Recommended Components And Accessories For Gaming

I am a gamer for over ten years now, and spend thousands of hours in different games, across multiple genres. Gaming is not just a hobby; it is part of my life. Sounds cringe or weird, but it’s true: I love playing games, especially with my best friends.

Over the years, I not only spend a lot of money on new games, like Battlefield 2-5, Minecraft, Rocket League, Dead By Daylight, Call of Duty, or Hunt Showdown, a lot of money also went into my different gaming setups and some accessories, to make it look better.

There are so many things you could get for your dream gaming setup, but having a lot of choices makes it a lot harder to decide what to buy. So, I want to give you some recommendations on gaming gear, components, accessories, and more, so you don’t have to waste valuable money and time searching the right products.