What Are Killer Belongings In Dead By Daylight?

Dead by Daylight already features over 20 different Killers, and some come with their own Belongings that spawn on the Trial area. Besides Killer Belongings, the game also features many other interactables, such as Breakable Walls or Crows.

Killer Belongings are Interactable Props found throughout the Trial, which can be interacted with, such as Bear Traps, Chests, Hooks, Jigsaw Boxes, Phantasm Traps, Dull Totems, Hex Totems, and Dream Traps. Both Killer and Survivors can interact with Killer Belongings.

Survivors can equip a Map item, combined with the Red Twine Add-on to track Killer belongings; however, Alarm Clocks and Pools of Devotion can not be tracked.

Red Twine Add-on:

A bristly and rough piece of twine of a deep red colour. Can be tied around a map to enhance its Aura-reading ability.

Here is a list of all Interactibles in Dead by Daylight, such as:

Alarm ClocksBear Traps
Breakable WallsCages of Atonement
Dark MistExit Gates
HooksJigsaw Boxes
PalletsPools of Devotion
Red GlyphsVisceral Canker

Does the Red Twine Add-on track Hex Totems?

Hex Totems are activated Dull Totems and represent one active Hex Perk, such as Hex: Ruin or Hex: No One Escapes Death. By equipping the Red Twine Add-on with a regular or Rainbow Map, Survivors can track Dull Totems within a certain range, including Hex Totems. 

By using the Odd Stamp Add-on, players can considerably increase a Maps tracking range. Both Red Twine and Odd Stamp Add-ons can be found in each Survivor character’s Bloodweb. One Red Twine Add-on costs 4.000 Bloodpoints, Odd Stamps 5.000 BP.

How many Totems are in a match?

Totems are one out of 20 interactable objects in Dead by Daylight and are required for any Hex Perk to work/activate. Survivors have two options if they find a Totem throughout the map; they either cleanse the Totem or move on. But, how many of those Totems are in a match?

 At the beginning of each Trial, five Dull Totems will spawn in a random location across the map. Survivors can cleanse Totems by interacting with them. After a Hex Totem got cleansed, the Killer will receive a map-wide sound notification.

Note: Cleansing a Totem takes 14 seconds by default. If a Survivor gets interrupted during the cleansing, the process resets. Cleansing a Totem successfully rewards the player with 1,000 Bloodpoints.


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