Who Is The New Killer in Dead By Daylight Chapter 19? Meet The Trickster!

Each year, Dead by Daylight introduces four new Killers and Survivors, each coming with their three Teachable Perks, skins, maps, offerings, and more. In 2021, we can also expect four new Killers and Survivors, starting with Chapter 19 – All Kill.

Chapter 19 introduces the new Killer “The Trickster,” also known as Ji-Woon Hak, and Yun-Jin Lee, the new female Survivor. The Trickster will release with the All-Kill chapter in Match 2021 on Steam as DLC.

By the way, The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee are not licensed characters like Ghost Face or Pyramid Head, so they can be unlocked with Auric Cells and Iridescent Shards.

What is The Tricksters Power?

Basically, Survivors are re-skins of each other and only differ from their appearance. On the other hand, each Killer has a unique Power. The Tricksters power is called Showstopper and is a range-type power, similar to the Huntress hatchets.


Start the Trial with 60 Blades. Press and hold the Power button to wind up and enter the Throw State.

While in the Throw State, tap the Attack button to throw a single Blade, or hold down the Attack button to unleash a flurry of Blades.

Throwing a flurry of Blades increases control and Throw rate, while decreasing Movement speed. Restock Blades at Lockers.

Laceration Meter:

A Survivor’s Laceration Meter increases each time they are hit by a Blade. Once the meter is filled (8 Blade Hits), they lose a Health State, putting them either into the Injured or Dying State.

A Survivor’s Laceration Meter will gradually decrease if they have not been hit by a Blade for a short time. Hitting a Survivor with a Basic Attack will partially deplete their Laceration Meter.


Each Blade Hit also fills the Event Meter. Once full, Main Event can be activated by pressing the Ability button. In this mode, The Trickster temporarily unleashes his full potential.

Automatically throw an unlimited number of Blades at an increased Throw rate without further slowing your Movement speed while in the Throw State.

What are The Tricksters Teachable Perks?

It is a tradition that every new character comes with three new Teachables that players can unlock at Bloodweb level 30/35/40 for all other characters. The Tricksters three Perks are called StarstruckHex: Crowd Control, and No Way Out.

His Teachables help him to hunt down incoming rescuers and block areas of the environment to his advantage. Especially Starstruck seems interesting for Killers, especially those who can get to other Survivors quickly, such as the Nurse, Hillbilly, Oni, or Spirit.

Just by seeing what each Teachable can do, I can think of great Perk combos such as;Crowd Control with Hex: Undying, Starstruck with Distressing, and No Way Out with Remember Me.


Your unmatched showmanship dazzles all. Starstruck activates when you are carrying a Survivor. Whenever a Survivor enters or re-enters your Terror Radius, they suffer from the Exposed Status Effect.

  • The Exposed Status Effect lingers for 26/28/30 seconds after leaving your Terror Radius.

Starstruck cools down for 60 seconds once a Survivor is no longer carried.

“Enjoy this moment, few get so close.” — Ji-Woon Hak

Hex: Crowd Control:

A Hex that ensures those lesser than you are properly herded. The Entity blocks a Window for 10/12/14 seconds after a Survivors performs a rushed vault through it.

The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

“You have no control. People like you never did.” — Ji-Woon Hak

No Way Out:

You’re not going to let just anyone into the VIP room. For each of the Survivors you manage to hook, No Way Out gains a Token.

When the last Generator is repaired, The Entity blocks both Exit Gate Switches for 10 seconds and an additional 4/6/8 seconds per Token in your possession, up to a combined maximum of 26/34/42 seconds.

“That sound when you bleed… let me hear it again” — Ji-Woon Hak

What are Yun-Jin Lee’s Teachable Perks?

Yun-Jin Lee’s three Teachables are Fast TrackSmash Hit, and Self-Preservation, which allow her to improve her abilities when other Survivors are harmed, and quickly escape from a chase.

From the first sight, Smash Hit seems to be the best Perk of Yun-Jin, but you require a successful Pallet stun to activate it. Fast Track seems to be similar to Stake Out (Teachable of David Tapp), so it focuses on Gen-progression. Self-Preservation is only useful if the Killer hits another Survivor within 12 meters of you, which is not the case most of the time. However, if it activates, it becomes very easy to escape from the Killer.

Note that you have all Teachable Perks available from the start, but only with the character they come with. If you want to use a Teachable Perk of Yun-Jin Lee on another Survivor, you have to reach level 40 of her Bloodweb.

Fast Track: 

Sometimes the sacrifice of others is necessary to get ahead. Whenever another Survivor is hooked, you gain 1/2/3 Token(s). You consume all Tokens after a Great Skill Check on a Generator.

  • Each Token consumed grants an additional Progression bonus of 1% for Great Skill Checks when repairing Generators.

“The weak are sacrificed first. It’s nature, it’s business… it’s the truth most refuse to face.” — Yun-Jin Lee

Smash Hit:

When your rival makes a mistake, you seize the opportunity. After stunning the Killer with a Pallet, break into a sprint at 150% of your normal running speed for a maximum of 4 seconds.

  • Causes the Exhausted Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds.
  • Smash Hit cannot be used when Exhausted.
  • You do not recover from Exhaustion while running.

“I’ve dealt with psychopaths in suits. You’re just uglier and worse dressed.” — Yun-Jin Lee


Life’s unforgiving. The more confirmation you get of that, the more prepared you become. Whenever another Survivor within 12 meters of you is hit with a Basic or Special AttackSelf-Preservation activates.

  • Your Scratch Marks are hidden for 6/8/10 seconds.
  • Grunts of Pain caused by injuries are reduced by 100% for 6/8/10 seconds.
  • You do not leave any Pools of Blood for 6/8/10 seconds.

“Something I learnt in the industry: when the axe is swinging, keep your head down.” — Yun-Jin Lee

What are The Tricksters Add-ons?

Besides Offerings, you have the option to equip up to two Add-ons, which improve the Killers power. With Chapter 19, the Trickster has 20 different Add-ons that can be brought into a Trial.

Most out of the 20 Add-ons focus on the Laceration Meter, throwing rate of the Blades, and the Main Event ability. 

Here is a list of all Add-ons of The Trickster:

Trick Pouch:

A pouch with a number of hidden pockets. Used by aspiring magicians and those with something to hide.

  • Start with 10 extra Blades.
  • Increases Blade Carrying capacity by 10.

Memento Blades:

Blood-rusted knives, worn from overuse. Employed during Ji-Woon’s early murders, they hold a place of importance in his heart.

  • Grants 100% Bonus Bloodpoints for Showstopper Score Events.
  • Moderately increases each Survivor’s Laceration Meter capacity.

Killing Part Chords:

A set of chords that Ji-Woon never found a song for. Still, the sound is undeniably catchy.

  • Slightly increases Throw State Movement speed.

Inferno Wires:

Burnt wires form the studio fire that killed four of the five NO SPIN members. Their deaths gave rise to The Trickster.

  • Slightly decreases Main Event Depletion rate.

Tequilla Moonrock:

A drink invented in a modest Changwon bar. Became a favourite of Ji-Woon’s.

  • Moderately decreases Main Event Depletion rate.

On Target Single:

An underground single produced by Ji-Woon before achieving fame. Only the biggest NO SPIN fans collected this hidden gem.

  • Slightly increases Laceration Meter Decay delay.

Lucky Blade:

The first throwing knife Ji-Woon ever owned. Purchased by his father, he was expected to put on a show for those frequenting the family restaurant.

  • Slightly decreases Laceration Meter Decay rate when out of Blades.

Ji-Woon’s Autograph:

A signature from the celebrity known as The Trickster. Sore as his wrist was after hundred of these, it was invigorating to know he was so in demand.

  • Slightly increases initial Throw rate of Blades.

Caged Hearth Shoes:

Shoes that Ji-Woon wore during the music video for One Caged Heart. Allows for smooth, graceful movements of the point dance.

  • Moderately increases Throw State Movement speed.

Yumi’s Murder:

An audio file of a victim’s crisp, clear shriek as a blade opened her up. Ji-Woon incorporated the sound into one of his more popular tracks.

  • Moderately reduces each Survivor’s Laceration Meter capacity.

Waiting For You Watch:

A pocket watch worn by Ji-Woon during a live performance of I’ll Be Waiting For You. It’s a stage prop that doesn’t work and never will.

  • Moderately decreases Laceration Meter Decay rate when out of Blades.

“Don’t run away

Don’t say we’re through

No way to escape this

I’ll be waiting for you” — NO SPIN’s “Waiting For You”

Ripper Brace:

A wrist brace worn by Ji-Woon during the filming of his music video Ripper. Though unintentional, the design stabilises the wrist better than many medical braces.

  • Moderately increases Laceration Meter Decay delay.

Fizz-Spin Soda:

A limited edition can of soda promoting NO SPIN. High sugar and caffeine content.

  • Moderately increases initial Throw rate of Blades.

Bloody Boa:

A boa that Ji-Woon draped around a victim’s slashed neck. A number of pockets are concealed within it.

  • Start with 15 extra Blades.
  • Increases Blade Carrying capacity by 15.

Trick Blades:

Specialty blades that are only seen as faulty by those who lack imagination. A young Ji-Woon dazzled spectators with the trick he performed.

  • Allows Blades to ricochet off the environment twice.

Edge of Revival Album:

The Trickster’s debut album. The coarse and vicious tone was met with a mixed reaction from fans despite critical acclaim.

  • Blades shatter when hitting the environment, dealing 50% Laceration to nearby Survivors.

“Your whisper on me

Warm as can be

Burning each breath

Till I can’t breathe” — The Trickster’s “Whispers of Warmth”

Diamond Cufflinks:

Cufflinks gouged into the eyes of a sasaeng fan who made the mistake of stalking Ji-Woon. Rubbing off the blood, there’s so much to be seen in the glitter.

  • When a Survivor’s Laceration Meter is one Blade Hit away from the maximum, their Aura is revealed for 6 seconds.

“Shhh… you don’t have to see your blood anymore.” — Ji-Woon Hak

Cut Thru U Single:

The first single released by NO SPIN after Ji-Woon joined their ranks. Scored an all-kill on the Korean charts.

  • Blades pierce through Survivors.
  • Subsequent Survivors hit by the same Blade receive 50% Laceration.

“Can’t stop this love

That’s tearing your heart

Wherever you go

I will cut you apart” — NO SPIN’s “Cut Thru U”

Iridescent Photocard:

A glass-like photo moulded from The Fog itself. Ji Woon’s eyes shimmer holographically on his grinning face.

  • When a Survivor’s Laceration Meter is one Blade Hit away from the maximum, they are inflicted with the Exposed Status Effect.
  • Filling the Laceration Meter does not injure or down Survivors.

“It’s okay, scream my name. Let me hear everything the pain awakens…” — Ji-Woon Hak

Death Throes Compilation:

A collection of the final sounds from Ji-Woon’s victims, adapted to a vinyl record. Terrifying and emotionally raw.

  • Laceration caused by Blades is based on proximity to the target, starting at a minimum of 50% Laceration.
  • Each Blade Hit increases the Laceration caused by Blades to a maximum of 200% Laceration.
  • Once a Blade misses, the Laceration caused by Blades is reset to its initial value.

“Please, no… don’t make it hurt… I can’t… I…” — Unidentified Voice


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