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Action games are a vast genre for mobile, PC and console games, with thousands of games out there. Unfortunately, not every action game is well developed, and most games can’t build a strong base community. Today, I want to review an action game, that received over 100 million downloads, called Swamp Attack.

When I’m looking for a new game to review, I take a closer look at the trailer, and actual screenshots from the game, so I have some imagination about what I can expect. And as you see, this game caught my interest very well, so let’s see what we have to defend.

Watch the trailer:

How is the gameplay of Swamp Attack?

As with most mobile games, starting the game for the first time brings us to a short and easy tutorial section, in which we get taught the basic mechanics of the game. In each of the 390 levels, we have to defend our shack from zombie-like animals and monsters like rats (with guns), beavers, flys, beavers (with chainsaws), giant turtles, crocodiles and more. There is a massive variety of these monsters!

However, as our main protagonist is entirely alone in this giant swamp, he owns some weapons to defend his lovely home. At first, we start with a classic shotgun, but over time, we unlock more and more new weapons, like a rocket launcher, an Uzi, a Flamethrower, an Alien gun, and more. 

Swamp Attack - In-Game Shop

Note: If you get into a bad situation, you can use different power-ups. Some of them are more effective against special monsters, like the dynamite, which is super effective against turtles.

In each level, monsters will come closer to your house consistently, and to eliminate them, you just have to tap on them. Depending on your current weapon, you can tap and hold on your current target to fire consistently. The more levels we complete, the levels become more difficult, as we unlock new monsters, which come for us in higher numbers.

Also, they upgrade themselves too, like zombies in Plants vs. Zombies. After a few levels, monsters spawn with helmets, that increase their health drastically, so we need much more time to kill them. Besides the regular mobs, after clearing a few levels, we encounter a boss that we have to defeat, to unlock the next episode (more levels). 

Swamp Attack - In-Game Overlay

When we play through each level, we also encounter UFO levels quite often. In these unique levels, a UFO takes all our gear away, and we can only use equipment that we receive from shooting a UFO. I failed at such a level at the beginning, so we need a bit of luck here too.

Note: You can also play quick missions or challenges to get some extra rewards. Playing a level costs one energy, which represents your stamina. If you run out of energy, you need to wait a few minutes until they regenerated.

After you have defeated all monsters, you’ll receive some coins that can be spent in the shop to upgrade your weapons, explosives, and defense. During each level, you can also get extra coins by tapping on a toy duck, which appears from time to time and collecting coins that get dropped by monsters.

Swamp Attack - Bossfight

There is an option to buy weapons for a lot of coins, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that, as you can unlock them by playing the story. You should instead save these coins to upgrade your gear, and buy more ammunition for your weapons. Yes, some weapons need ammo, and if they run out during a level, you can not use this weapon anymore, unless you get some ammo from a drop.

Overall, I really like the simple mechanics of Swamp Attack, and it is super fun to play. As most levels only take a few minutes to complete, this game is also excellent to cut some time. The different levels, weapons, monsters, and bosses bring a good variety into the game, so it doesn’t get boring that quickly.

Visuals and sound effects:

The art style of the game is very cartoonish and colorful, making this game very nice to look at. Our character, the background, and all the different monsters look great, even if they come in more significant numbers. The game is atmospheric, thanks to classic county soundtracks, and the cartoonish look.

Not only does the level overlay look appealing, but the menu and level selection screen also look excellent. However, there are only a few soundtracks in the game, which become repetitive after some time. So, adding some more tracks to the game would be an excellent addition.

How is the multiplayer mode of Swamp Attack?

Besides the regular single-player mode, we can also battle against other players around the world in a fair 1v1 match. To defeat our opponent, we have to shoot small yellow birds, to collect their valuable eggs. By collecting enough eggs, we can shoot one of three random monsters on the other side.

These yellow birds also deal damage to your house, so it is recommended to take them down as fast as possible. In addition to that, if you don’t pick up the eggs fast enough, the sink down into the water, making them disappear.

Note: These three monsters get chosen before the match starts. So you can encounter monsters that you didn’t meet in the story yet. 

Swamp Attack Online Multiplayer

To win the battle, you have to decrease your opponent’s health bar down to zero, by overwhelming him with strong monsters. However, you can only collect up to 30 eggs, so spend them at the right moment.

By winning the match, you will gain ranking points, and coins, which you can spend in the shop to upgrade your gear. Searching for an opponent with a similar skill doesn’t take much time, but it can take longer, depending on what time you play.

However, as far as I can say, the multiplayer works fantastic and is an excellent addition to the single-player mode. The longer a match goes, the past increases too, which can result in a lot of stress. But this makes this more challenging and even more fun if you ask me.

How long can we play this game effectively?

Thanks to over 390 different levels, online multiplayer, and special levels, we have a lot of things to do in the game. Clearing 390 alone takes some time, especially if you play the game only a few minutes per day. The online multiplayer is also a lot of fun to play, so even if we cleared all the levels, we can play even further.

So, I would say that this game has enough content to entertain us for a decent amount of time. But in terms of long term potential, other games offer much more content, such as The Seven Deadly Sins Grand CrossRise of KingdomsSummoners War, or One Piece Treasure Cruise.

In-game monetization and options to spend money:

Swamp Attack Coin Packages

Unfortunately, Swamp Attack also has in-game monetization, like most other free to play games. However, it is not that bad as it sounds, as video advertisements only appear after you played some levels. I really appreciate this decision, as it doesn’t interrupt the gameplay that much anymore.

Besides video advertisements, there are also some options to spend money on. First, we can buy specials like double coins, more gifts, potions or reapers. These packages are really cheap for such a successful game, and any purchase removes all ads in the game, which is an excellent bonus.

Another way to spend money is to buy coins from the shop. Currently, there are five packages with different amounts, that we can buy, ranging from 10,000 coins up to 2 million coins. The price for each package increases linear with the number of coins, so the cheapest package costs about 1€, and the most expensive one about 100€.

What should be improved?

There is almost nothing that needs to be improved or redesigned in Swamp Attack, but I found two things that should be done. I mentioned the first thing already; it would be nice to see more tracks in the game, as there are only a few ones currently.

The second thing are coins during a level. Each time a rubber duck spawns or a coin gets dropped from a monster, we have to pick it up manually by tapping on it. This results that we can’t fire our weapon for a short moment, or fire a shot on accident. To resolve this problem, the developers should add a feature that coins get picked up automatically.

Last things to mention:

Swamp Attack is one of these games that just make a lot of fun to play, even with simple game design. Every minute I spend in this game was great, and I’m sure it will entertain you too. If you don’t like to play multiplayer, you can focus on the campaign alone, as you can only get a few extra coins by playing against other players. 

I strongly recommend taking a closer look at this game by yourself, too see if you like the style of the game. You can even play it without an internet connection, which makes it even better. 

?? Pros of Swamp Attack:?? Cons of Swamp Attack:
Fun to playCoins should be picked-up automatically
Over 390 levelsNeeds some more soundtracks, as there are only a few ones, which get repetitive.
Online multiplayer
Excellent visuals
Good sound effects
Acceptable video advertisement placements

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