service – Install and utilize one modification.
  • Concilio Calradi – Rule over three vassals as a sovereign.
  • Dexterous Dastard – Enhance one of your ranged weapon skills to 250.
  • Elite Warrior – (MP) Triumph in a deathmatch round.
  • Empress – Ascend to the throne of all Calradia as a female character.
  • Every breath you take – (MP) Achieve more kills than deaths in any multiplayer mode.
  • Force of Nature – Inflict casualties or injuries on 5,000 enemy troops with your army.
  • Gambit – Score a hit with a difficulty level of 5 using a throwing weapon.
  • Get up Stand up – Purge the town of bandits during the opening mission.
  • Girl Power – Assist a female claimant in reasserting her sovereignty as a female character.
  • Glorious Mother Faction – (MP) Secure a victory in a team deathmatch round.
  • Gold Farmer – Accumulate wealth of 100,000 denars.
  • Good Samaritan – Aid a lord or party in winning a battle.
  • Got Milk? – Pilfer 3 cattle from a single village.
  • Happily ever after – Enter into matrimony.
  • Harassing Horseman – (MP) Eliminate 100 opponents with mounted projectiles.
  • Heart Breaker – Facilitate the elopement of a character.
  • Help Help I’m Being Repressed – Disturb wandering peasants on the map.
  • Holy Diver – Kill or injure at least 500 foes.
  • I dub thee – Elevate one of your followers to a position of influence.
  • Iron Bear – Accomplish the following achievements: Mace in yer Face!, Spoil the Charge, Agile Warrior, and This is our Land.
  • Kassai Master – Accomplish the following achievements: Trick Shot, Khaaan!, Agile Warrior, and Harassing Horseman.
  • Khaaan! – Eliminate 75 foes using horse archery.
  • King Arthur – Accomplish the following achievements: Melee Master, Knights of the Round, Every breath you take, I dub thee/Good Samaritan.
  • Kingmaker – Instal a pretender on their rightful throne.
  • Knights of the Round – Recruit 6 hero characters.
  • Lady of the Lake – Gift a companion character a great sword as a female character.
  • The last man standing – (MP) Secure a victory in one battle mode round.
  • Legendary Rastam – Accomplish the following achievements: Abundant Feast, Mace in yer Face!, Sarranidian Nights, and Art of War/Melee Master.
  • Look at the Bones! – Challenge 100 foes using the custom battle mode.
  • Mace in yer Face! – (MP) Eliminate 25 foes using a blunt weapon.
  • Man Eater – Takedown 50 men playing as female characters.
  • Man Handler – Capture and sell three NPC lords while playing as a female character.
  • Manifest Destiny – Support your faction in conquering Calradia.
  • Medieval Emlak – Become the proprietor of at least 5 fiefs.
  • Medieval Times – Participate in and win a tournament.
  • Melee Master – Elevate one of your melee weapon skills to 250.
  • Might make Right – Achieve a level 5 in two strength-related skills or level 7 in one.
  • Migrating Coconuts – Visit every major town in Calradia.
  • Mind on the Money – Have two of the following skills at a 5; Looting, Inventory Management, Trade, or Prisoner Management.
  • Morale Leader – Lift your soldiers’ morale from low to excellent.
  • Mountain Blade – Eliminate 10 groups of mountain bandits.
  • None Shall Pass – Successfully defend a Castle.
  • Old dirty scoundrel – Maintain a -50 relation with a lord, village, or faction.
  • Old school Sniper – Score a hit with a difficulty of 6 while using a crossbow.
  • Pugnascious D – Initiate a conflict with a lord by offending him or challenging him to a duel.
  • Queen – As a female character, establish your faction.
  • Romantic Warrior – Memorize 3 poems from tavern bards.
  • Royality Payment – Be awarded your first fief.
  • Ruin the Raid – (MP) Secure a victory in Conquest mode.
  • Sarranidian Nights – Set up camp in the Sarranid region of the map.
  • Sassy! – As a female character, provoke a male lord into a duel by insulting him.
  • Shish Kebab – (MP) Execute 25 lance kills while mounted.
  • Sold into Slavery – Sell 5 individuals to the ransom broker.
  • Son of Odin – Accomplish the following achievements: Might make Right, The Huscarl, Melee Master/Dexterous Dastard, and Holy Diver/Elite Warrior.
  • Spoil the charge – (MP) Eliminate 50 mounted enemies while on foot; the enemy must be killed while mounted.
  • Svarog the Mighty – Accomplish the following achievements: Might Makes Right, Choppy Chop Chop, Glorious Mother Faction, and Old School Sniper.
  • Talk of the town – As a female character, raise your renown to 50.
  • Talking helps – Engage in a conversation with a hero character through the party screen.
  • The Bandit – Plunder 3 caravans and raid 3 villages.
  • The Golden Throne – Rule all of Calradia!
  • The Holy Hand Grenade – Kill 75 enemies with throwing weapons.
  • The Huscarl – (MP) Kill 50 foes by throwing axes.
  • The Ranger – Have a 7 in one of the following skills or a 5 in two; Tracking, Path-finding, or Spotting.
  • This is our land – (MP) Your team successfully defended a castle in siege battle mode.
  • Throwing Star – (MP) Eliminate 25 people with throwing weapons.
  • Trick Shot – Score a hit with a difficulty of 10 while using a bow and arrow.
  • Trojan Bunny Maker – Enhance the engineering skill to 5.
  • Victum Sequens – As a ruler, seize 10 towns or castles.


FAQ Mount & Blade Warband

1. Can I use these cheats in both single-player and multiplayer modes?

No, Mount & Blade Warband cheats are primarily designed for single-player mode. Using these cheats in multiplayer mode is not recommended, as it can lead to being banned or penalized by the game administrators. Always respect the rules and guidelines set by the game developers and enjoy a fair gaming experience with fellow players in multiplayer mode.

2. Will using these cheats negatively affect my game progress or cause any issues?

Using cheats in single-player mode generally does not negatively affect your game progress or cause any significant issues. However, it’s important to note that using cheats can alter the intended game experience, potentially making it less challenging or enjoyable for some players. Additionally, relying on cheats may limit your ability to learn and develop the skills needed to play the game without assistance. Always use cheats with caution and consider the potential impact on your overall gaming experience.

3. Are there any consequences or penalties for using cheats in the game?

Using cheats in Mount & Blade Warband’s single-player mode generally does not result in any consequences or penalties, as the mode is designed for players to enjoy the game at their own pace and preference. However, it’s important to remember that using cheats can change the intended game experience and may make it less challenging or enjoyable for some players.

In contrast, using cheats in multiplayer mode is highly discouraged, as it can lead to being banned or penalized by the game administrators. Cheating in multiplayer disrupts the fair gaming experience for other players and goes against the rules set by the game developers. To maintain a positive gaming environment, always respect the rules and play fairly in multiplayer mode.

4. Can I still earn achievements or rewards while using cheats?

Using cheats in the single-player mode typically does not prevent you from earning achievements or rewards. However, it’s important to be aware that relying on cheats can alter the intended gameplay experience and may diminish the sense of accomplishment that comes from earning achievements or rewards through regular gameplay.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself and get the most authentic experience from Mount & Blade Warband, it’s recommended to play the game without using cheats. This way, you can develop your skills, enjoy the game as it was intended, and feel a greater sense of achievement when you unlock rewards and complete milestones.

5. Do I need to start a new game to use these cheats or can I apply them to my current save?

You can apply most of the hacks to your current save without needing to start a new game. Cheats like healing, leveling up, or adding gold can be used at any point during your gameplay, regardless of whether you’re in the middle of a playthrough or just starting out.

However, some cheats or modifications, like enabling the cheat menu through the game files, might require starting a new game for the changes to take effect. It’s essential to read the instructions for each cheat carefully and make sure you follow the necessary steps to avoid any issues with your save files or game progress. Always back up your saved files before making any modifications, just in case you encounter any issues.


And there you have it, fellow warriors and conquerors of Calradia! We’ve covered all the essential Mount & Blade Warband cheats you’ll need in your quest for glory this April 2023. Whether you’re storming castles, amassing wealth, or just looking for an extra edge, these cheats will surely come in handy.

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. While it’s tempting to make use of every cheat available, sometimes the real fun lies in overcoming challenges the old-fashioned way. Striking a balance between utilizing cheats and embracing the game’s natural progression can lead to an even more rewarding experience.

So go forth, explore the vast world of Mount & Blade Warband, and forge your own unique path. Whether you choose to use these cheats or not, the epic journey that awaits you is sure to be unforgettable. Now, saddle up and ride into the sunset, for the adventure of a lifetime is calling your name!

But before you leave, take a look at some changes Mount and Blade made today:

Happy gaming!