Prizefighters Review: Finally A Challenging Punching Game!

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There are not that many Punching arcade games on the app stores, which is pretty sad as they are very entertaining. But luckily, Koality Games released their game Prizefighters on December 14 in 2017. 

Prizefighters is an entertaining arcade Punching game, in which you play as an upcoming boxer, who’s ready to fight. Climb up ranks and defeat the current champion to become the best fighter out there. 

If you played games like Punch out previously, you would see some similarities between those games. But that doesn’t mean that this game has no charm, so let’s get more into the details. 

How is the gameplay of Prizefighters? 

The controls are super simple and easy to learn. Your screen is divided into four parts: by tapping in the upper left and right corner, your fighter will do a punch that aims for your opponent’s head. By tapping into the lower left and right corner, you’ll aim for body shots. 

As only attacking isn’t the best strategy to win a fight, you can also dodge and block punches. By swiping up and down with your finger, you can block incoming attacks, and by swiping to the left/right, you can dodge an attack if the timing is correct. 

Yeah, timing also plays a significant role in this game, as you can only dodge or block attacks with the right timing. If you miss the time-frame, you will get hit. 

By punching your opponent and dealing damage to him, you charge a super punch that deals more damage than regular ones. The bar can recharge multiple times, so the more often you charge it, the more often you can use it. 

To release this super move, you have to tap into one part of your screen and hold it. After a few moments, your fighter performs the attack. 

But having this powerful move ready doesn’t guarantee a hit on the opponent, as it can be dodged and blocked. So having decent timing is key to get the upper hand. 

Each round is limited to three minutes at max, but you can end a match much faster if you manage to deal enough damage. If your opponent’s health bar gets to zero, you can knock him to the ground, or you hit him with a hard punch. 

Prizefighters round conclusion

Still, he can recover from that hit (most of the time), so you have to show him your strength again. 

By winning matches, you receive an in-game currency that you can use to buy clothes for your fighter, or upgrading some attributes like strength, stamina, speed, endurance, chin, and cut. 

You also get some experience points by winning matches which increase your level. Every new level you get, you can use the skill tree to gain unique passive abilities like gaining momentum by blocking punches. 

Note: Each upgrade also increases the costs, so you have to win a few more matches. 

The higher you climb the leaderboard, the more powerful your opponents will get, so increasing attributes is highly recommended. How you balance your build is up to you. If you want to go full strength and stamina, but low endurance, you can do that. 

Challenging opponents that hold a belt are more challenging, as they have higher-skilled attributes and are more difficult to knock out. 

Some of them even stand up after knocking them down for three, or even four times. 

Until now, King Jeff was by far the strongest opponent I have faced yet, as he knocked me out two times, with only a few punches. He also stands up over and over again (four times in one match). But in the end, I won the fight with a triple K.O.

However, the gameplay is very entertaining but can be a little bit frustrating if your opponents won’t stay down on the planks. During my fights, I didn’t encounter any bugs or other issues, so there’s nothing to say about this point. 

Graphics and details:

Prizefighters boxing ring with referee and opponent

Koality Games used a Pixel style for their game, and I have to say it fits fantastic. Opponents can also show some emotions during the fight (if you dodge a punch successfully) and even start bleeding in their faces. 

Note: If you don’t want to see them being hurt, you can also disable blood in the settings. 

When it gets to another round, the fighter has small bandages in the face, which is a beautiful detail. Having good sound effects is crucial to create an atmosphere, and Prizefighters does an excellent job at this point as well. 

If you want to have a bigger overview of the game, you can simply turn your smartphone to the side, which gives you a much bigger view. 

Is Prizefighters worth to be on your smartphone? 

Having a game that you can play for a long time (like Brawl Stars or Summoners War) is nice, but most people need some variety to not getting bored. 

Prizefighters can fill this sport perfectly, as it offers much entertainment for an arcade punching game. The game got even more playable as the developers decided to add an online multiplayer mode, so you can fight against other real people. 

Note: Multiplayer fights are way more challenging than your regular career fights, as other people use dodges and power punches way more often.

The game is also excellent for cutting some time, for example, while sitting in public transportation. Some matches can take a bit longer, depending on your current opponent, but on my experience, they take about 2-3 minutes. 

Is it worth to spend money on the game? 

Prizefighters in-game shop

Prizefighters can be downloaded and played for free, but the developers offer you some options to spend a few bucks on. For &$2.99, you can buy the premium edition, which removes all ads from the game and unlocks the advanced career mode. 

You can also buy coins through different packages, which cost between $0.99 to $19.99. But as you can get everything without spending any money, I see no needs to spend money. 

Note: Sure, if you spend some money on the game, you can make progress faster. 

Last words about this game:

Prizefighters is one of the few games I can play again and again, as it has its own unique charm. The game also gets more challenging by climbing the leaderboard, and we can play against other players all over the world. 

I can only say good things about the game, even the in-game ads are not that annoying, as they are in CATS. So, Prizefighters is definitely worth it to be on your phone. Click the buttons below to download the app for Android or iOS systems. 

Do you have any experience with the game? If yes, feel free to share it in the comments! 

?? Pros of Prizefighters:?? Cons of Prizefighters:
ChallengingFinding opponents for online matches takes sometimes a bit
Excellent sounds, music, and graphics
No need to spend money
Very fun to play
Online multiplayer available
Easy to learn

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