Best Multiplayer Games for Android

The world of gaming has extended its tendrils to smartphones. Where we once had games like the infamous Snake on classic Nokia headsets, we now have titles like Batman and Need for Speed either porting console quality games to phones or exclusively developing games that cater to phones.

The point is that mobile phone gaming has come dangerously close to the console leagues and where for some this may be a point of concern, gamers are enjoying the competition.

A prominent niche when it comes to mobile gaming platforms is that of Android. Google’s operating system gives tough competition to its Apple counterpart, annually. And it shows absolutely no restraint in the gaming department as well.

Since we’re on Google’s side here, and love games just like you, this article will give you a neat listicle of the best multiplayer games out there currently. Titles that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

So come on along, let’s get cracking!

Call of Duty: Mobile

The critically acclaimed first-person shooter comes to mobile phones with everything that fans have come to love about the game. For firsts, Call of Duty has ported most of the nostalgic maps, including the ones from Modern Warfare and World at War to its mobile game. Attracting a massive number of players solely because of the sweet trip down memory lane.

Efforts have also been made to bring as many game modes as possible to the mobile game. Prop hunting, one-for-all, one-in-the-chamber, party modes, and themed events are all in here. Give the developers some time and we’re sure they’re going to throw in a mini Warzone as well.

Genshin Impact

If you’re a fan of gorgeous, wide-open spaces and attention to detail, this is the game for you. Genshin Impact surprised everyone when it was ported to mobile phones after enjoying massive success as a game made for the Nintendo Switch. The game takes inspiration from the Legend of Zelda but incorporates its own mechanics as well as characters.

After players reach level 15, they can accept and send requests for other players to join their world and then embark on various journeys together. This makes killing tough bosses a tad bit easier. It also helps the players scale their level and experience together.

Among Us

Only one has stood true to the test of time after COVID-19 to still be trending today. That game is Among Us. When we talk about COVID-19 games, we usually think of those games that saw an abnormal amount of players log into its servers and then leave once things cooled down. This holds true to many of the games from 2020 but it doesn’t even scathe Among Us.

The game is still a hot topic among players because of how much fun it is. Among us revolves around clever decisions, deception, and having a good time. To do all three, any Android phone would do but we would recommend hooking up a worthy internet connection.

Crash Royale

Real-time strategy doesn’t get any better when you put this game in front of the competition. Crash Royale shares the same universe as Clash of Clans but has a completely different style of play. Players engage in 1v1 or 2v2s on a map that is mutually voted for. The objective of the game is to take out the other team’s defenses, all while annihilating their advancing forces.

Words with Friends 2

mobile controller

Each player has a set of cards, representing characters, which they start with. These cards can only be played if you have the required mana to spend on them. It’s a brilliant mash-up of strategy, card games, tower defense, and multiplayer.

Even in an age of accessible internet connectivity, several games remain classic examples of intelligence, intelligent, and teamwork. One such game is Words with Friends 2, which captivates both casual and word enthusiasts with its engaging gameplay and social aspects.


With its lively, constantly-evolving gameplay and innovative building mechanics, Fortnite redefines the battle royale genre. Play fast-paced, cross-platform games, build constructions as you go, and outwit opponents to survive as long as possible. Its regular upgrades guarantee a fun and novel experience to enjoy with friends.

PUBG Mobile

This game is singlehandedly responsible for raising an entire generation to play mobile games. PUBG mobile is a battle royale-style game where the main goal for each player is to be the last one standing among a pool of 100 players. The way to survive is to either hide, find delicious loot, or take down enough players to crown yourself the victor.

A lot has been pumped into PUBG over the years in the form of cosmetic items, cars, live shows, celebrities, and sports. The beauty of it is that it keeps on evolving and growing. Winner winner chicken dinner!



Step inside the blocky world of Minecraft with others in your group to construct, explore, and survive as a team. Enter a shared virtual environment where you may create enormous structures, mine resources, and go on adventures while encouraging creativity and teamwork.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a shining example of exhilarating, fast-paced multiplayer combat in the vast world of mobile gaming. Supercell, the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, created Brawl Stars, a game that successfully combines action, strategy, and team relationships into an engrossing gaming experience.


That’s a wrap on all we have for you as far as the best multiplayer games for Android are concerned. Remember that these games are free to download. Micro transactions on the other hand are a completely different story. Nevertheless, nothing stops you from downloading these titles and having a go at them with a mate or two.