Hades 2 Release Date: A Dive into the Underworld Awaits

Hades 2 Release Date

The gaming world is abuzz with anticipation for the release of Hades 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed roguelike game. Developed by Supergiant Games, this sequel marks the first time the studio has ventured into creating a follow-up to one of their titles.

With the original game having carved out a significant place in the hearts of gamers worldwide, expectations are high for Hades 2. Let’s delve into what we know so far about the game’s release date, gameplay, and more.

It was officially announced at The Game Awards 2022, and since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting more information.

The game is set to introduce new characters, locations, challenges, and upgrade systems, promising a fresh yet familiar experience for fans of the original.

The protagonist this time around is Melinoë, the immortal Princess of the Underworld and sister to the original game’s protagonist, Zagreus.

Watch below as we dive into the underworld in the game reveal trailer:

Release Date

As of now, there’s no exact release date. Supergiant Games has stated that the date and platforms will be announced: “closer to when it’s complete”.

However, the developers have confirmed that the game will first launch in Early Access on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2023. The full release of the game is speculated to arrive sometime in 2024, once additional development and updates have been completed.

Gameplay Features

Hades 2 gameplay

Hades 2 is set to retain the beloved roguelike, top-down gameplay experience of the original, with some exciting new additions. Players will infuse their legendary weapons of Night with ancient magick, and become stronger with powerful Boons from more than a dozen Olympian gods, from Apollo to Zeus. The game will also introduce new characters that weren’t seen in the first game, including Hecate and Moros, adding more depth and diversity to combat.


The sequel takes place in a bigger, deeper mythic world, where players will battle the forces of the Titan of Time, Chronos, with the full might of Olympus behind them. The game centers around Chronos, who has escaped imprisonment in the Underworld to wage war on Olympus. The narrative promises to be as engaging as the first game, with plenty of references to Greek mythology and culture that made the world of Hades so enthralling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hades 2 FAQ

1. Will it be available on consoles?

While the Early Access release will be on PC, Supergiant Games has stated that the game will eventually be available on console platforms.

2. Will it have a multiplayer mode?

No, Hades 2 is being designed as a single-player experience, with no plans for multiplayer

3. What is the expected duration of the Early Access phase?

While Supergiant Games has not provided a specific timeline, Early Access phases typically last several months to a year. This allows developers to gather player feedback and make necessary adjustments before the full release.

4. Will there be any exclusive content for the Early Access players?

Supergiant Games has not announced any exclusive content for Early Access players. However, these players will have the unique opportunity to experience and influence the game’s development.

5. Will it have any form of player progression or ranking system?

While the specifics of player progression in Hades 2 are still under wraps, the game is expected to feature upgrade systems similar to the original, allowing players to enhance their abilities and weapons as they progress through the game.


While we await more concrete details about Hades 2, the anticipation continues to build. The game promises to deliver a fresh yet familiar experience for fans of the original, with new characters, locations, and gameplay features. As we inch closer to the release date, one thing is certain: the Underworld awaits, and we can’t wait to dive in..