How To Get Ancient Crystals In Summoners War? – In-Game Currency

Summoners War Ancient Crystals - What are they and how to get them

With the new game patch 4.2.7 released on May 5, 2019, Com2us introduced a new in-game currency, called Ancient Crystals. They are the second Ancient Currency, next to Ancient Coins, which share similar purposes.

Ancient Crystals are a currency item used to purchase items from the Ancient Crystal Shop. They can only be obtained by crafting and not be purchased by packs or Crystals. Every crafting gets the player 300 Ancient Crystals.

Like with Ancient Coins, it is not possible to get them through in-game purchases. However, as they can be crafted in the Craft building, collecting a vast amount of Ancient Crystals seems possible. Unfortunately, the crafting recipe is quite expensive.

How do you make Ancient Crystals?

Before you can get your hands on a few Ancient Crystals, you have to obtain a few resources, which require you to have a few 6-Star monsters at best.

To craft Ancient Crystals, the player has to obtain 20x Crystals from each of the five Rift Beasts, 150.000 Mana Stones, and one default 5-Star monster. Monsters evolved to 6-Star, acquired via Fusion or Ifrit Scroll, cannot be used as crafting materials.

Note: To craft Ancient Crystals open the Craft building, select “Others,” then Ancient Crystal. Select a default 5-Star monster, and select “Craft” to craft 300x Ancient Crystals.

Sacrificing a Nat-5 seems quite overpriced at first glance, but it is worth it, especially for players with many duplicates. You see, with those Crystals, you can buy a Splendid Blessing of Summon.

With this item, whenever a player summons a default 5-Star monster, an additional Monster with the same default grade will be summoned, and the player can choose one out of two monsters.

What should I spend Ancient Crystals on in Summoners war?

The Ancient Magic Shop has just a few items, but they are very valuable. With enough Crystals, players can purchase four different items, ranging from 40 to 275 Ancient Crystals in price.

The Splendid Blessing of Summon is one of the best items in Summoners War and should be purchased at least once. After the player has reached the desired amount of Blessings, Legend Runes and Grindstones should be the next priority.

That said, if you don’t need a Blessing of Summon because you do not own a vast amount of default 5-Star monsters, I recommend buying the Legend Runes first. If you have quite a few Nat-5s, it is recommended to get at least one Blessing.

Here’s a list of all items that can be purchased by Ancient Crystals:

Item: Cost: Limitations:
Splendid Blessing of Summon 275 Max. 3
6-Star Legend Rune 180 No Limits
Legend Grindstone/Gem 85 No Limits
Reappraisal Stone 40 5 per Month

Frequently asked questions

How to get a Splendid Blessing in Summoners War?

In Summoners War, a Splendid Blessing of Summon can be purchased for 275 Ancient Coins in the Ancient Magic Shop. A player can only hold a maximum of three Blessings.

How to farm Ancient Coins in Summoners War?

Ancient Coins cannot be farmed in Summoners War because players can only obtain them by participating and completing tasks in events.

What are the chances of getting a 5-Star monster in Summoners War?

The acquisition rate for a default 5-Star monster is 0.5% for Mystical and Element Scrolls, 0.35% for Light & Darkness Scrolls, 0.5% for Exclusive Summonings, 6.5% for Legendary Scrolls, and 100% for Transcendence Scrolls.

Apart from Ancient Crystals, what other currencies are important in Summoners War?

Summoners War features a variety of in-game currencies, each with its unique purpose. Understanding the role and value of each currency, such as Ancient Coins, Mana Stones, and Glory Points, can help you progress in the game.

How does the crafting process for Ancient Crystals in Rise of Empires compare to that in Summoners War?

While both games feature Ancient Crystals, the methods to obtain them can vary. In Rise of Empires, the process might involve different resources or tasks compared to Summoners War.