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City-building games are a trendy game type, but it’s hard for a developer to create an app that succeeds. However, there are literary so many of them, so it takes some time to find a good one that you can play for some time. A few weeks ago, I came across Rise of Kingdoms, and I liked it after playing it for some time. 

So, in this Rise of Kingdoms review, I want to show you my experience with the game, what you can expect from it, and more. But first a few primary data from the game:

Rise of Kingdoms is a city-building game and got releases on 20th September, in 2018, by Lillith Games. The game is 827 MB in size, available on iOS and Android, and supports many languages like German, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Italian, or Japanese.

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How is the gameplay of Rise Of Kingdoms? 

When you start the game for the first time, the game will throw you into a very well made tutorial, which introduces you to all the necessary knowledge that you will need to start properly. Lillith Games decided to follow the classic city-building gameplay, but I don’t see that as a bad thing, as it fits the game pretty well.

But before you can start building up your empire, you have to choose a nation like Germans, Japan, Rome, China, Korea, or Spain (there are some more). Each of these nations gives you a special commander to start with, and it decides how your city looks like. I love this feature as it brings more variety into the game, and if I don’t like my nation anymore, I could change it with a few clicks. After choosing a nation, you can start building up your empire.

Note: Changing your nation is not for free, as it costs you 10.000 gems to unlock a new nation. So chose wisely in the beginning, as you probably play this nation for the rest of the game.

Rise of Kingdoms - Choose your nation

In the beginning, if you want to build a barrack or farm, it can be built pretty quickly. But the more you upgrade your buildings, the more time they need to reach the next level. Also, to upgrade buildings like the city hall or your wall, you need to meet some requirements. This makes sure you can’t rush through the whole game in a short time.

But to make waiting less painful, we can use speed-up boosters, which you can get by completing missions, opening chests, or through the campaign. The maximum level of your city hall is currently 25, and it takes a religiously amount of time to increase from level 24 to 25 (126d and 8 hours! Holy moly, I hope you save time boosters already).

But to get to level 24, it takes a reasonable amount of time, as you have a lot of things to do in Rise of Kingdoms. You can fight barbarians, play the campaign, or join an alliance that you can fight with. Joining an exciting alliance gives you some extra buffs and features, that are pretty helpful, especially in the beginning.

In your alliance, you can fight with them against other alliances from other players around the globe, expand your empire and

Another essential part of the game is your commander that you get by choosing a nation. However, you can also get even more commanders with unique designs and abilities, like Julius Cesar, Cleopatra, Lancelot, Tomoe Gozen, or Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Rise of Kingdoms - Upgrade your commanders

You can upgrade these commanders as well. You can eighter fight with them against barbarians to get exp, or use tomb of knowledge to level them up. By reaching level 10, 20, or higher, they also unlock more unique skills that make them even stronger. 

Also, you get the ability to increase their star rating and using their individual skill tree. Within the skill tree, you can unlock new passive and active skills of your commander, such as boosting the attack power or defense of your troops. 

Each of the many commanders is specialized in 3 tasks, like garrison, cavalry, mobility, integration, or gathering. 

To get a new commander for your empire, you have to open chests in the tavern, collect sculptures, or buy them in specific packages. Some of them are rarer (like Julius Cesar), and some are easier to obtain. 

However, many people think that it’s tough to get a good commander without spending money. But as is played for some time now, and opened some chests, I already got some excellent commanders that I can use. They are probably not top-notch, but I can definitely work with them (and I love their designs). 

During my time in the game, I saw a lot of similarities to other games in aspects of buildings mechanics, but the game is a lot of fun to play. Over the weeks, I didn’t encounter any bugs or issues within the game, which is always good to see. However, not everything is great, as this game can be really time-consuming because there is so much to do. 

I read many opinions from other players of the game, and I found out that many people agree with this point. 

Graphics and details:

Rise of Kingdoms - City overview

Not only should the gameplay hook the player, as graphics and details are also crucial for a successful mobile game. Rise of Kingdoms does a good job at this point. The game looks very sharp and colorful. 

When you zoom out with two of your fingers, you can get a much better overview of the whole kingdom map that you can explore. This map will show you barbarians, farms, other players, or different architecture (e.g., for events). 

If you decide to attack a group of barbarians or other players, you can see your troops walking to their goal.

By going to the commander gallery, you can see them in their full greatness, and there is an option to get more information about them. The game offers small summaries of each commander to you if you are interested where they come from and what they did. 

It’s always nice to see such amazing details in a free game, especially on mobile, where it’s not that common. In aspects of graphics and details, Rise of Kingdoms doesn’t have to hide behind other big games like Brawl Stars. 

In-game rewards in Rise Of Kingdoms:

Rise of Kingdoms - Quests and rewards

By playing the game and upgrading buildings, fighting barbarians, or other players, or through playing the campaign, you will receive many rewards. These can be gems, boosters, sculptures, tombs, or resources, so this is an excellent way to fill your storages.

When a new event comes up, you can also get golden keys that you can use to get new commanders. However, to clear some missions, you have to meet some criteria, for example, fighting 15 barbarians on the map, or keeping 5,000 troops in your town. But as these events have a deadline too, you should not forget to collect the rewards.

Is Rise Of Kingdoms worth to be on your smartphone? 

It’s hard to find really good games that we can play and have fun with it for a long time, so should you give it a try? If you like to play games like Clash of Clans, I would say that you can also have fun with this game. But as most games also have their weaknesses, Rise of Kingdoms also has some of them. 

First would be that it can become boring over time, despite there is much to do in the game. It follows the same game structure through the whole game, and most battles are based on the same structure as well. 

But to get some variety into the game, the developers add new events and upload new patches regularly. So if you join the game after some time again, there should be something new to explore. 

Note: The currency Max level of the city hall is 25, but who says that this could not be increased over time. 

Second is that the game needs a lot of your time, to get the most out of it. If you only have a few minutes per day to play the game, you probably need a lot of time to get far in the game. There are way better alternatives that you can choose from, like Crossy Roads, Tap Titans 2, Prizefighters, or Sonic Dash

Getting to max level takes a lot of effort, time investment, and patience for not focusing on other missions or entirely other games.

However, the game offers a lot of good things, that even out the disadvantages entirely. The game is a heck of fun to play (I like this type of game very much), and it has its own charm. PVP is one of the most present parts of the gameplay, and we can play with all of our friends, thanks to alliances.

Is it worth to spend money on the game? 

Rise of Kingdoms - In-game shop

As I already mentioned before, the game offers you many options to spend money, for example, for gems, Commanders, resources, chests, or other power-ups. But compared to other popular F2P games that offer money transactions, Rise of Kingdoms doesn’t charge you a lot of money for the packages. 

The most expensive Super-Value-Bundle costs $4.99, and it gives you many resources and other power-ups. From time to time, Lillith Games releases special packs that vary in their price, but I’ve seen some that cost $2.99 up to $9.99. 

Note: Still, if you want to buy gems, the developers offer you multiple packages to choose from, which can cost up to $100 or more.

In Summoners War, packs are way more expensive than in this game. Some packages cost up to $99 or more, but there are also cheaper ones that are great to get a boost in the game. By spending money in the game, you can get commanders and resources, or level up your empire much faster than others that don’t spend money.

But I have to say that you can achieve everything in the game without spending a single dime on the shop. Sure upgrading buildings takes a lot of time, but members of your alliance can decrease the building time, and you can use some of your boosters.

Last words about this game:

As I wrote this review, I still played the game actively, and I probably keep it on my phone. The game is a lot of fun, the gameplay is nice, and I like the mechanics. After playing a few weeks, there is still much to do, and I don’t have my most wanted commanders yet (Julius Cesar, Cleopatra, and Genghis Khan).

Did you heard about this game previously, or did you already played it? If yes, feel free to share your experience with us in the comments.

?? Pros of Rise Of Kingdoms:?? Cons of Rise Of Kingdoms:
Long term potentialLong waiting times
Fun to playSome bugs are still in the game and can be very annoying if you encounter them
Good gameplay
Much to do
Alliance system
Regular updates and new events

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