Do Trophies Reset In Brawl Stars? – Don’t Waste Them!

Brawl Stars Mobile Game Tips - Reset Trophies

In an online multiplayer game one mobile like Brawl Stars, there is usually a ranking system in place to measure the progression and skill of each player. In Brawl Stars case, our progress gets measured with trophies that we can earn by winning games.

But our trophies are divided into two sections. First, we can earn trophies with each of the different characters that we own. While we earn trophies with a brawler, we also have an overall trophy count (summarizes all trophies of our brawlers), which represents our progression in the trophy road.

When we collect enough trophies with one brawler, he will increase his rank to the next one, up to the current limit of 35. However, if you push over 550 trophies, for example, to 600 trophies, and the current season ends, you will lose some of them. To be exact, you will lose 25 of your 600 trophies.

Note: If you lose a match or receive a lower rank in game modes like Showdown, you will also lose some trophies.

Whenever the season ends, you receive a cut of your trophies that are over the 550 trophy threshold. Here are a few examples:

Before season reset: After season reset: Star Points:
550-599 525 70
600-649 575 120
650-699 625 160
700-749 650 200
750-799 700 220
800-849 750 240
850-899 775 260
900-949 825 280
950-999 875 300
1000-1049 900 320
1050-1099 925 340


At the moment where I write this post, a season lasts for two weeks and resets on a Monday. Luckily, all the trophies that you will lose are not wasted, as you receive star points which you can spend to buy items in the Star Shop.

Note: It is also possible to earn some extra Star Points by leveling your characters, as they give you SP by reaching level 10, and every 5 levels after that.


1. Who has 50,000 trophies in Brawl Stars?

While it’s challenging to keep track of every player’s trophy count, reaching 50,000 trophies in Brawl Stars is a remarkable achievement that only a select few players have accomplished. The game doesn’t officially publish player rankings, so it’s best to check community forums and social media for the latest updates.


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2. How many trophies do you lose in Brawl Stars when the season ends?

At the end of each Brawl Stars season, players lose a portion of their trophies that exceed the 550 trophy threshold. The exact number depends on your total trophy count. Remember, as you progress in the game and earn more trophies, you also unlock the potential to gain special abilities known as Star Powers, which can significantly enhance your Brawler’s performance in battles.

3. What is a good amount of trophies in Brawl Stars?

The number of trophies that is considered “good” can vary depending on your skill level and how long you’ve been playing Brawl Stars. For beginners, reaching a few hundred trophies is a great start. More experienced players might aim for several thousand trophies.

4. Do trophies matter in Brawl Stars?

Yes, trophies in Brawl Stars are a measure of a player’s skill and progress in the game. They are used to rank players and determine matchmaking in battles. Additionally, earning trophies allows players to progress on the Trophy Road and unlock rewards.