The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Review: The Best Anime Game?

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Finally, it got launched, and I’m hyped. The newest game about The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross released yesterday on the 3rd of March of 2020 for Android and iOS, and I want to show you this new game in detail in this review. 

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross enables you to play through the whole story of Meliodas, Elizabeth, Ban, and all the other characters that we know from the original manga by Nakaba Suzuki and the anime by A-1 pictures. As a fan of the anime, I watched through all available episodes, including the newest season three. 

As the game allows you to play the whole story by yourself, let’s see how accurate Netmarble was in fact of the original story. 

How accurate is Grand Cross in fact of the original story?

Netmarble did a fantastic job on the storytelling, as they included animated cutscenes (that are animated in the same style as the game), which enables them to stay as close as they can to the original. However, the cutscenes don’t include all the information from the anime and manga, since some scenes are too brutal or there is too much information to be covered.

But what I have seen so far, they included almost all of the crucial scenes that you need to understand the story (but they also skipped some scenes). The cutscenes appear pretty often, and we can eighter skip them entirely, or jump to the next main conversation. This is especially appreciated if you don’t want to watch every cutscene completely.

Throughout the game, you will visit every main city or event that also showed up in the manga, for example, the Baste Dungeon, or the Sacred Tree. During a story arc, you will also encounter people that also had an appearance in the manga, and even smaller conversations found its place in the game.

Sure, the Grand Cross also adds many new things that didn’t appear in the manga or anime. But overall, I can say that Netmarble stood very close to the original, which is very nice to see as a fan. 

Note: If you have never seen an episode of the anime or read the manga, you can also play this game and get the whole story. 

How is the gameplay? Is it good or bad?

There are many examples of anime games that leave a lot of potential on the table like One Piece Bounty Rush. Still, luckily The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross isn’t one of these games. The start of the game is pretty standard since the game will show and teach you it’s mechanics over the first few story arcs, and after a while, it lies on you to get further.

Grand Cross also follows the traditional turn-based RPG games, including a simple weakness system. But the developers decided to take a different route in fact of how you can fight in the game. Every time it’s your turn, you have multiple cards (each of your heroes has three different cards) that you can choose from.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross - In-game battle

Characters vary not only in their card abilities (some can heal, taunt, debuff, etc.); they also have their own type; Speed, Strenght, or HP. If you played games like Summoners War previously, you would find similarities here. 

Before you go into a fight, you can choose what heroes should be your lineup (mains), and who will be your backup if one of your heroes gets defeated during a fight. When the battle begins, the character who is on the far left has a chance to get a card with two stars instead of one.

Note: By reaching player rank 10, you can add support characters to your chosen lineup, which increases their stats even further, and thus makes them stronger.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross - Character lineup

Yes, you heard that right. Cards have a star rating that goes up to three stars in total, and the more stars a card has, the stronger it gets. But you can get these two or three-star cards immediately since that would be hard to balance. To upgrade cards to a two-star card, you have to combine two identical cards with each other. To get cards with three stars, you need to combine two, two-star cards. 

However, by combining cards, you also sacrifice one of your moves. 

These mechanics combined makes this game also very strategic, especially if you climb ranks in PvP. How to fight correctly is not that challenging to learn, but I would say it takes more time to get the most out of every turn, by combining cards, using ultimates, or debuffing your opponents.

After playing a while, you can also use the auto mode, which fights for you. There is also an option to customize the AI if it should act more offensive, balanced, or defensive. This is pretty useful for farming gold, evolution material, or during the story. 

Note: If you want to start a run over and over again while farming gold or something else, you can use the auto-repeat option. By activating, it will clear the stage as many times as you set the limit.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross - Power level

In the manga and anime, the series also introduced a power system, which shows you how strong the opponent is that you will face. In the beginning, power levels aren’t that high, but it increases during the story. Bosses or larger groups of enemies are much harder to beat than regular opponents, and they can also use ultimate attacks. 

I didn’t know that they can also use them, and it got me into quite some trouble, but I still managed to win most of the fights yet. However, you could clear some bosses easier than me if you manage to pull better units in the beginning.

Speaking of rare characters, to get new units for your lineup, you have to collect diamonds (they are the in-game currency), by completing your daily missions or quests. If you reach five diamonds, you can make a single pull, and with 30 diamonds, you can make a pull where you can get 11 units. If you do some quick math, making a pull for 30 diamonds gives you 5 additional units.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross - Character pull

There are many different quests that you can take (and should), as they can give you great rewards and unlock new features and areas of the game. For example, by increasing your friendship level with a village, you unlock special shops (pop-up shop, equipment shop, materials shop) or village donations. 

Besides completing various quests for villages or based on the story aspect, evolving your characters is also pretty important. It not only changes their outfit, but it also makes them more powerful in an aspect of their stats.

So what’s my summary for the overall gameplay experience? Probably you expected this already, but I love this game and its unique mechanics. The game is very well done in fact of the gameplay, and it is a lot of fun to play. But how are the animations, graphics, and details?

How good are the graphics, animations, and details of Nanatsu No Taizai Grand Cross?

To make that clear in the beginning, no, the game doesn’t look like the anime in fact of animations or details. However, the art style looks very similar to the original, and the animations are not as fluid as in the anime. Honestly, I didn’t expect the game to look the same as the anime, as this would be too time-consuming (and battery intense).

In the game settings, there are options that we can make to decrease or increase the graphic quality (low to ultra), but the higher the settings are, the more battery intense it gets. Currently, I play on high graphic settings, so my phone doesn’t discharge too fast and runs hot.

Still, the game looks outstanding, and I would say its the best looking game that I played so far (no joke). As mentioned before, cutscenes appear pretty often. Luckily they are very well animated and detailed.  

However, they changed the text quite a bit, but it doesn’t change what information you get. Also, they cut some crucial scenes from the cinematics, like the meeting between King and Ban. Such scenes are essential to know what relationship characters share with each other. In the case of Ban and King, its revenge.

Note: If you want to see what I mean, I highly recommend watching the 7th episode of the first season.

Due to the transcript changes and cutscenes, we also lose some moments that show the personality of a character, for example, Meliodas, as he makes many jokes during the first anime season.

But this doesn’t really change anything in fact of the story and gameplay, but it would be nice to see this in newer updates.

But that’s not it. If you resonate with a character, you can also customize him/her with different outfits, weapons, hairstyles, and more. These can be bought through diamonds or collected by completing events, missions or bonuses (people who pre-registered for the game received an exclusive skin for Meliodas and Elizabeth).

Is Grand Cross a main game?

Many collecting games use some type of stamina system to make sure people cant rush through the whole story in no time, or farm gold or other materials consistently, and this game also follows this system.

By increasing your player level, you also increase your maximum stamina, which allows you to play the game longer. There is a lot to do in the game besides the story, but luckily, stamina regenerates pretty quickly. There are also options to get additional stamina, like buying them with diamonds directly or selling coins to buy stamina. These coins can get through doing pulls with diamonds or special tickets.

You can complete daily missions, repeatable quests, friendship quests, farm Exp pods, evolution material, gold, or and much more (cooking is also a nice feature), represented by a beautiful quest log and campaign screen.

So, you can play this game for quite some time. Especially when you unlocked features like PvP or Guilds, it gets even more exciting.

Do we have to spend money on The Seven Deadly Sins?

As I already mentioned, there is an in-game currency, represented through diamonds. These can be collected by login bonuses, clearing quests or events, and there are a lot of them. I already did three times the 11-roll pull trough diamonds that I received by playing the story.

Diamonds can be collected in a large amount entirely free, so we can say that the game is very F2P friendly. However, there are options to spend money, like buying diamonds in a large quantity. This would enable you to do much more pulls than F2P players, and thus getting more SSR units.

Luckily, we can get them also trough free pulls or playing the story. Besides diamonds, some bundles get offered by the developers like:

  • Equipment Bundles
  • Hero Bundles
  • Special Bundles
  • Seasonal Bundles
  • Recommended Bundles

Some bundles give you special items or even new characters, and others get you stamina potions and diamonds every day. The prizes can vary widely between the packages, but what I’ve seen so far, they can reach up to 44€ (a special bundle that includes SSR Captain Meliodas and 50 diamonds).

From time to time, Netmarble also releases new skin sets for chosen characters. The prizes for such skins are costly, and they only can be bought if you already own the right character. As the game is still new and there is only one set currently available, I can’t give you a price range. However, the current set costs 44€ and includes one skin and 50 diamonds.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross - Buyable skins

Honestly, I think that these prices are way too high for only one skin and 50 diamonds. Even if the skin gives you a decent boost in stats, I think it’s not worth to spend your money here.

Note: As the game is very F2P friendly, you do not have to spend any money to get far in the game. 

Does Grand Cross offer long term potential?

There are countless good mobile games available for Android or iOS, but not many of them offer long term potential. So, what does this game offer to keep you active and entertained? Well, besides the story, you can also challenge other players on your server in PvP, battle bosses, complete training dungeons or special dungeons, and events.

PvP and events will probably become the most interesting aspect, as they enable you to get some decent rewards. By playing PvP actively, you probably climb the ranks and get weekly prizes in the form of diamonds and equipment. Depending on your PvP rank, rewards get better, so you can walk away with 60 diamonds per week only by playing PvP. 

Note: When the weekly resets take place, you don’t fall in ranks like in most other games. This means if you manage to get a decent ranking once, you could get a massive amount of diamonds per month. Even if you don’t like PvP as much, I highly recommend investing some time in it.

However, getting to a high rank takes some grinding for evolution material, Exp potions, and decent equipment. That alone can keep you busy for quite some time.

If we take a look at other versions of the game, we can also see that new stuff is also on the way (for a few months or even years), which makes me look forward to it. Some (ridiculously) good characters come up over the next weeks and months, and I want them so bad.

Cons of the game:

There is really one problem that I can see already; it’s time management. The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is an excellent game in most situations, but it is very time-consuming. If you want to get the most out of Grand Cross, you have to invest a decent amount of time in unlocking all features like PvP, boss fights, etc., and powering up your characters (and getting new ones too). 

Another con that I see the game currently has is that some quests take too much time to clear, and I’m not talking about battles. I speak about quests that you complete in the overworld (where you can explore villages). In Post Town Tala, there is a quest where you have to collect a few things, which can also be entertaining. However, it takes way to long, running from one side of the map to the other. 

I literally spend about 5 minutes running around this map, only for this quest. And not only that, I had to do multiple battles too. To complete this quest, it took me around half an hour. I hope such a quest doesn’t appear that often anymore.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross – Is it worth it?

The newest game about The Seven Deadly Sins not only entertained me like no other game over the last few days, and forced me to watch trough the anime again. Not only that, I would even say that this is one of the best collecting games I have ever played over the years, and I’m interested if they add content from the newest seasons.

If you have never heard of this franchise, that is not a problem, since you can play the whole story of Meliodas and Elizabeth. So is this game worth it? Absolutely!

Did you play this game previously or heard about it? If yes, feel free to share your experience and tell us what you got in your first multi-pull.

?? Pros of The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross:?? Cons of The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross:
Excellent gameplayVery time-consuming
Cinematic cutscenes Some quests take some time to complete
Easy to learn combat mechanics
Fantastic story
Stunning graphics
Live PvP and regular events
F2P friendly

More screenshots from the game:

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